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Many blogspot blogger having question in their mind about this, what will happen after getting domain to my blogspot blog. Here are some common questions with answers, what I have seen after getting domain on my blogspot blog.

It is my personal experience, when I got domain name for my blog

Am I Going to Loose My Visitors-

No! Not at all, you are not going to loose your even single visitors because blogger will redirect your blogspot blog visitor to your domain name.

It is automatic even your visitors will not understand this redirect.

Am I Going to Loose My Alexa Rank-

Yes, you will but your Alexa rank for domain will increase better than even blogspot blog, this is my real experience.

Am I Going to Loose My Back Links-

You are not going to loose even a single back links but those back links will not show on Alexa as a reputation of your blog.
But after getting domain name your blog reputation will increase very fast.

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Am I Going to Get Better Benefit from Search Engine-

Yes of course, you will get even very good visitors from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask.

Am I Going to Earn More Money-

Domain name means, you will have a brand that means you will get more reputation of your blog which will lead you to get more sponsors and more sponsors means more money.

Are All Blogspot Blog Pages Re-index on Search Engine-

Yes, your all blogspot pages will re-index on Google and other search engine too, but it will take time, may be one month or sometime more even.

The fact is that you are not going to loose any thing, although you will get much much benefits.

Best Result of Getting Domain Name-

Yeah, right now what I am going to write that is most important dear, because you know I am writing this article after seeing $100 ringing on my Paypal account.

Yes, that is happening only because of getting domain name, if I did not get it then probably I never see such type of opportunity in this area, see I know there are many those start with blogspot blog and then they invest money.

See, actually its all about investing money at right place, if you will come to know this tact then you are going to get boom result, believe me dear this is one of the amazing business tact, which I have learnt from big business people.

Now, the big question is that how you can learn this tact in a short period of time and most important thing is that how you can learn about it in a very short period of time right. I came to know about it from experience and you can learn easily from other successful blogger, I mean just follow one successful blogger foot prints and you are definitely going to get something which will make you success, that is for sure.

Note Worthy Points-
May be you are thinking that, you are getting every thing for free, then why spend some money, then let me tell your spending this small amount can change future of your blog.

Believe me it can change your future go for it!!

If you are getting any problem then contact me.