Bluehost India Discount Coupon CODE is one of the famous choice of my readers and Bluehost itself is really a buzz among all because now no barrier of credit cards and all that you can buy hosting by using debit card, Yes you van also get BlueHost Discount inside okay today I am going to share with you "Bluehost India Discount Coupon Code March 2021" as well as you will come to know some real inside about Bluehost India like CPanel, Traffic IP and many more.

BlueHost India Discount Coupon Code for March 2021 

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That's why you will be happy before making decision of getting hosting for your website or blog, see I don't know why you wanted to get hosting but most of the time people wanted to get hosting to create their own blog and most of the time to earn money from blogging, if you need any personal help then you can contact me on Facebook

Important- If you will buy Hosting by using my link I will get commission but you don't need to pay more for this.

My Personal Experience with BlueHost India
Customer Service
Personally, this is my first priority because most of the time people read review to know about the service provider that means they are not that much familiar with technical things, so if the company will not provide good service then how they are going use their service easily, but here I will give 9.5/10
They offered very affordable pricing, often you can get discount on hosting also, just look at below portion for current discount
Yeah, BlueHost India provides very good facilities like professional e-mail account for free, DNS also for free, you can buy add on things like SSL certificate
Yeah, it's been one year I have been using their server for hosting my directory website and it’s been great no complaints till now
User Interface
See, I am a Mechanical Engineer, if I can use their server then why you are not, it’s easy because they got awesome support team
Discount on Hosting
Yeah, right now you can get 51% discount click here and use HAPPYDIWALI as coupon code

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Okay, now I must say you are searching for Bluehost coupon that means you wanted to buy hosting from bluehost only, well I have been using Bluehost from long time and I must they are providing very good service for me, here are few pros and cons I wanted to share with you-

Pros of Bluehost-
  • A free domain name
  • Money back guarantee
  • Good customer support by Indians
  • Linux hosting in India
  • One click WordPress installation
Cons of Bluehost-
  • Limited CPU uses
  • Only one set of DNS
  • They offer Linux server

Inside View of BlueHost-

In just couple of seconds you can see the inside view of BlueHost which will help you to discover more things about Bluehost, see its been long time BlueHost is providing hosting service and the best thing about them is they will give you free domain with hosting, means if you will buy a hosting plan you will get a .com domain name for free, even you can check BlueHost Coupon

Is not that great offer, I think so.

So, lets see its inside view one by one-
Bluehost Home Page-
Bluehost Indian Review

Bluehost account after log in-
Bluehost Cpanel: Simply easy to use even for non technical people, here is the screen shot below, well there are two ways to view Cpanel, I am going to share with you both of view including their name on the image only, that's why it will be easier for you to understand it-
Here, I used Retro most of the time and as per my memory, Bluehost also shown the Retro one by default for new customer, so I thought why not to share with you the screen shot of it-
Bluehost Cpanel

Top Ten Points About BlueHost India-

  1. Bluehost provides free domain name for buying new hosting plan
  2. They got very good Cpanel
  3. Good customer support in India personally I have talk to them when I got problem they got good knowledge and supportive.
  4. Over 2 millions websites host by BlueHost that's itself class
  5. Many pro bloggers used BlueHost for hosting their blog
  6. Other than hosting WordPress they also provides one click installation for others like Joomla, Magento, PhpBB, Drupal7, SMF and so on.
  7. In their Cpanel they have following things, first I was thinking that it will be too long later one of the reader ask me to write in details about their CPanel, because only those people come to know about it if they are using BlueHost itself, I am using it for my blogs and that's why sharing with you-
    • Lets start with preferences in preference you can get started wizard also they are providing good video tutorials to understand whole things
    • Then mail- They have very good features those features generally pro mail marketing provides like mailing list, auto-responders, well I use Get Response for e-mail marketing automation.
    • SEO and Marketing Tools for you, you can also get awesome SEO tips option under this section
    • Files- In files you will see Back-Ups, Backup Wizard, FTP Accounts and so on
    • Metrics- Under this you can see latest visitors, as I am writing this article simultaneously I am seeing latest visitors to my blog and there are many features they provides I can not stop myself to write such thing like traffic location, IP address, duration, unique visitors, number of page views and so on, here is the screen shot of traffic stats of a blog, you can see such stats under awstats.
Bluehost Awstats
    • Security: You can block any IP, this option is there under IP blocker tab, that is one of the awesome feature provided by BlueHost, other than this there are other options too like- SSH Access, SSL/TLS, Hotlink Protection and Leech Protection
    • Software: Under software tab you can see many options like PHP, Site software and so on
    • Advanced: Under this section you will get information regarding error pages, Virus scanner, Track DNS and many more
    • Softaculous Apps Installer: This is the section which most of the blogger used at least once because in this section you will see WordPress and other platform like Joomla, AbanteCart and many more, under different categories like Blogs, Micro Blogs, Forums and so on.
    • Health Checks & Monitoring: This is also a pretty cool features provideed by BlueHost.

Okay, lets talk more about blogging and starting your blog with self hosting service like Bluehost right, I know there are many those don’t want to invest money that’s why I suggest them to start with Blogspot but later you have to move to WordPress, because there are many features those don’t have blogger.

But, yes WordPress having such features, that’s why it is one of the finest CMS of the world.
That’s why even I am sharing lot of more information about blogging and starting blogging with WordPress, see starting a self host blog is really great way to jump start your blogging carrier because you will have all, just you need to work with your own passion, I mean you must concentrate on one topic only at a time, I mean think about a topic, in which you have interest and then start writing, once you found that your articles are ranking pretty good and then can write about other articles related to it. I am also giving discount on .net hosting Coupons

So, here are few things I am covering in this part of this Bluehost Discount Coupon India Article-

Getting Sure Shot Success in Blogging

Successful blogging
For getting success in blogging in very short period time is depending on your blog niche, see if you will write articles in a niche in which you have great knowledge, interest and passion then you can easily go for sure short success.

Choosing Niche for Your First Blog to Get Success

  • Why bloggers fail?
  • Why they quit in just two weeks?
  • Why they unable to earn money from blog?
  • Why they unable to discover real potential of blogging?

Because, they unable to choose the right way to start blog, yes what you are reading right now pay attention here because you are going to learn lot of important things in this section.

Recommended for You- Teachable Annual Plan Coupon 

So, question is that how you can able to select right niche, now I am going to share with the best and amazing advice to you for getting success in your first blog only, if you will follow my steps right way-

Step 1-
Have you ever got problem in anything and got solution, if yes then think about the problem and how you got solution for the problem, I am sure you got problem in your life may be small or big problem it could be anything from technical to health

Step 2-
Write all those problems on a paper with solution

Step 3-
Do keyword research related to the problem and discovers how many people are searching and what they are searching to solve their problem? Here is the video tutorial for you.
Step 4-
Select keywords for your domain name and then get hosting from Bluehost with discount links click here for discount and then there you go for it.

Step5 –
Start writing articles related to the problem with proper title for this only basic SEO tips you need to know and of course you need to write in depth articles about it, because you were in the problem and I am sure you will not get bored while writing articles because you are familiar with the facts and scenario

What is Two Good Habits Can Help You to Get Success in Blogging?

Here, I am going to share with you most important habits those helps me to grow and write articles on time, here are two habits you must have in order to get success in blogging quite easily.

I know you wanted to know both habits right, so here are those habits but yes only knowing these habits not going to help you at all, if you will not work on it
  1. Writing and
  2. Promotion of articles, keep doing
Let me share with you one of my latest experiment to drive traffic to my blog through Facebook, this is really powerful to drive any number of traffic to your blog or anywhere you want.

Step 1-
Find out popular groups on Facebook related to your topic, easy just search on Facebook search box

Step 2-
Send request to join, you can easily do it by just clicking on Join

Step 3-
Write great short description about your article, which will make people to click on the link and that’s it, keep sharing, but don’t share much otherwise they may be banned you, so share but with little time gap.

Change little in description and see number of visitors you are getting, you also can do experiment with time, because let me share with you one of the incident.

I usually share posts on Facebook and of course on Indiblogger which is a pretty good directory for Indian bloggers in the morning time about 9 AM and in that time I usually got 100 page views because of sharing.

Now the lesson is here.

What happen?

One day, I was unable to share articles in the morning and share in the evening time about 8 Pm and guess what?

Traffic I have started getting about 200 page views for sharing my articles on my Facebook wall, my Blog Facebook page, Facebook Groups and on Indiblogger

The lesson you have learnt here that at what time you are sharing your article is also matter, by the way I also recommend and giving discount on a hosting company named as JixHost, they are quite good when it comes to re-seller hosting, here is discount coupon link- JixHost Promo Code

How to Become Authority Blogger

Become authority is difficult, if you will go with a right plan, here you need to implement the basic rule of management here is my own basic rule for getting success in any project that may be in blogging, righting an e-book, writing an article or even preparing for any examination-
  1. Plan First but must write don't kept in your brain
  2. Think about how you can go with the plan?
  3. Work when you feel fresh means in the morning time
  4. Keep working without seeing the outcome because in blogging outcome will be seen later and it comes with interest, yes I must say with complex interest.

How to Earn More Money from Blog

Here, I am not going to share with adding ads networks, because these are not a way to earn healthy money from niche blog, because you know, if you will write about only one topic that means you can do affiliate marketing or even you can create your own products, I do both, I have my own products which helps me to earn more from blogging.

So, here is couple of ways to earn good money from niche blog-
  1. Selling others products, which is called affiliate marketing?
  2. Selling your own products
  3. Sponsored post- Last month I have earn my 30% of total earning for writing sponsored articles and that is just awesome

Of course Bluehost is one of the old company for providing hosting, Bluehost is one of the leader in hosting services, I came to know about this after chatting with a guy who has been in this internet marketing business its been long time about a decade, that's why I have written this article and also provided insight view of BlueHost what I have experienced after using its hosting service?

So what do you think about Bluehost India Coupon Code 2021?