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MDDHosting Coupon Code, MDDHosting Review
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Topics Discussed About MDDHosting-

Well, in this section I am going to write review about all details MDDHosting and hopefully this review will help lot of people, so lets get started actually I came to know about this hosting service provider from forums and random reading of blogs and found many things those people are missing or either they did not figure out about MDDHosting so I thought why not to share with you all details information about this super hosting company.
  1. About MDDHosting
  2. Top 10 Important Things About MDDHosting
  3. What is the Best Thing About MDDHosting
  4. You Need to Know About MDDHosting Data Centre Specification
  5. Products of MDDHosting
  6. Pricing of MDDHosting
  7. Ways to Get Support from MDDHosting
  8. Services Other Than Hosting by MDDHosting
  9. Minimum Cost to Start Your WordPress Blog with MDDHosting
  10. What People are Talking About MDDHosting [Must Read this section]

About MDDHosting

MDDHosting is one the great hosting service provider yes this hosting server is not that much popular in the web world but even then this hosting service provider gain great feedback from their user's actually one of my blogger friend using their service and he is getting great service from them, so lets come back to the company profile. 

The company had started its journey in 2007, as per my own personal conversation with one of their support team, I came to know that their service is selling because of mouth to mouth words of their client, what does that mean?

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Because, they are concentrating on their products, service that's why more people will add more people, real business.

I must say this, well they are providing wide range of products, services and of course premium customer supports to solve problem of their clients, which is really important now a days.

Top 11 Important Things About MDDHosting

See, I want as much people read this article that's why I am making this article unique, which will help me to get organic traffic to this blog post, okay that is different matter, see this is one of the special section of my review article, because till now I have written many review articles and many personally message me because of review, the reason is simple they got help from my article, so the thing is that if you wanted to know about any hosting company then don't forget to read my this section, because you are going to get all top points about the hosting company. 

So, lets go for important points of MDDHosting-
  1. The company had started its journey in 2007
  2. Company is believe in mouth to mouth marketing, that means great service
  3. 4000 square feet data centres with state of art infrastructure.
  4. Basic hosting price started from $2.25 per month [Coupon code for discount is provided on the above]
  5. Multiple ways to get support from them for solving any issue
  6. They are providing four types of hosting service- Shared Hosting, Premium Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Virtual Private Servers
  7. MDDHosting server is powered by LiteSpeed means more loading speed of your site
  8. You can also get other services like SSL certificate highly recommended for website which let users Sign Up
  9. Full 30 days money back guarantee this is the symbol of excellent service
  10. 99.9% uptime, means your site will be live 
  11. You can easily transfer your site data from any other hosting company, MDDHosting team will help you free of cost.

What is the Best Thing About MDDHosting

After doing all type of research I found this heading and yes this is one of the most important heading for any hosting company, the reason is simple, many of the people wanted to know best thing about MDDHosting.

Okay, here is the best thing, if you wanted to load your site quick, fast then don't even look at any other hosting company, here MDDHosting can help you, because they are going to learn one best thing about this hosting company. 

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Its loading speed, because their server is poweredby LiteSpeed which means loading speed will be super fast upto 9 times faster.

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You Need to Know About MDDHosting Data Centre Specification

While searching about its service I found something amazing dear do you know what is that? Joking dear it is saying the same as I have putted on the heading. I am about to give you a source for getting discount for a .Net web hosting company here is it: SmarterAsp Promo Code

Actually, about its data centre, their data centre is located in Denver's central business district and having 4000 square feet build up area and of course their others few features they are providing as I have given below-
  1. 800 amp 480v 3 Phase Input Power
  2. 1 x 375kVa UPS Battery Backup Unit
  3. 1 x 160kVa USP Battery Backup Unit
  4. 3 x 2000Kw Diesel Generator with Onsite Fuel Storage
  5. Redundant Liebert HVAC Units totaling 118 tons of cooling, that great for controlling heat
  6. Pre-Action Dry Pipe Fire Suppression
  7. Proximity Security Badge Access, good for safe of your data
  8. Digital Security Video Surveillance- Fantastic for future safety
Well, I hope you come to know all about MDDHosting data centre right, so lets go to the another section, which will be mind blowing just wait and see what is happening.

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Products of MDDHosting

MDDHosting is providing wide range of products, now it is up to you and your requirement based on this you can get hosting for your site, here is the all list of products with their full specification that's why you can get all details about them.
  • Shared Hosting 
  • Premium Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Virtual Private Servers
So, lets get started with the most basic one-
Shared Hosting by MDDHosting-
MDDHosting, Shared hosting
Well, under this category you will get two type of products one is most basic one and another one is little advanced, of course their is difference in pricing, I will share with you in the next section.
Premium Hosting by MDDHosting- 

Under this plan you are going to get lot of features and of course those features are having value 
MDDHosting, Premium Hosting
Yes, may be you are thinking about price right then don't worry you will get all price details of all products in the next section.

Re-Seller Hosting by MDDHosting-
Basically, under this type of hosting you are going to get three different plans, well some features of those different plans is given below in the screen shot and of course don't forget to see the next section because that is also important. 

Virtual Private Severs by MDDHosting-
Well, this is one of the most amazing hosting server, because you know you are going to get lot of features under this hosting plan as given below in the screen shot.
VPS, MDDHosting

 Pricing of MDDHosting Products

Well, lets get started with the pricing one, because in the all above section you wanted to know pricing of the product right, so here in this section I am going to share with you pricing of all type of products offered by MDDHosting, okay lets go for it.

Shared Hosting Pricing-
MDDHosting Products, Pricing of Shared hosting
Premium Shared Hosting Pricing-
MDDHosting, Premium Shared Hosting
Re-Seller Hosting Pricing-
MDDHosting pricing, Reseller hosting
VPS (Virtual Private Servers) Pricing-
VPS, MDDHosting pricing

Ways to Get Support from MDDHosting

Yes, this is really matter for us, means for me and you, because without proper support things can not be done properly, because most of the time web masters are non techie [at least beginners], that is the main reason, so here I am going to share with you how many ways you can get support from them, that's why if you will face any problem then you can easily get help from them and solve the problem.
  1. E-mail support
  2. Chat Support and of course 
  3. Through phone calls.
All of them are effective, but I like chatting because its free and effective.

Services Other Than Hosting by MDDHosting

There are other needed services provided by MDDHosting, well lets know about all those services one by one which is given below-
  • Domain Registration
  • SSL Service
  • Domain Transfer
  • Software License 
  • Spam Filters and SpamExperts

Minimum Cost to Start Your WordPress Blog with MDDHosting

This is one of the biggest question asked by newbie those just wanted to start and they wanted to get started with very cheap cost, then I will recommend you to read my Step by Step Guide to Start Blog, here you are going to get all steps and of course those I have learnt in my five years of blogging.

Here, if you wanted to start blog then you can start with $2.25 per month and of course this is limited time offer, you can get some coupon code too, click here to get started today and use kt63e as coupon code for getting 25% discount.

What People are Talking About MDDHosting 

Can you guess my dear, why I have written must read this section, because this is one of the amazing section of any review article because its all about review, okay lets see what one of the user of MDDHosting talking about-
MDDHosting, Review by Users

MDDHosting Coupon Codes 2021-
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Hope it will help you to save some money.