How Evergreen Content More Helpful for Bloggers to Drive Traffic
"Evergreen content"- content those all time hot, means people do search every time about those topics, like make money online, blogging, SEO, health, education related topics, jobs, tourist places. Non evergreen content means news, results of any examinations.

Write "evergreen content" as much you can on your blog to make your blog more interesting and more important to get visitors to your blog all the time from even a single post, but here you are going to do mistakes, you will write article in short may be 100 words or even 150 words, don't write short article dear, it will kill your blog ranking on Google as well as on other search engines like Yahoo, Bing. So always write lengthy article with well explanations.

As a blogger you should write "evergreen content" to get visitors to your blog every day through that article, oh that I already told you, now question is that, are you aware about those topics?

Those topics are under evergreen content, if not then learn from other bloggers those already get into it and then use those tips in your blog, then share your success stories with your readers, then see where your blog is going.

I mean, you are going to be a next successful blogger.

Blogging can't make you success until or unless you are not doing hard work, because people are looking for some thing different, to make your blog different, you have to provide quality and unique content, that's why people as well as search engine both like your blog.

Let's do talk about some more tips in blogging, see blogging is the good way to make money online, but for this you have to do hard work, if you afraid to do work then believe me, you are not going to be a successful blogger, remember this every time.

That's why simply I say "More Hard Work, Pay More" always, because all people can not do that much hard work, this concept you can apply in blogging too, write your blog post more informational that's why people will recommend others to read your blog.

Internet is the world biggest market place because you can simply say this, limitless customers live here virtually, this is the big reason for increasing internet users day by day in almost every country in all over the world, now you can think that, if you will start blogging now, then you will definitely make more money in future.

Your blog will be your property, blogging is the first as well as second best source to make money online.

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More Tips for Writing Evergreen Content on Your Blog-

Well, many bloggers.

Even, I

Thought about this, because I did not know basic concepts of blogging, because I did not learn blogging from anyone. Lets know about this in details because this is important, actually I got this concept from an Entrepreneur.

Think Blogging Like Playing Cricket-

Best way to start anything, first we need to learn then we need to implement it right way.

That's mean learning is important, I think blogging is the only way in this world which will let you learn each and everything, yes if you wanna become professional blogger from ZERO investment.

I am telling you about me.

I did not invest even $1 in my blog, well may be you are thinking how did I get domain name because I have made money from this blog as well as other blogs then I have invested money on my blogs.

I mean, I have invest money how much I have earned.

But, I will suggest you if you still did not get domain name then get one because it is really helpful to get popularity fast.

If your blog will become popular then you will have many options to earn money like-
  • Adsense- This is really effort less way to earn money from blog
  • Adsense Alternatives- If you did not get approval from Adsense then you can go for Adsense Alternatives, personally I have earned more than $932 from adsense alternatives only.
  • Affiliate Program- There are many affiliate networks but I have used Clickbank and I have earn $145.85.
  • Selling Your Own Product- There are almost all bloggers those are making money online, I mean those earning from blog for living they have informational product.

Find Out People Better Than You-

Blogging is a fully business

You need to take care of your each blog readers for this you need to be in touch with them you need to make a list of readers.

See, in blogging connection is important.


If you can get connected with readers may be directly or indirectly then I am sure you will definitely going to earn money.

Group work or I must use the sentence here Team Work.

If any company having right people then I am sure the company going to be a next popular company in the world.

Lets understand this in blogging.

If you are having friends those too wanted to earn money online then I am sure it will be little easier for you as well as for your groups to make money from blog as well as from other ways.

There are many ways to find right people to become a successful blogger-
  • Necessary- If there is necessary to become successful then I am sure you will do hard work and finally you will come to know how to do smart work.
  • Curious- You need to know whether people in your group are curious about their career or not.
  • Thrust- The person should have thrust to do work and finally become something in your life.
  • Vision- Personally, I think every blogger must have long time vision
  • Goal- Set a goal for your blog in a particular time period
  • Target- Make target for a day and make it happen.
You need to see all these things before going to know people better than you and start doing hard work.

Make Your Own Group of Bloggers-


I will say this in better way "TEAM WORK"

Do you know?

Every company having their team to finally execute any work right way, well in blogging you need to have a group of bloggers those are like you.

I mean those wanted to become successful in their life.

See, if you have group of bloggers then I have a secret thing for you, make a group of 20 bloggers, if all are friends then it is just awesome to become a next level blogger.

But, all of you need to choose a topic according to your own interest, after creating a blog your group need to help all bloggers to promote their blog post on every media.

I mean in this way you will get more likes on social medias, that's means each of you can promote a blog post really just awesome way.

And it will take just only few minutes to do and you will be a next winner in blogging, but again you must be aware of choosing a group, otherwise these tips and tricks are not going to work in real.

Lets discuss in step by step that's why it will be more helpful for you-
  • Make a Group on Facebook- I did not created earlier but now I have created it, it is a close group and I added them those are my customers because I did not want increase crowed there, I wanted to increase reach there.
  • Make a List- Well, creating a list is one of the BIG asset in the internet, this is the first one of the BIG mistakes make my newbies they don't want to do experiments and always try to be motivated after looking at income report of top bloggers.
  • Build Relationship with Others- There are various ways (Facebook, Conference, E-mail and so on) to build relationship with others, let me tell you after building relationships I have been able to earn more money than earlier and I will increase it, I have a simple target to earn over $1000 from this blog but every month.
Evergreen content always play important role to get good traffic to blog and to take your blog to the next level, I think you first think about your blog post title and type of content and at the last promotion of your blog post.

Do these things right way and see the difference after few days!