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Founded in 2010, Hostwinds become one of the top hosting company in the world that's why HostWinds 99% Coupon Promo Code, of course they will have to go ahead, I am sure this company will definitely grow because of their quality service.

I must say they are providing such awesome quality service, well in this blog post, I am going to share with you Hostwinds coupon codes and of course the insight review of it that's why you will come to know each and everything about this company.

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See, there is no doubt that this is one of the best hosting service provider and most important fact is that they are providing wide range of services.

Even that is the one of the top most reason I have invested so much time to write this dashing article, I really would like to thank you very much for reading my articles I really appreciate your kindness and thank you for giving time on my article.

See, there are many websites are growing repidly that's why they needed more dedicated server and there are many those are moving towards SSL certificate so there you have all options to have with hostwinds at one place, here you got the opprtunity to get it, here Hostwinds VPS hosting is quite popular.

HostWinds Coupon Code 2016, HostWinds Hosting Review

So, lets get started-

And other than this I am going to share with you insight review of HostWinds, here is the list of content you will get in this article-
  • About HostWinds
  • Products Details of HostWinds
  • Pricing of HostWinds
  • Top 10 Points About HostWinds
  • My Personal Experience About HostWinds Support Team
  • Best Thing About HostWinds
  • What People are Talking About HostWinds

About HostWinds

Hostwinds started its journey in 2010 and of course they are doing awesome job and providing great service to people, most important thing is that internet people, that's why even they have very good large number of customers worldwide.

This company is CEO is Peter, who personally replied to mail, if you will have any query, that is one of the awesome way to stand out from other service providers.

They have unique approach towards their service that is why they are growing very fast in this industry even you can think about it that is the main reason I am also writing about them, yeah don't forget to see coupon code on the above for discount.

See, hosting industry is huge and there are million of websites alone host by many companies, see I have seen many hosting companies are so cheap but here Hostwinds is affordable, reliable and trusted.

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I really feel glad to share with you about this hosting company because there are more than 20 big companies I did analysis about them.

But, I have not notice even single company providing such facility like they are treating each and every person like their family and of course you can contact directly CEO of the company, that is the best ever thing I have seen any where with any service provider.

Which is ths sign of a great service provider.

Products Details of HostWinds

Hostwinds provides wide range of products, of course they are basically dealing with hosting related products other than these they also provides domain name registration, SSL certificates and there are other some highly advantageous service too like advanced security.

Well, HostWinds is providing wide range of products but yes I will suggest you to choose one which one is really suited your budget, requirement and even vision for your online portal.

See, there is difference between services because they have worth of that, so you need to choose hosting wisely at the beginning that is the reason I am sharing here such words.

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It's not about service you choose, its about your hope, for what you are starting your online portal so making mistake at this stage can destroy your hope, that is possible, but yes remember there is always you have chance to get back and do something big.

Here are few things you need to do before choosing hosting plan for your online portal, see I don't know you have any experience in hosting or not but yes this article definitely will help you a lot, awesome is not it but always look at coupon code for savings.
  1.  Frst of all you need to think about your requirement
  2. See budget you have for at least one year
  3. Now choose hosting plan
I am sure next step you definitely figure out earlier that is setting your portal and get it online soon.

Here is the detials of hosting products-
  • Shared Hosting by HostWinds-
    • Basic Shared Hosting
      • Unlimited bandwidth
      • Unlimited Disk space
      • Free dedicated IP
      • But for only 1 domain 
    • Advanced Shared Hosting
      • Unlimited bandwidth
      • Unlimited Disk space
      • Free dedicated IP
      • For 4 domains
    • Ultimate Shared Hosting
      • Unlimited bandwidth
      • Unlimited Disk space
      • Free dedicated IP
      • For unlimited domains
  • Business Hosting by HostWinds-
    • Basic Business Hosting
      • Unlimited bandwidth
      • Unlimited Disk space
      • Free dedicated IP
      • But for only 1 domain 
    • Advanced Business Hosting
      • Unlimited bandwidth
      • Unlimited Disk space
      • Free dedicated IP
      • For 4 domains
    • Ultimate Business Hosting
      • Unlimited bandwidth
      • Unlimited Disk space
      • Free dedicated IP
      • For unlimited domains
  • Re-seller Hosting by HostWinds
    • Basic Re-seller Hosting
      • Unlimited bandwidth
      • Unlimited Disk space
      • 10 c-panel accounts
    • Advanced Re-seller Hosting
      • Unlimited bandwidth
      • Unlimited Disk space
      • 25 c-panel accounts
    • Ultimate Re-seller Hosting
      • Unlimited bandwidth
      • Unlimited Disk space
      • 75 c-panel accounts
  • Budget VPS Hosting by HostWinds- 
VPS Hosting, Hostwinds VPS
You can choose different VPS hosting package according to your own desire and requirement, there is a slider to choose hosting service, let me share with you one of the service which is the 16 tier service and top level service of course it is costlier than lower tier service, by the way lets see what they are offering in this tier of hosting service.
    • Total CPU is 8
    • RAM is 28.5 GB
    • Total disk space is 600 GB
    • Transfer speed is 1000 MBPS that's awesome is not it
SSD Hosting Service by HostWinds-

This is one of the powerful hosting service, I mean if you are looking for a great hosting server then this is it, because it is really have greater stability and you are having option to choose package, again there is wide range of package they are offering to choose, they are offering other packages too under VPS hosting, I will share with you about its starting package to higest package with all features. They are providing awesome service I am also helping you to save money through coupon code.
1 Tier SSD hosting Minecraft-
  1. CPU- 1
  2. RAM- 1 GB
  3. Disk Space- 15 GB
  4. Transfer space- 1000 MBPS
16 Tier SSD Hosting Minecraft-
  1. CPU- 8
  2. RAM- 35 GB
  3. Disk Space- 90 GB
  4. Transfer space- 1000 MBPS
Lets talk about another VPS hosting service by HostWinds, that is just given below-

SSD Windows & Linux VPS Hosting-
SSD Windows Hosting, Linux VPS Hosting, HostWinds Hosting
They are using latest version of windows with license that's why you can get all updates as well as great speed of your website, that's why it is different than shared hosting, see here you will get round clock support if in case you will get any problem, then you can contact them directly for the solution of the problem. 

You can choose anyone, may be Windows or Linux that is depend on you and of course your own requirement, here is the information from the starting to end package offered.
1 Package SSD Hosting Service-
  • CPU- 1 
  • RAM- 1 GB
  • Disk Space- 25 GB
  • Transfer Speed- 100 MBPS
  • Bandwidth frequency- Unlimited
16 Package SSD Hosting Service-
  • CPU- 8
  • RAM- 35 GB
  • Disk Space- 170 GB
  • Transfer Speed- 1000 MBPS
  • Bandwidth frequency- Unlimited

Dedicated Hosting by HostWinds

Dedicated hosting is one of the best hosting service provided by hosting companies, like the same HostWinds also providing such facility and of course it is little affordable for business people, it all started from $99 to $475 per month, but don't worry you will get coupon code for discount.

Of course from the the price you can easily understand that they are providing different service that's why it will fit according to your requirement.

Who to Choose Re-seller Hosting Plan

Well, see I don't know who are you?

Even I don't know what is the main purpose of buying hosting, but I do know one thing that is I have provide information about re-seller hosting plan.

See, I have a friend who is living is NCR Delhi, he is of course a web designer he needed a re-seller hosting plan to handle his client,  now I hhope you understand what is re-seller hosting, that is the main reason re-seller hosting is expensive.

If you are thinking about getting hosting plan for hosting personal website then I will recommend you to go for shared hosting plan, see there are many reasons behind of this, I know if you are looking for testing the web, I mean your skill or even you need to just show presence of your business online then shared hosting works good.

I have also started with shared hosting plan.

But, today I got SSL cetrificate for one of web portal even dedicated IP, because without dedicated IP you can not installed SSL certificate. 
You will come to know about its pricing in details in the next section.

Pricing of HostWinds-

Pricing is one of the important topic, when we talk about any product, after all it should be allowed your pocket, so before choosing any hosting plan don't think about one year, think about few years to get best out of it.

So, lets get started with its pricing, well, I don't want you to read about it, I want you to visualize about it that's why you can easily understand its package without spending too much time, here pricing of all type hosting.

Shared Hosting Pricing by HostWinds-
Hostwinds Pricing, Shared Hosting Pricing
Pricing of Business Hosting by Hostwinds-
Hostwinds Pricing, Pricing of Business Hosting
Pricing of Re-seller Hosting by HostWinds-
HostWinds Pricing, Pricing of Reseller Hosting
Pricing of VPS Hosting by HostWinds-
HostWinds Pricing, Pricing of VPS Hosting
Pricing of Dedicated Server by HostWinds-
HostWinds Pricing, Pricing of Dedicated Hosting
Till now I have shared with you lot of things about hosting price and of course I have also mention that always choose hosting after looking at your budget as well as requirement.

Let, me tell you an interesting story, in my college days I was really a hungry guy of hunting and implementing knowledge that's why even I have top couple of times in my college time and that is the main reason almost all (students, teachers and top management too) know me.

So, here is the story, one of my junior, asked me on Facebook about blogging stuff and he told me he already bought a domain name and also hosting the premium one.

That is the mistake, if you wanted to start a blog never buy a domain name directly, you are not going to get success at least 95% probability is there, first learn about blogging then buy hosting as well as domain name.

So, in that way he loose lot of money, I will recommend you not to repeat the same mistake, that is the main reason I am sharing the story here. 

Top 10 Points About HostWinds

This is one of the amazing heading of my all review articles, that's why people really love to read my review and of course which force me to write more reviews about products.
  1. Great live chat support team
  2. Wide range of hosting products
  3. Started in 2010, that means they have very good experience in this field
  4. Having large base of customers
  5. They have video tutorials which is really helpful for beginners
  6. They are giving 99.9% server up-time, which is amazing is not it dear.
  7. They are giving full 60 days money back guarantee, this is unique and symbol of class service
  8. They guarantee for 100% satisfaction of customers 
  9. You can directly mail to CEO of the company for resolving any issue.
  10. Affordable service they are providing

My Personal Experience About HostWinds Support Team

Yeah, before writing this part of this review article I have first tried their support team and then I am writing, actually this is my own way of writing this portion, because without getting experience about it writing from heart is really difficult, so I do it, even their support team help me to find out awesome coupon code for you.

If you will ask me, how much marks I wanted to give to their support team, then I would say 8.5 out of 10 and that's really great.

See, support team really play most important for any service provider, especially if you wanted to have hosting service then we must need to see its support service because it is really important role.

Now a days I have seen people are moving towards cheap hosting plan yeah there is nothing wrong with it, people need to move according to budget they have but always try to choose a trusted hosting company like HowtWinds after all your hard work will be with them.

That is why I have started sharing about hosting companies and of course real experience with them, see these days I am also trying to provide best value aided content with discount coupon see in this case of HostWinds I am giving you 99% discount.

Hope it will help you to save some money and of course you can invest your money in other place, I am sure it will help you.

Best Thing About HostWinds

Yeah, this is the one of the best thing about this hosting company, see here I am not going to tell you number of advanatges but I will share with you only one, that is- you can directly contact CEO of the company, if you will get any issue about this company. 

What People are Talking About HostWinds

This is the best part of any service provider, not only in hosting, that's why I put this part and I am sure this part really helpful for company as well as people those wanted to get great service.

Can you imagine there are 66 people vote for this service provider and those are existing customers of HostWinds they rate 4.94 out of 5 and that's awesome is not it, here is the screen shot of few testimonials-
HostWinds, testimonials

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