Hello, friends I hope you are doing well, today I am going to share with you one of the announcement made by Infolinks that is Adshop, if you have been involved in internet marketing then you must know about this ad network because this is one of the most popular ad network in the world even there are many those are using for promoting their brands online, but now this platform make it more easier for you to promote your brand online and of course in very cheap rate.

Actually, just yesterday I got an e-mail in my promotion box there I found that they are going to launched such platform so I was thinking why not to share with you and of course it will in CPC (Cost per Click) or PPC (Pay per Click) both are same but CPM Networks are different. I mean if you will promote your brand online then you just need to pay for per click its really cheap because I have Infolinks account as a publisher, I hope you also have because I am a publisher of Infolinks & written an amazing review about Infolinks to help you guys that's why you will aware about this platform.

Here is the screen shot for log in to Adshop-

Adshop, Infolinks
What next?
After log in to your account you will see the page, which will help you to create your first campaign and promote it online, well I know many of you are not having any product to promote but of course if you are blogging and you don't have product to promote then you can promote others products, like these days I am selling my own couple of products but one of my most selling product is Get Your Pro Blog Only for 499 RS

Which is really hot in this, because it will help you to earn even 40 to 80% commission.

Because this is my own product, so I usually promote this product to all those wanted to start blog and earn money online, I have also created couple of campaign to promote this product and got good help from this.

Here, I got great experience from Facebook and of course I have written a good details article about advertising on Facebook in India- Payment for Facebook Ads in India and How Much Does Facebook Cost Per Click.

In future; I will write more on this and course there are lot of things I have to share with you in couple of days.

How Much You Need to Pay Per Click on Adshop-

I know there are many those wanted to create their campaign online but only because of cost they just don't dare but let me tell you dear if you want to create online campaign for your product then let me tell you its really cheap with Adshop.

Well, dear its only .05 to .12 dollars now think about it only for cents you can get customer to your own desire landing page product, is not that amazing, I think so, I don't know what you are thinking, here is the all details country wise bidding for per click-
Adshop bidding, Infolinks bidding

Flexibility to Reach Customers Through Online Campaign-

Well, one of the best thing about any ad network is flexibility in all around here are few flexibility required-

  • Age
  • Categories
  • Pricing
  • Devices
  • Keywords
  • Rejected domain and so on
As, I have been doing these from long time from my experience I can say all these flexibility is great and almost all providing by Adshop, so I can tell you this is a good option to advertise your product online in very cheap rate.

Other than these Adshop is providing other facilities like statistics of the campaign, low bidding and of course there are many other things. Overall its good.

Of course Infolinks is one of the well known platform for publishers as well as for advertisers but from this Adshop it will helps both a lot, because in this way more advertisers will run campaigns and that means more earning for publishers.

So, what do you think about Adshop?