Blogging is a great platform to share knowledge with world of information needed people, but there are many other countries, they just don't understand English, if some of them understand, they do not have very good knowledge about English, so in this article I am going to share with the tip, which will make you understand about any language comment on your blog.

Probably you know little bit about it, if you are little smart think about it, who can help you better!

Yes, you are right, it's Google, I mean Google translator!

Let me help you more, to get to rid of this concept.

Actually, I got many times comments on my blogs on other languages, first I have ignore, but certainly it strike in my mind, that there are many like me, who is ignoring these comments, because they just don't understand, what is written.

After few days!

Finally I found the concept, although I did know about Google translator, but I did not use it for this purpose.

Here is the step by step method to do it-

First go to

Then just copy paste the comment on there, as I have given below screen shot!

As, you can see on the above screen shot, I have copy paste a sentence, which is written in Bengali and then click on Translate to English, it will automatically translate in to English.

Even you can translate into almost any Language from any language.

For this, follow these steps, copy paste the sentence on the box, as I have pasted then click on "English", which is just before Translate button, then you will see many languages over there, for your better understanding, I have given below a screen shot even.

Just click on the Language to select and you will get the sentence on Different language and then click on Translate(Although Translate work automatically, but you can make it manually by Click on "Turn Off Instant Translation" this option you can find, right there on the bottom of the left hand side of your desktop), in which language you want.

Hopefully, this tip will help you to understand comments in any language, even this an amazing tool, Google translator is really useful in our life too.

Is there any Other Tool which can help us to understand any other language like Google translator does?

How to Add Google Translator to Your Blog-

This is one of the most important part of this article, to make it easier for your readers also, suppose that anyone is not familiar with English and he or she wanted to read your article, then if you will add Google translator to your blog, it would be easier for them to translate because there are only few aware about these things and if you are not adding Google translator then that means you are missing your readers, which equals customers and you know more customers means more money, more fans, more experience and of course more to do with things.

Okay, now what you are going to learn, you are going to learn how to add Google translator to your blogger blog.

Steps- 1
You need to login to your blogger account

Steps- 2
Now click on your blog

Steps- 3
Now you need to click on layout then you will see number of options, like Add a Gadget, just click then you will see a pop up menu, another thing click on Add a Gadget where you wanted to place this widget, in general this widget place on the sidebar for the ease of readers to find out such widget.

Steps- 4
Now scroll down to the page then you will see a option that is translate, now you need to click on the positive sign, after clicking there just click on Save arrangement.

That's it.

Hope you have enjoyed the tutorial, very soon I am going upload video tutorial on this, but that will be depend on demand of my readers.