Interviewing Authority Bloggers, Benefits of Blogging, Blogging Tips
You will see there are many bloggers started interviewing and I have seen also. So I was thinking why to share with you articles on it and I have not seen anyone is sharing about it that's why beginners those just started will get help from it, well if you have been following my blog then I did not interview anyone on my blog specially in blogging, but soon planning to get something awesome for the community of blogging, that's why it will be helpful for all.

There are many important factors works if you will interview bloggers but there are few ways to get more benefits from it, here I am going to share with you all tips and tricks those I got from last five years of experience, See in blogging all about getting experience and hustle. Its just having patience and keep working on it, see these days I am working very less as I usually worked earlier but output is pretty awesome, let me share with you an example, each post I write in this blog on an average I earn about $100 and in the earlier days it was about $1.

So, this is the difference between blogging and your day job, I am not saying quit your day job, I am saying just keep blogging, if you are not
from it then just try with different angle and who knows next angle will bring you everything what you want from blogging?

Here are some benefits of interviewing authority bloggers but only in your niche, suppose that if you are blogging about health tips and you will interview me then it is no benefits for you because readers are not going to benefits from it so first target your audience what they want? If you are writing blog in health niche then interview any doctor and ask solution for any health problem that will be pretty good but here I am talking about interview bloggers so you need to interview bloggers those write related to health blogs, yes you can interview doctor which will help too.

Let me share with you an example, one of my known doctor she is belonging from Bangalore and of course she has been practising from last eight years, she has been interviewed by a local TV channels and she shared about in on social media although you can not watch that interview when you want but yes if you will interview for blog then anybody can read the interview according to their time, actually this is the big difference between internet and TV channels, that's why these days TV channels also started sharing their shows on Youtube to attract more viewers which helps them to generate more revenue.

Okay, here are some benefits of interviewing bloggers for your blog-
  • It will help you to increase authority 
  • Trust of your blog and your's itself will increase
  • You can build good relation with authority bloggers
  • Your blog backlinks will increase, even you will have chance to get natural back links from authority blogs
  • Social media traffic will increase
  • Definitely you will see user spent time will increase which is really good for any blog for long term
  • Content would be high quality but that will be depend on questions you will ask in the interview
  • Your search engine traffic will increase but you need to optimize the blog posts, proper on page optimization required.
  • You can get more offers from people and there are many more benefits
If I will tell in simple words that would be great, one the big question is that why should anyone listen to you and why they will give their precious time for you, well for getting their attention for the interview you need to do something, otherwise they are not going to respond you, so what you need to do?

Steps for Getting Attention and Respond to Your Proposal-

Well, there are steps you need to follow, if you have your own plan then go for it but you need to first take a look of my steps, who knows you are missing something important.

See, this interview thing is not new, its old but nobody share till now about its benefits that's why I am sharing with you, the reason is simple I wanted to grab attention of you that I am also someone who is having great experience in blogging and let me tell you dear from this same pretty blog I have been able to help more than half million people to create their own money making blog.

See, its simple, I used one simple concept that is- I have to help people and then I saw money comes in, I will share with you more about blogging and making money from blogging future but today I will be focus on only getting attention from highly authority bloggers on your niche.
  1. First of all you need to have a blog which should be look like professional blog like having good template, good hosting {Bluehost Review 2016 India & Hostgator Review 2016 recommended}, having fan pages and of course you need to be active on social media
  2. Your blog must have few blog posts with good quality content and of course if you will ask me how many blog posts your blog must have then I will say at least 10 blog posts.
  3. Modes of contacting them- There are two most important modes of contact them social media and mail, both are very effective
  4. Which is most often used, See I used Facebook to interview many popular Udemy instructors for interview them in my blog, here is one of them the Guy Earn over $10,000 from Udemy, is not that amazing.
  5. So, I just wrote a message like I have given a screen shot of it-

Interview, How to Contact

The exact message I have send and Jorge has been agreed for the interview so you can use such type of way to send proposal for the interview.

Its simple, you can do it, but example always works that's why I have shared with you how to do it? and dear there always you can do experiments to find out the best one, because the best one always to be find by itself only.

How to Find Proper Post Title for the Interview-

This is one of the key factor to get visitors and of course to help the community through the interview, your main motto must not to get short term help think about future, here beginners and pro create a huge difference what beginners do they try to write more articles but pro always try to write detail articles which helps them to keep improving and helping them to get fat revenue from their blog.

So, you need to do the same, that is think like pro and I am sure if you will think like pro you will become a pro blogger, there are many pro bloggers in this world and I have analyse their blog earning, most of them earning because they are authority person and I believe in only one sentence and follow that.

That is each blog post itself an opportunity to get loyal readers and which is must to earn fat commission and to become an authority blogger on your niche, okay let me share with you how you can select SEO Friendly title of the blog post-
  • Arranging keywords for the interview
  • Like person name, motto of the interview and of course the keyword interview itself, you can also used one of the most important keyword that is Revealed, which works great to get more CTR rate in search engine results.
Title for the blog post would be like this- "XYZ Revealed His/Her Secrets to Become Pro in XYZ", this will help people to discover their needed information through search engines.

Interviewing is good way to get attention but only interviewing can not make you authority blogger, you have to work on your blog means you need to write just amazing cutting edge content to become authority and then those interviews will work just great.

Means once people will come to your blog they will become fan for forever just let them read at least one blog post, which is pretty simple just interlink awesome blog posts in the interview. That's it.

Is there anything you would like to know about interviewing pro people on your niche?