Poptm.com Review 2018, Pop Under ads network, CPM Rate
Poptm.com another pop ads network which really push myself to write review about Poptm in my blog and I am sure there are many those are going to get help from this review, well there are even many. I know more than 500 publishers using pop ads networks for increasing there blog revenue, well there are few factors about Poptm those you can not ignore as a publishers, you will learn in this article. I know there are more than 95% readers of this blog are publishers even that's why I usually write reviews about advertisement networks.

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And I know these reviews always help my readers to find out the best ad networks for their blog, because many times I have come to know that many ad networks works great for technology blogs but many ad networks don't works even good for travel blogs, that's why I am saying this, here are few most important features about Poptm which stands up from other networks, lets see how this ad network going to help blog publishers-
  • Daily payouts
  • Up to 95% revenue shares- best in the market till now what I have heard about in last five years.
  • Dedicated manager
  • Decide your bid- Useful for advertisers
  • Real time stats
  • User friendly 
  • Faster campaign start
  • Referral system
Poptm.com review

About Poptm Pop Under Ad Networks?

This is a pop under pop ads networks & of course you will find out many ad networks in this space but there are couple of things which stand this network better than others, the most important thing I like about this network is up to 95% revenue sharing, which is really cool for publishers to earn more money from ad networks.

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One of the best thing I wonder about this ads network that is growth graph, if you will look at alexa ranking growth graph then I must say its awesome, here is the screen shot of it, the screen shot is old if you will see the recent growth or I must add recent stats of this ad network then you will definitely in dilemma, that how any ad network can grow so fast.

Here, poptm team done wonderful job and they have grown so fast, because as right now I am writing about them their alexa rank is world wide 369.

Is not that amazing, yeah I would like to listen to you about this fact because this is just superb, now you can understand if any ad network grow so fast what does that mean?

They have done wonderful job for both, guess about whom I am talking about, you are right I am talking about-
  • Advertiser and
  • Publisher.
I am sure you are one of the publisher and may be you are looking for an ad network which can take good care of you for making money from your blog so here with poptm you can get it like others are getting from it.
Poptm growth, Poptm review

Most Important Points About Poptm-

  1. It takes only few seconds to sign up for this network
  2. There is no such requirements for becoming publishers
  3. You can increase yours website/blog alexa rank
  4. Its worldwide Alexa rank is 9028
  5. Lowest rank country is Indonesia that is 505- that means in Indonesia Poptm is most popular. 
  6. Minimum balance required to withdraw is $10
  7. You can withdraw within 24 hours that is the awesome thing about this ad network, but sometimes it also may take up to a week
  8. You can even earn $25 per referral- important for bloggers
  9. You can get payment through Paypal, which I have been using from last five years to get paid from different ad networks.
  10. You can get paid from any country traffic
With time I will share with you more and of course I wanted make it simple, effective and informational for you that's why I will update this section with my own experience, here is the list of Top CPM Ad Networks for Low Blog Traffic [I have earned over $1500 from these networks]

How to Start Making Money from Poptm as a Publisher-

Well, its easy to get started earning from this ad network and of course you don't need to invest lot of time for the approval process because its really easy to get approved, I think these days they are approving all type of blogs or even websites so why not to get benefits from this, just you need to follow my steps to get started today-
  • First of all you need to browse the official website of Poptm
  • Now after browsing the website you need to click on Sign Up, this option is available right there only.
  • Now you need to fill the form which you can see right now only, here is the screen shot of it-
Sign Up, Poptm.com
  • Okay, lets discuss one by one what you need to fill, first name<last name and then user name which must be unique and then after adding e-mail address, check spelling because you have to log in to your account for completing sign up process, now choose password and at the last country, now click on I am not a robot and then mark terms and conditions after reading and at the last click on Create Account
  • After all these steps you need to go to your e-mail inbox there you will find out an e-mail from Poptm click there and conform your subscription after then you will be able to log in to your account
  • Now after login to your account you need to add your website for approval
  • Here are steps for adding website or blog for approval<login to your account<click on website<Now click on + Add website<then you will see option as I have given below in the screen shot-
Poptm network
  • Now add your domain name, but don't put any prefix just add your naked domain name, like mine one- bloggerhowtoseotips.com
  • I hope you got it, then select category and at the last click on Add website
  • Now after doing it, you will see status as pending. I hope it will take sometimes for getting approval after then get your cursor on the options then you will see a option that is Get Code, click on it and you will see code, copy that code and paste it to your blogger account under HTML/Javascript, if you are using blogger, then I have written a detail article to add any HTML/Javascript code to blogger.
  • Here is my website approved by Poptm, screen shot will be much better and typically took only few hours to get approved-
Poptm, approved website

How to Get Paid from Poptm-

As soon as you will reach you will be able to withdraw your money to your Paypal account and then directly to your bank account as simple as that, if you still don't have Paypal account then create one and get verified.

So, here are steps to follow for withdrawing from Poptm-
  • Okay, first of all you need to log in to your account
  • After then you need to click on Billing, this option you can easily find out on the left side bar of the Poptm dashboard
  • Now you need to click on Cashout
  • Then you will see options to choose for cash out, here is the screen shot of it.
Poptm cash out, withdraw money
  • Now put amount and then e-mail address which one you have used to create account on Paypal or Payza, because you can also withdraw money through Payza, but I use Paypal for withdraw money to my bank account
  • and then click on Request cash out, that's it now they will pay you within 24 to 48 hours most of the time but sometimes it may take up to a week.
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CPM networks always pay good, you can not doubt on it, because there payment is not depend on per click it is depend on per views, so that's why it is always helpful for bloggers to increase their earning.

As I have shared with you Poptm is up to 95% revenue sharing networks that means automatically your revenue will increase, so this is your opportunity to take the right step and see the growth in revenue.