Zukul Ad Network Review, New Ad networks
Are you a publishers? who is crazy to check ad networks and keep on searching to find out the best then stay with me till the end of the article because I am going to write Zukul Ad Network Review, through  review with uncut cine behind that's why you will come to know much more about this ads network, actually it is still in pre launch but right now this network is spreading lot of buzz like once we did know about Chitika but now a days bloggers are becoming clever because they are choosing a niche and then creating their own products to sell online or many even selling affiliate products, okay that's not the reason I am writing this article I found this article will be interesting for many of my readers that's why.

Well, I have written more than 50 reviews till now and I found my readers love my review as the way I used to do review any networks that's why this one also, actually one of friend recommend to write this review, personally I have also found this ad network on Facebook, so I was thinking why not to write a review about this ad network, that's why this article dear.

Popularity of Zukul Ad Network Before Launch-

Okay, lets know the popularity of this ad network, let me tell you, how I came to know popularity of any network its simple just go to Alexa, I think they provides pretty good information about any website, even because of Alexa I have been able to generate lot of traffic & I got many back links, okay that is the different story, here what I found about this ad network on Alexa [Check Blog Rank on Alexa]-
  • Well, right now I am on the Alexa page and I can see its worldwide ranking is 61,792 and still this is on pre launch, what do you think?
  • Will it be the big one, okay lets see ranking of other countries-
    • United Kingdom- 9,798
    • India- 46,060
    • Poland- 5,581
    • El Salvador- 440, I think that's enough for you to know about its popularity at least on pre launch, right

I will keep on updating this blog post because still lot of things to write about this ad network.

Well every networks having different advantages and of course disadvantages too but most of time people think about earning from ad network, let see what this ad network can do in this field.

Have you heard about Zukul Ad Network?