Add Custtom Logo, Wordpress Theme Header
WordPress (a blogging platform) is my next destination for helping people to solve their problems, currently I am working on a business directory project so I had to add custom logo to that blog/website, but I was getting little problem to set this, so in this article I will share with exact steps to add your own desire custom logo to your WordPress theme, see as a beginner you can use anyone default theme of WordPress but later hire someone to design your theme or buy WordPress theme from any theme directory websites it will comparatively cheap, regarding this if you want my personal help them contact me on Facebook.

Steps to Add Custom Logo to Wordpress Theme Header-

Well, I have already share with you that these days I have been spending more time on WordPress and finding out lot of things to do and of course it will help me a lot in future to do couple of other projects of my clients and of course I will earn good money. Yes, I do need to provide good value for their money.

Okay, lets straight go to the tutorial-
  1. First of all log in to your Word Press blog admin panel and then click on Plugins this option is right there on the left side
  2. Then just search there for a plugin that is theme logo and then installed that Plugin 
  3. Now click on appearance there you will find theme logo options click there Now next is 
  4. Just enter URL of the logo and then click on save changes, done.

Benefits of Custom Logo-

I know there are many still use little odd type logo, if you are also one of them then spend little time to design your logo or hire someone on Fiverr for logo, because it will cost you only $5 and you will get decent logo, otherwise I know there are many those don't want to spend money at all, if you are one of them just try yourself but spend time to design logo, I can tell you few steps to design your logo yourself which will look like professional-
  1. First of all just do one thing take a piece of paper and couple of pens with different colors.
  2. Go in a peace place and start thinking what you are providing and what type of logo which represent your blog best way
  3. Before doing this you must look at logo of few popular blogs
  4. Always try to put words in your logo those words have in your domain name.
  5. Keep trying to improve its look and finally you can use Photoshop or Paint to design your logo.
I hope these steps going to help you.

Now, lets discuss its benefits, I mean of course there are lot of benefits that's why companies are using logo on their websites, even in the physical world.
  • People will easily identify later, that is known as re-branding
  • More customers you can get
  • More sponsored posts for your blog [I got many and earn in $$ always per post & that's amazing is not it]
  • Opportunity to do something BIG.
Is there any other problem you are facing in WordPress? like this one then let me know because these days I am working lot of time on WordPress platform sure my hard work going to help me as well as my readers too.

What do you think about this article let me know & WordPress too?