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Bidvertiser Review 2023- Bidvertiser is one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense and even giving top CPM Rate that's why I am writing Bidvertiser Review well I have also earn more than $464.63 from this ads network as an Indian blogger this is really good amount and all these in part time and from only a single niche blog but there are many other PPC (Pay Per Click Networks), in this article I will share with you Bidvertiser is a legit network or a scam network, that's why you can decide that, should you use Bidvertiser advertising network or not.

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Screen Shot of Earning $464 from Bidvertiser 

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What is Bidvertiser?

If you are thinking about this, then I guess you are completely new to this world, I mean internet marketing world, because this is one of the popular advertisement network and one of the promising alternative to Google Adsense and of course there are thousands those are using Bidveriser on their websites/blogs to generate revenue.

So, in simple language we can say this is an advertisement network, which is opened for both advertiser as well as publishers.

If you are thinking about what type of network is this then the answer for this question is it is a ppc network, but these days Bidvertiser also doing work towards increasing revenue of publishers and of course to provide great value of advertiser investment, because these days they are improving their technology of showing ad on blogs/websites.

List of Things Covered in this Article-
  • Total Payment Proof $404.63 from Bidvertiser
  • Bidvertiser Review- My Story Of Blogging in Short
  • Approval Process of Bidvertiser
  • Payment Proof of Bidvertiser
  • How Much Bidvertiser Pays Per Click
  • How to Get Paid Through Bidvertiser
  • Top 10 Points About Bidvertiser Ad Network
  • Few Things I Don't Like About Bidvertiser
  • How to Earn More Money from Bidvertiser
  • Bidvertiser Review For Publishers
  • Bidvertiser Review for Advertisers/Affiliate Marketers
  • 2015 Bidvertiser Review September Special

Total Payment Proof $284 from Bidvertiser-

See; the given below screen shot which shows how much money I have earn already from Bidvertiser and this is really make me feel amazing, the most important thing is that I am sharing with you this proof-
Bidvertiser Payment Proof 2015
Three amazing tips and tricks I would like to share with you that's why you can earn more from blogging, here are those three important things those are content, people and experiment with new things after knowing risk factors.

I have reached $264.49, this is really a great joy for me as well as those are has just started blogging and they unable to get approval from Google Adsense, for them this is just like charm.

I mean they will definitely inspired after seeing all these payment proofs, well its not new that I have earn money from internet, I have been earning from internet since 2010 but till now I have notice, observed and analysed that only people become successful online those have great patience, those can do hard work as well as those don't want to hear no.

If you fall in this category then internet marketing is for you, this is one of the fasted way to earn money on the earth, because think about it if you want to earn money then you have to open your business in a crowded place right, then internet is the most crowded place in this world, here are few important points for newbie those wanted to earn money online in the internet-
  • Patience is everything in the internet
  • More struggle and mistakes you will make you will learn more and here theoretical is nothing everything is practical
  • Hire someone to know more about it, that's why you can follow right path to go on
  • Ads networks only can help you to earn few bucks, if you want to earn more then launched your own product or learn affiliate marketing
  • Have time to be free and think creative
  • Always think about your readers first then money
  • Long time planning for online business
  • Try provide best service from your side to make your service viral in the internet
  • Create your own blog and learn lot of things like SEO, about ads networks, marketing, promotion, lead generation from search engine

Bidvertiser Review- My Story Of Blogging in Short

Let me tell you an interesting story, about three years ago a Mechanical Engineering student started blogging without having any technical knowledge to earn some extra money without having any type of idea, what to do with a blog? Suddenly he got an idea to put information about colleges and after few days, he got from Blogger stats that people are coming to his blog through college posts then he hired his friends to make it quickly, actually that blogs contain only information about Indian colleges(, last year from that blog got highest per day page views 11564., but these days I am telling my clients to use WordPress with self host from pro, like I am giving some discount with FastComet Review 2021 that's why it will be beneficial for my readers.

That is awesome, right!!!

That person is me, yes me, founder of this blog Ujjwal Kumar Sen

Now come to the main point of this post, Bidvertiser is a legit network yes. that's it.

Attention Please (Bidvertiser Amazing Inspiration Fact for Bloggers)- I'm sorry to make you pay attention here only, well you will be happy to know the fact behind this, well I am going to show you my earning report from Bivdertiser, how much I earn from this amazing advertisement network, here is the whole screen shot, well I know it is not a big amount but even then it is really good for me as a part time income, here is the screen shot (104.29 $)-
Bidvertiser Payment Proof
I hope the above screen shot will inspire you more to keep blogging and cross this figure one day, oh don't forget to read the full review.

Approval Process of Bidvertiser

Well, after Google Adsense, Bidvertiser is having well popularity in the internet world at among bloggers, website owners, advertisers also. I hope because of this you are reading this article, Okay let me tell you the approval process of Bidvertiser.

It's too fast, no doubt about that, if you are looking for instant approval advertising network then Bidvertiser is there for you.

Again, there are very less chances of not getting approval from Bidvertiser, at least I have heard about it, unless you will not give wrong information to Bidvertiser about your blog or website, like language of your blog or website as well as category of the blog.

Payment Proof of Bidvertiser-

May be you are thinking, where is the proof, yes I got payments from Bidvertiser few days ago, that's I am sharing that transaction screen just below-

So, this is a legit network and very good adsense alternative.

Let me tell some more information about this advertising network and why I still like this network?

How Much Bidvertiser Pays Per Click-

This is the big question actually blows on people mind, that how much Bidvertiser pay per click.

It's paying rate is about .10 to 1$ per click and one more thing getting approval is quiet fast.

Getting approval from a good advertising network is tough but getting approval from Bidvertiser is quiet easy, that's why I like this network.

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How to Get Paid Through Bidvertiser-

Still two more things I am missing to share with you, those are ways to get payment and minimum amount to get payment.

Here are those answers, first minimum amount to get payment is `10$ and ways to get payment is Paypal India, Check, Payza Wire too.

So, that's really good for bloggers to make money online.

I have some more interesting articles for you, you must read-

Top 10 Points About Bidvertiser Ad Network-

  1. Very Fast Approval Process.
  2. One of the oldest advertising network.
  3. Code installation is easy as well as having wide variety of sizes to choose.
  4. Minimum payment is 10$ through Paypal but 100$ through cheque.
  5. Alexa rank is 1.2k worldwide
  6. About 56k websites or blog link to Bidvertiser including mine one.
  7. Monthly payment process, more important it is a legit network
  8. Bonus for getting more conversion rate through your blog
  9. Disable of account is quite rare.
  10. Pay Per Click is sometimes more than 2$.

Few Things I Don't Like About Bidvertiser-

I mean I found few things those Bidvertiser need to think about that's why people means bloggers as well as advertisers will give preference the most.

Bidvertiser approves almost all blogs that is not a good thing for many bloggers because the ads showing on their blog the same ads is showing on the low quality content blog.

So,what is benefit of writing great content, so I think Bidvertiser need to think about it, although I believe in this world everything having disadvantages.

Here are those points I dislike about Bidvertiser-
  • Bidvertiser pay once in a month
  • They approved almost all blogs
  • Check payment threshold is $50
  • Sometimes pay per click is very less
  • Sometimes they don't show ads related to the content of the blog posts

How to Earn More Money from Bidvertiser-

There is no specific for making more money from Bidvertiser, because it’s a Pay Per Click Network, earlier later they have started providing, popup ads, full screen shot also.

Okay, here I am going to share with you tips and tricks those are really helpful for getting more clicks that’s why you can earn more money with the same traffic you are getting on your blog.

Here are few tips and tricks for you-

Below Title of the Blog Post-
One of the best place for getting more clicks is putting ads below blog post title, because almost 99% of your blog readers must see that area, that means if the advertiser company showing ads relevant to your blog post content then getting clicks in much easier.

At the Bottom of the Blog Post-
Another very good area where readers eyes move on about %80 times so, the same thing is here, if readers will see ads related to blog posts content, more important, if the ads is related to readers choice then click rate would be much higher I have notice sometimes its more than 20% also, that is CTR rate, the full form of CTR rate is Click Through Rate.

Side Bar-
One the side bar readers attention about %60 times, another good opportunity for you, if you are promoting affiliate product then you can ad there a affiliate marketing product related link to get clicks and most of the time it converts very well.

In Between the Blog Post-
One of the amazing place to place code of ads network, because if you are providing great content in your blog post then probability of getting more traffic is much more and more traffic means more click, yes the important in this area about 100% readers see ads, means a golden way to get more clicks and more clicks equals more revenue.

Bidvertiser Review For Publishers-

This blog post has been read by more than 10,000 bloggers as well as advertisers so I was thinking and I got questions from many bloggers or I must say my blog readers, that why I did not put a direct heading in the review for publishers, well in the blog post almost all facts I have shared for publishers point view only.

So, there is nothing new for publishers everything I have shared which I have experienced from Bidvertiser.

One of the most important features of Bidvertiser I did not share with you yet that Bidvertiser XML Feed,which is also an amazing feature provided by Bidvertiser, here is the details screen shot of it-
Bidvertiser XML Feeds

I would like share with few guidelines which has been provided by Bidvertisers-
Publishers Guidelines, Bidvertiser

But, in the next heading I will share with you most important fact about Bidvertiser for advertisers, see any advertising company run for dual combination those are advertisers and publishers, so a advertising company must create a platform that's why both will get benefit from it then only it will run for long time and from my point of view Bidvertiser is doing great job from last decade, most important I want to say Bpath Limited is doing great job because Bidvertiser is a Bpath limited company.

Bidvertiser Review for Advertisers/Affiliate Marketers-

Now come to the point Bidvertiser for advertisers, see I think you want more traffic to your product website or blog then Bidvertiser is one of the best option for you.

There are thousands of premium company those are using Bidvertiser for promoting their products in the world and most important thing is that Bidvertiser is really helping advertisers to promote their brand and one of the important thing for blogger, Bidvertiser is the second best choice for making money from ads network other than Google Adsense.

So, if you want to promote product online then don't forget to try Bidvertiser for at least a single time, I mean just test it and decide whether to promote on Bidvertiser as simple as that, there are many categories provided by Bidvertiser so choose category create your campaign and go for it, here are few important points I would like to share with you-
  • Easy to Singup with Bonus- Click Here to Get Bonus Today
  • Many categories to choose
  • Millions of online websites or blogs showing Bidvertiser ads so a great audience 
  • Cheap price
  • Great Return of investment (ROI)
  • Thousands premium advertisers using Bidvertiser
  • Easy payment options
  • Great inventory option you have
Here are few premium advertiser of Bidvertiser-
Premium advertisers of Bidvertisers

Bidvertiser Review 2023 Special-

Becoming world class blogger is not a difficult task itself, if you are having patience, you are discipline and of course willing to do hard work then this is really just amazing for you, because there are many those are working in private farm and may be in government jobs they are not happy, there are many reasons behind of this here are few reasons I have noticed those are given below-
  • Not happy from the company
  • Not happy from the boss
  • May be not interested in your job and there are many reasons
Well, may be even you can not quit your job because of responsibility you have now, may be you have this condition with you.

Then don’t worry, there are many those are fall in this category, because one of my friend he is working in a reputed school is earning very good salary about 60,000 INR per month, but he is not happy from the job because he is not happy from the management and there are many other reasons those I can not share with you here.

This is not even like that he is not interested in teaching, he is interested in it but the main thing is that he is interested to become an entrepreneur and of course he is having a great idea about it.
I hope you will get success in it, well later I will publish about this story in my blog that is for sure, because it inspire other bloggers and I am sure they will also do hard work, well inspiring story always inspire us but I have experience it very closely, it inspire us for a short time may be for one day or two days hardly one week, because after watching the story of Arunima Sinha on INK talk I really inspired from every part of my sense, but the height I reach in terms of inspiration keep on decreasing day by day.

So, I was thinking what should I do?

That’s why I will be keeping that height of inspiration most of the time, so I found a very good solution for it, here is that!

I hope you wanted to know it.


Here is that, I have started watching inspiring more videos at least once in a week, when I got time, it is really easy to watch inspiration video, just go to Youtube and search for inspirational videos it will show dozen of videos.

For this I really thanks to internet as well as to Youtube.

Well, I hope you are really familiar with it.

Okay, here is something for you!

As a blogger you must have at least two great qualities I hope you wanted to know those two things, okay here are those-

Learning and of course sharing

If you can adopt these two habits then you will be next successful blogger, remember in blogging there is not space for less quality content, if even yes then it is for very little short time, because better quality content you will write more people will like it and it is for sure more people are going to read it and your mission will be fulfill.

Okay, here are few tips and tricks those really going to make you more money from Bidvertiser, well if you want to earn more money from Bidvertiser then your blog must have very good high quality content that’s why people will be high quality means whenever they will click on ads, ads company will make money from it and according it your earning will be depend.

As I have stated in this article that earning is totally depending on few important aspects here are those aspects with little short description that’s why you can get it better way-

Content Quality- (Quality content means you are sharing information with people, what people are looking for in the internet).

Experiments- (Do always experiments that’s why you can find out new one, which will be interested for people and which is going to make you real cash)

Relation with Readers- (There are many ways to have good relation with readers, first write good articles, reply to their comments according to comment, spend time on social media to get connected with them, have your original picture on your blog and of course social media also)

Ads Placement- (Total number clicks depend on ads placement so try to place ads below the blog post title and if possible inside the article which will get you more clicks which means more money)

Size of Ads- (There is also one factor which size you are using, two important ads size ads really recommend one of them is 250*250, which I usually used)

Content Length- (It is for sure lengthier blog post you will write, probability of getting readers on your blog for more time will be more and of course will help your blog to rank better that means more readers will come to your blog and you will earn more money, most of the time blogger think what should be length of a blog post, when we are writing about any how to article or detail article like while writing review about any product in that time, you must write a blog post at least of 2000 words because it has been proved many times that lengthier content rank better, then why not to utilized this golden opportunity to succeed in blogging)

Bidvertiser is a good legit network to make money online from blogs or website, if you are still not using Bidvertiser then start using it, to make money from advertising networks, I know there are many ads network those promising that they are best, but I for Bidvertiser work superb

Is there anything you want to know or share about Bidvertiser?