Pillar Articles, Drive Massive Traffic
Blogs are well know only known for ton of informational articles, most important articles are pillar articles or blog posts, probably you don't know what are Pillar Articles? Don't worry I will clear about all basics and advanced concept about this blog post, for any blog, traffic is most important but if you are writing good article even than you are not getting traffic then I have to say this you are doing some mistakes, probably you need to optimized your blog for SEO, there can be one more important reason that is promotion of your blog posts.

By the way here in this blog post, I will tell you about only Pillar articles and how it will help your blog to grow in the better way, see in blogging you are not going to get 1000's of traffic from very fast day, yes you can get one day, but till that time you need to keep blogging with proper concentration, in these days I got many questions from my readers, like how to increase traffic to blog, how to choose a topic and many more, I just tell them stay up to date with www.bloggerhowtoseotips.com you will definitely get great value of your time, you are spending here.

What are Pillar Articles?

Pillar articles are those articles, which will represent your blog for providing great content, probably you are not getting properly, so let me explain this, pillar articles we provide on topics, those topics having more traffic like SEO Tips, blogging Tips, Traffic Tips.

Whenever, I write a blog post on these topics, I usually write at least 1500 words blog posts, to get good rank on search engines, more important for me, my blog readers will get satisfy of their time, they have spend here in my blog.

I believe "time is money, money is not time, never be".

So, here I am going to share with you those reasons-

1) Opportunity to Get More Traffic

See, if you want to get more traffic to your blog, then you have to invest more time to write the article that's why people will get more value from the article, if you will think about readers, how they will get more value from your article, then you will succeed in blogging quite fast.

But, you need to have an interest passion as well as dedication to do and to push yourself to do extra work.

Anybody, if succeeded then I must say the person definitely did some extra work for getting that achievement, otherwise its not possible, because now a days people are moving quite fast, that means you need to move fast right way and need to stay updated with the world.

Actually, I have a great example for you-
One day, when I was working for an University in India, director of that University said, if today I am director of this University only because I did extra work earlier.

He said to me, Ujjwal have something, well he really inspire me to do extra work, that's why I am happy today.

Not only from blogging but from my life also, for this I really thank to GOD, Parents as well as my childhood teacher and of course director of that University.

2) Top on Search Results for Forever

If you want to make satisfy your readers then you have to start writing from beginning to advanced, then I am sure your article length would be about 1500 words for general topics, like blogging tips, but this much words probably not needed for every articles.

But, if you are writing pillar articles for your blog then make sure that your blog post having more than 1500 words with quality, that's why people will stay more time on your blog, you will get more comments too, this is the best way to get top position on search results.

3) More Comments

Every bloggers want to get more comments, if you want to get more comments then you have to write more articles with maintaining great quality.

Quality Matters in Blogging!

More comments also help to get good rank on search engines, that I come to know after blogging three years, I know it's a long time, but even than I have to do more experiments in blogging that's why I can share with you great useful articles.

4) More Revenue

This is the most important part of blogging, I know even you want to make more money from blogging, it's not about me and you, it's about all, every one do blogging to make reputation online and finally to make money.

But here is the big thing for this, you want to make more money from blogging then you have to get more traffic to your blog, there is one single way to drive massive traffic to blog consistently that is keep blogging.

Well for increasing revenue of your blog you need to put concentration on optimizing ads, promote affiliate products and of course automation in your marketing campaign.

See, I don't know which ads networks you are using these days but I will strongly recommend you to try these ads networks and I am sure you will see increase in revenue of your blog-

These networks are really good these days, I have been help over 1000 blog publishers and there are lot those connected with me from long time they also told me that these networks really helping them to generate lot of revenue but yes you have to drive more traffic to your blog to earn more money simple concept.

5) Long Time Blogging Career

I have seen, about 95% bloggers quit blogging, because they do not attract enough traffic to their blog, this is the biggest reason, because if they drive traffic to their blog, then definitely they could make money, I don't think so, if any one is making decent income online from blogging, then definitely no one will quit blogging right!

So, if you will write your pillar article more lengthy and your blog post will be on top for almost forever then I have to say this you will have long blogging career.

But, only writing pillar articles not going to help you lot, because you need to do something like SEO as well as SMO to leverage your content.

But, couple of days, ago I have created a Video for Hindi speaking people, actually I have created that video because of my friends, they said to me, always I create videos, blog posts in English language only.

That's why I have created that video in Hindi and till now I got lot of real people feedback for that video like phone calls, e-mail, comments, leads and what not?

Just, I took only five to ten minutes to create that video and I got this tricks to leverage my content to targeted people and Youtube is the great platform to leverage it.

I will highly recommend you to use Youtube for leverage your content and of course you need to use e-mail marketing for converting one time reader to life reader of your blog.

No matter what will happen, don't quit blogging, because blogging is the best way to make money even better than from your day job.

But I want you to prove this by yourself, so keep blogging, never give up and prove it that blogging is the best way to make money online.