Yeah, I have already share with you couple of interviews of successful Udemy instructors well that is one of the great platform to share your knowledge and earn money, here is the story of Jorge Escobar who earn over $10,00 from Udemy and even an Indian guy earn over $1000 from Udemy now its Sam Chifley who earned $4579.
Sam Chifly Teacher, Udemy Earning proof

Tell us something about yourself

Sam Chifly, Udemy Instructor
I am currently an entrepreneur and have founded a wide range of companies ranging from energy generation to importation. I currently full time manage my own consulting business where I help small business to thrive. I also work at a university teaching, researching and studying a wide range of business and law related topics. I have a keen passion for technology and photography on the side, and I love to teach online and helping students realize their potential. 

How you have started with Udemy

I came across Udemy by complete accident! I was teaching online before Udemy on Skillshare and YouTube academies as a guest instructor. I found that I liked teaching and helping others, so I published a Kindle Book on Cooperate Planning. One of my readers suggested that I made it into a video course on Udemy, so I looked into and published a completely unrelated leadership course to test the water.    

What motivates you to Create Course

When I set out to teach a new course, I always go and have a look at my 5 Star reviews and that gives me all the motivation I need!

What is Your Education background

Udemy has no educational requirement so anyone can teach. I do have Degrees, but they are not in the area that I teach on Udemy!

How you feel after seeing your first sell on Udemy

It was a $5 profit sale during the November Sale, and it felt fantastic. I made $78 that month, but it was a great proof of concept!

How much total time you have invested for reaching here

I don’t count the time but around 100 hours would be about right!

What is your next goal on Udemy

I wish to smash the 25000 and break through the $20000 mark by mid-2017 in my current business case. The new price system has slowed the growth towards this goal. 

How anyone can start earning from udemy

Upload a course and wait for magic! No, of course, having a course that is interesting and engaging will help you out. 

Share your big mistakes in this journey that're why you did not reach such higher level like 100,000 mark [We wish you will soon]

The biggest mistake I made was I used a low-quality microphone for my first course this caused a range of approval issues for me and meant I had to re-record the whole course.

Your ten checkpoints before creating a course on Udemy.

  1. Write a list of your skills
  2. Search Udemy for the number of courses in that area
  3. Teach a course in a low congestion space or, make your course different i.e., don’t teach a how to develop a website in HTML! Teach something more specific!
  4. Understand Udemy’s Client base- Tech savvy learnings who want a quick win from the course!
  5. Plan but don’t script.
  6. Equipment is key buy a microphone that is up to the task. Blue Microphones, ATR , and Rode Microphones are great starting points!
  7. Submit a test video before recording your course and save some heart ache!
  8. Record your course and then. Watch your course and find any boring parts to edit out.
  9. Upload your course and then wait for the magic to happen or go ahead and promote your course if you have a following.
  10. Update your course every few months so students know you care about their experience!

What are your suggestions for beginners for reaching first $1000 on Udemy

Udemy cannot do all the work, and you have to take some responsibility. Here are some of my tips.
Affiliates are your friend! Submit them a super awesome coupon and they will pay to promote your course! In December 2015 Udemy was dead no organic sales.

Consider a few courses so you can upsell and cross promote. You keep 97% of the sales price if you use your coupon.

Don’t make a course in a saturated market, the new guy in town won’t ever see an Udemy sent promo email slot unless your course is unique.

Where do you live to share any tourist attraction [if you have photo with you, then please share]

I currently live on the sunny and warm Brisbane Australia, but I frequently travel to oversee my business to London, New York, and Hong Kong.  

What Do you think about

I think any site on the web that is directed at support small business is a good thing and has the potential to help hundreds or thousands of people to change their life’s for the better.

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What do you think let me know about this interview, by the thank to Sam Chiefly for his interview.