GreenGeeks & GreenGeek Promo Code 2021 75% OFF is itself the name said it is a hosting service providing which is powered by renewable energy basically you can say they are getting energy from nature without harming anything and in this article you will find out GreenGeeks Coupon & Discount too. may be which is the main purpose of yours to land on this blog. Even GreenGeeks is the world no. 1 green energy web hosting provider.

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So, that is the best ever thing they are doing and of course they are providing amazing service to their customer basically even I am writing this article because of that reason, & you are going to learn lot of things about GreenGeeks here.

GreenGeeks Coupon, GreenGeeks Review
So, lets get started, here I am going to share with from brief of the company to customer testimonials, my personal experience from their support and there are lot of things you are going to learn in this review article.

GreenGeeks: All About The Hosting Service Provider-

In this section, you will learn about list of headings I will share with you, here in this article I am going to spend another five hours to make it just perfect for you, that's why you will get all information about this hosting company, yes my dear five hours, okay here are list of content-
  1. Brief Information About GreenGeeks 
  2. How You Can Get Start with GreenGeeks If You are Newbie
  3. Features of GreenGeeks 
  4. Top 10 Points about GreenGeeks [Must read]
  5. Pricing of GreenGeeks Really Important
  6. Data Centre Locations of GreenGeeks
  7. Customer Support Words Based on My Own Experience
  8. Advantages of GreenGeeks 
  9. What People are Talking About GreenGeeks Hosting Service

Brief Information About GreenGeeks-

GreenGeeks is leader in green energy web hosting provider, this company is founded in California with having multiple place data centres for high speed up time and to make the website loading fast, well I will discuss more about its data centres in other sections of this article.

GreenGeeks started its journey eight years back then you can understand the expertise they have in this field and people working in GreekGeeks having lot of experience, may be you are thinking how I came to know about them, are they my close friends or anything else, no dear I just come to know from their support team and their web pages.

Okay, lets go for the next section, one section of this article you must pay attention that is my top 10 points about GreenGeeks because that is really matter to know more about this hosting company.

How You Can Get Start with GreenGeeks If You are Newbie

This is one of the most important part because there are many those are not sound with these technical stuffs so what they have, either they will hire someone or do it itself, so here what happen at GreenGeeks even you are newbie then you have lot of sources to get started with itself.

So, here I am going to share with you resources you got at GreenGeeks to learn and then implement, even you can do both together-
  1. Questions and answers under knowledge base
  2. Video tutorials to make it fast & for better understanding
  3. Of course they got amazing support team.
All these sources are most effective, I have seen other hosting companies provides customer support, may be knowledge base but video tutorials only few companies provides, so that is one of the advantage of using this hosting company.

Features of GreenGeeks

This is good, because people always looking for features and of course type of service they are providing, specially when we read review about any hosting company we always look at their products because after all we are going to use their products right.

So, lets go ahead for learning about GreenGeeks products, basically there are four type of products they are offering for us, I can say, me also always looking for good hosting, I think you are also, that's why you are reading this article till now, amazing good, okay lets learn about their products-
  1. Web Hosting
  2. WordPress Hosting
  3. Reseller and 
  4. VPS hosting
Well, according to your own requirements you can choose hosting plan, well if you are a blogger or you wanted to start a blog then I will suggest you to go for WordPress hosting, because that's really a cool web hosting plan.

Okay, looking for few amazing features here are features of their web hosting plan, you will be amaze after knowing their features and price is also affordable well you will learn about their pricing under price heading, features screen shot is given below-
GreenGeeks Features, Web Hosting features
well, other than these there are many features including in this package like e-mail auto-res-ponder, search engine submission and of course some tools would be free of cost, other than these you will get many more things lets find out itself, just look at the below screen shot-
GreenGeeks Feature, web hosting features
Other than these there are many other features inside, okay lets move to the another service of GreenGeeks that is WordPress Hosting Plan, as a blogger I have host many blogs on different hosting company, which helps me to write more about the hosting company, because I have my own experience with them. 

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Okay, let me tell you, why I prefer WordPress CMS and tell others too for using WordPress for their blog, because this is an wonderful platform to start blog and of their plugins are very powerful and easy to use, anyone can use their platform, that's why even there are many top blogs also used WordPress and its free to use.

They got awesome service for WordPress hosting plan, just have a look below screen shot you will be amaze after looking at the screen shot-
GreenGeeks WordPress features, WordPress Hosting features
Here, I am going to share with you about another hosting plan that is re-seller hosting plan, basically most of the time this plan is used by business people or web designing company those have dozens of customers and of course for them GreenGeeks is a smart choice, well I also got something for this, in the below screen shot you will find out all features included in the re-seller hosting plan-
GreenGeeks Reseller, Reseller hosting features
Let's move to VPS hosting, which is just amazing you will get 99.9% up time and that's really cool I mean think about it your blog will be live almost all the time, when even you will sleep.

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That means while you will be sleeping you can make money from your blog, well that is different thing lets talk more on features of VPS hosting, okay it is for sure VPS hosting is one of the best way to have better control and of course there are many features included in this package, well I don't want you to read, want you to see all features, visualisation is good easy right, okay lets see the below screen shot-

Top 10 Points About GreenGeeks 

This is one of the awesome section of my blog posts and my readers love this section that's why even I am writing this section and I am sure this section is going to help lot of people, one thing is pretty clear if you want to know about GreenGeeks promo code 2021 in very short period of time then just read this section you will be happy to read, okay lets go ahead-
  1. Good support team
  2. Multiple sever locations
  3. More than 25,000 customers and more than 300,000 websites are hosting on GreenGeeks
  4. Its all started journey in 2008
  5. Different features added hosting service
  6. Lot of sources to learn and implement things live
  7. Built in PHP caches which helps to load web page very fast
  8. Yes, 30 days money back gurantee by GreenGeeks
  9. Pretty easy interface: Easy to grab and work on it
  10. Lot of rewards GreenGeeks already grab, the screen shot of few awards is just given below-
GreenGeeks Awards, Hosting Plan, Best Hosting

Pricing of GreenGeeks Really Important

Why I said this is really important, because its need to know and understand by us, suppose you want to host your business website online, then you must have some budget and after looking at your budget you must move so, here I am going to share with you about pricing of GreenGeeks, as you already come to know about their features from the previous section that they are providing hosting services- Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting and of course VPS.

Web Hosting Pricing-
GreenGeeks  Pricing, Web Hosting Pricing
WordPress Hosting Pricing-
GreenGeeks Pricing, WordPress Hosting Pricing
Re-Seller Hosting Pricing-
GreenGeeks Reseller, Re-Seller Hosting Pricing
VPS Hosting Plan Pricing-
GreenGeeks VPS Pricing, VPS Hosting Plan Pricing

Data Centre Locations of GreenGeeks

Data centres is one of the most important way to know the hosting service provider capability and reach actually GreenGeeks already having more than 25,000 customers and hosting more than 300,000 websites.

That is amazing is not it, they are providing great service that's why they are having such a huge number of customer base and people are using their service that means they are providing quality service so, what else you want from the hosting service company, of course there are few things you are going to know, here is the list of data centres location of GreenGeeks-
  1. Chicago (US)
  2. Phoenix (US)
  3. Toronto (CA)
  4. Amsterdam (NL) coming soon

Advantages of GreenGeeks

There are numerous advantages of this web hosting company, first you will promote healthy enviroment because they are getting energy from renewable energy source only for running this company, so this is one of the big advantage of this company and by using their product basically you are promoting good thing for our society. 

Here, I am going to point out few amazing advantages of GreenGeeks-
  • Their customer support team will help you 24*7 for solving your problems
  • Multiple sever locations for boosting web page loading speed
  • Multiple number of awards won by this company which is a symbol of excellent service
  • There are more than 300,000 are live on GreenGeeks hosting
  • Their main motto to satisty customers
  • Lot of tutorials to learn about their plan and action need to do for using hosting plan

Customer Support Words Based on My Own Experience

They provides superb customer support from beginning jst after landing on their website, this means after becoming customer of this service provider you will get amazing quality customer support, even I talk to them personally for little long time and felt good that they are really good in this and those people are providing customer supports they are really passionate for helping people, there are many modes of customer support like-
  1. Resource of video tutorials
  2. Knowledge base for knowing solution of all issues
  3. Live chat which I have expeirenced very well
  4. Even you can send them mail and of course
  5. Through phone calls
So, on the above you find out there are five ways of their support and this is just amazing, people can not even think about this, great is not it. 

What People are Talking About GreenGeeks Hosting Service

This is one of the most important section of this article, after all you will become customer of the service provider, so the best way to know about them is to know from the existing customers and of course if any company is having more than 25,000 customers then you can easily understand the level of quality service they are providing for satisfying customers.

So, here you will get all information about what people are talking about GreenGeeks hosting plan-