Long Tail SEO, SEO in Blogging
SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is very important for any blog or any website to get good traffic right! So lets learn about one of the most important concept of SEO, which brings lot of well targeted traffic I mean there are only few those search broad terms in Google but yes we always search on Google to find out answer for our query means question.

So, here bloggers always need to concentrate on Long Tail SEO, because its all about helping people and this is simple more people you will help more money you are going to make from blogging.

But the question is that What is Long Tail in SEO?

Do you have any idea about this if yes then how is it useful for blogging, see in blogging SEO is most important because in blogging you do create a post if the search engines will not index our pages then how could be possible for us to get visitors to our blog.

As a beginner blogger you people don't have that much money to hire a agency even I don't recommend any one to hire any SEO agency because you can learn it.It's too simple specially in blogging, but in this article I will tell you what is long tail in SEO. Long tail stands for long title of your blog post yes, it is this only nothing else then may be you are thinking how it is work for SEO.

Actually if you wanna get ton of traffic then you have to think like an user yes think about it what your user will search on the search engine.Only few search on the web only "SEO" most of the people search on the "How to do SEO on blog" like these terms.

So give your title long but not too much it should be like this people usually search and one more thing do lots of experiment on title contents.

Then only you will come to get think extraordinary which will lead you to become a good leading blogger other wise it would be quiet difficult to become leader.If you wanna become leader then you have to have some thing different from other bloggers, do write about your case study.

Don't write very short content which kill your ranking on the search engine, if you wanna be on the search results on top then you have provide quality with quantity articles.Every one says write quality article but no body said quantity now SEO is changing day by day so provide quantity that's why people will satisfy from your blog post.

Remember in blogging satisfaction is very important for your customers(users) if they will satisfy then you are doing to good.One more thing don't even think a while that you are going to become a famous blogger with in few days.

Let me tell you then dear it will not happened you have to wait for the your time, yes if you wanna become a popular blogger then you can become.But for that you first create a content which will make your blog popular, hopefully you got about long tail right.

Be give a long title that's why you will be on the search ranking for forever and do write good contents once again I am telling you this.

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How to Use Google Suggest for Long Tail SEO-

I have already written this blog post, when I come to know about long tail SEO, but over time I have learn lot about SEO, even soon I am going to launch my first paid e-book, I will definitely share here about that e-book.

But let me tell you how would you use Google Suggest for Long Tail SEO, see the web is growing tremendously, that's why I am telling you if you can drive fraction of the traffic for the topic you are writing then even your goal will be achieved.

So, first let me give you an idea how to use it, see whenever you go for search on Google then you will see suggestions right here, I am showing you the live example, I am going to search only "how to buy a old car", there you will see suggestion, now pick the suggestion one and keep in mind keywords in the suggestion, see if you want to white wash all your competitors then you can write an article with the same title with having lots of headings those are suggested by Google, but it will take lots of time, even there are lots of competitions, but you can easily beat others by just writing an article based on long tail keywords.

I mean pick one topic and solve that topic through your words, info-graphics as well as you can use videos also.

Here is the screen shot, I am just seeing here, right now-
Google Suggest for Long Tail SEO
Hopefully the concept is clear to you, if not then ask me through comments, I will definitely help you.

Google Keywords Planner For Long Tail SEO-

Few months ago, it was not known as keyword planner, it was known by keyword tool. but that is not the matter, still you can use it.

I am not telling here how would you use this tool, how this tool is useful for you to drive lots of traffic, how this tool can make you next superstar internet millionaire.

But in this section, I will definitely share with you the concept which you can use to drive lots of traffic, actually you can use here the Google Suggest as well as Keyword Planner.I mean first check how much search volume is there for particular long tail keywords then write the article after looking two things quality you can give as well as the search volume, you need to see also competition for that particular keyword.

Then write an amazing article, which will definitely drive you lots of traffic.

Video Tutorial to Understand the Concept of Long Tail SEO-

See, I wanted to make it easy for you guys to understand its concept so I found a video which is created by very popular person from Moz and of course you must watch the video for better understanding of Long Tail SEO-

I know these terms are little difficult for beginners to understand but believe me these are easy, once you will familiar with all these then you can easily have habit of it.

Which is needed.

See, if you will start writing content those are not just people want then what's the use that, write what people want, then see where you will reach.But for all these it will take time, remember this, because this is not a one day or one week not even one month game, it is a real business dear take this seriously.

Is there anything else you want to add about Long Tail SEO?