Hello, dear how are you, I know if you are first time visiting my blog then may be you don't know about me, well I am an Indian based blogger, affiliate marketer, even selling own products online from little longer time now about five years, kidding, well today you are going to learn about Flipkart Affiliate marketing & how to get affiliate link from Flipkart and earn commission, I know there are many those don't know about affiliate marketing even, so I am going to share with you each and everything from very beginning that's why it will become easier for you to understand about it and once you will understand the whole system then you will start earning money from it, I think that is your ultimate goal for reading this article, okay then lets get started.

What is Flipkart Affiliate Marketing?

Well, let me tell you in simple words its a way to sell other products online, may be digital or physical and for that get commission, most of the time digital products is more profitable than physical products, because for making digital product you don't cost anything if you will write and design all those things, that's why they pay very good percent of commission to their affiliates.

Right now I was thinking that I am missing something to share with you about affiliate marketing so this come to my mind and here are pros and cons of affiliate marketing, I hope you are going to like this-
  • Opportunity to earn healthy commission
  • Readers will not see any ads
  • Page load time will decrease because you will not put any ads code to your blog
  • You will earn commission only after sells
  • Little difficult for beginners to start

How to Get Started with Flipkart Affiliate Marekting-

For getting started with Flikart you required nothing, but you need to have a gmail account, I think you have, if you don't then create one, after having Gmail account just go to Flipkart and then scroll down to the bottom of the page their you will find a option that is Affiliate Program, just click there then you will be on the different page in the next couple of moment<now you will find out a option that is "JOIN NOW FOR FREE", just click there and then you will find out another page, here is the screen shot-

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

After registering, just get in means log in to your account there you will find out lot of option but first click on "Affiliate Tools", this option is right there<then click on Product Links and Banners.

Now you will get search box just search there any product which you wanted to promote, I will tell you in the next section how to promote Flipkart product, but first learn how to get affiliate links, because without that you are not going to get any commission.

Suppose, you wanted to promote any book, see I am a Mechanical Engineer, suppose I wanted to promote any book of Mechanical Engineering book, then I write on the search bar that is Mechanical Engineering Book and select category as Books and click on Search.

What next?

I will get lot of result from it, now select anyone which you want to promote and percentage commission structure you must see before promoting, because calculation is most important.

Now you need to click on link, if you wanted to get link, if you wanted to add banner ad to any where may be on your blog then you can do that but let me share with you about getting link.

Just click on Link and then you will see another page-
First click on button one and then you will see option to click on the last option which is under title your book name only, after click there just click on the link under preview, which link is your own affiliate link.

I know understanding all these steps is little difficult to understand so, I have created this blog post in details that's why you will understand about it much better way and implement steps what I have shared with you.

How to Earn Money as Flipkart Affiliate-

Earning money from Flipkart is required few things, I will tell you in couple of moment now, well there are several ways but I will share with you ways those really worked for me, well these days I am putting lot of time for research and find out the way to maximize your earning from Flipkart, even you can sell your own product online to Indian customers no credit card required through Instamojo, what exactly I am doing these days, okay here are couple of ways you can go through to sells any product online effectively and you can do it on part time basis-
1. Blogging is the Key of Affiliate Marketing- Okay, let share with you exact steps to get started that's why you can take action and after all if you will get any problem to start just contact me on Facebook, I will try to help you.
See, first of all you need to follow these below steps to create your own money making blog-
  • First of all think of your interest
  • Go to Keywords Planner and search keyword related to your interest, here is the Keywords Planner Definite Guide 2016.
  • Now its time to create a blog- wait, I know it will be difficult for you to create your blog , buying domain name, setting with blogger or wordpress and all these that stuff right.
  • If don't want to waste your precious time on this and want to get ready your blog within few days then try my Get Pro Blog Plan only for 499 RS.
  • Otherwise create your blog itself based on your interest
  • Then write at least 15 to 20 good quality articles and inter links with each others.
  • Its money time, just insert affiliate links in the article and see money comes.
2.) Facebook Page- Well I have already share with you amazing tips and tricks to earn money from Facebook Page here is the article for you, How to Earn Money from Facebook Page in 2016
3.) Facebook Ads- Well, its been little long time I have been using Facebook ads to promote my niche blog page, because I wanted to target Facebook for getting more traffic to that blog that's why slowly I am investing money in it and of course you can promote products but remember in Facebook ads you have to invest money and of course you need to have experience to get sells, but its easy not that much difficult but you have to be sounds in it, otherwise you may loose money.
4.) Make Your Own- Yeah, this is the way which will make you lot of money, let me share with you one of the amazing story, actually I have earn about $1000 from Google Adsense Alternatives, no doubt Google Adsense is good and I am still earning money from it.

But earning that much amount is really difficult from alternatives and in short period time, but I did it because I make my own way to earn money, so you can do the same.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Payment Proof-

Okay, this is an amazing moment for many, frankly saying I don't promote Flipkart products much but yes I got proof to write article for you, that's why anyone will get motivated to work hard and get success easily.

Well, there are two modes of payment for Flipkart affiliate-
  1. Flipkart EGV &
  2. Direct Bank Deposit
I used both, what do think I am lucky no its because I wanted to write this article that's why I did it and I know this article is going to help lot of people in the internet world at least for newbies.

Actually, I got little problem with Flipkart EGV, that's why I did not use such method any more but yes, with bank deposit it is absolutely amazing, I will write another article because to get bank deposit you have to verify your account first then only you will get paid from them.

Okay, here is the bank deposit payment proof from Flipkart-
Flipkart affiliate, Payment Proof
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I know it is little difficult to start working without direction, so I will suggest you to get in touch with someone who is having experience in it, then you will easily able to do it nicely without making lot of mistakes.

Is there anything you wanted to know about Flipkart Affiliate Marketing in India?