Unihost Review,  Affordable Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server
As right now I am landed on the Unihost website and of course I have seen their all features before writing this Unihost Review article to make it more useful for you guys for benefits I am giving some promo code of Unihost and I will share with you all information you required about Unihost(WordPress, VPS, Dedicated Server Hosting Provider) but you need to have patience to read the article because I have invested lot of time to research and then write the article.

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If you want to know more about Unihost keep reading, you will be happy to read the article.

Things I will Share About Unihost-

  1. About Unihost
  2. Features of Unihost
  3. Top 10 Points about Unihost
  4. Pricing of Unihost
  5. Customer Support Rating Based on My Own Experience
  6. Severs Location of Unihost
  7. Advantages of Unihost
  8. What People are talking about Unihost service

About Unihost Hosting Service Provider-

Okay, lets talk about some basic information about Unihost, this is a hosting service providers deals in WordPress, Joomla and others too, VPS hosting, Dedicated server and domain registration, it all started in 2001 and today this is one of the well known hosting company in the world, basically I came to know much more information after talking to one of their representative as a customer and this is one of the reason I am writing this review article.

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So, in this article you are going to learn lot of things about Unihost and of course you will be happy to land on this page for learning about this service provider. It is also said that they are putting concentration only on customer satisfaction.

Features of Unihost-

Unihost is providing many services related to hosting, SSL certificate, domain registration and many more but the thing is that I need to let you aware about all services offered by them, so under this heading you will learn about all services through screen shots as well as my words, so lets get started-

Basically they are providing three type of hosting plan these days those are-
  1. C-panel hosting
  2. Joomla hosting and
  3. WordPress hosting 
Actually, most of my blog readers are interested in WordPress hosting, so let me share with you more about it.

WordPress Hosting by Unihost-
With WordPress hosting you will get free anti DoSS protection, of course if you will buy hosting for next 12th months then you will get a domain name as a gift.

Okay, enough reading, lets go for some visual understanding, just I am going to put screen shot of Unihost hosting advantages-
Unihost advantages, WordPress Hosting
Is not that amazing that all you will come to know more about its features but that would be depend on price range, okay let me share with you the fact, actually you can get free SSL certificate.

Okay, just right now I have been landed on another page of Unihost there I found something amazing, well this feature is not for all, this is for those wanted to get highly powered and dedicated server, that's why it is called dedicated server.

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Yes, they do provides dedicated server hosting plan, but it is little bit expensive than others but of course there are many benefits of it, actually their dedicated server plan is according to your requirement & it is already categorised that's why it would be easier for you to choose the plan right way-
Dedicated server, unihost dedicated server
I hope you got lot of information from this heading, now lets move to the next round, that is there are many things, here are few things you are going to get from the very start up plan-
Unihost start up plan, dedicated server start up plan
You can also get free SSL certificate and you can also get free IP, yes this is good to get such facility but you have to buy that plan which is having such facility for free.

Top 10 Points About Unihost-

Wow, this is going to make you happy, because this is one of the special section of my review article and people enjoy my this heading that's why I add this section to my each review article, hope you are also going to enjoy this section, so are you ready to know all those important points about Unihost-
  1. The company has started its journey long time ago its 2001.
  2. They provide 30 days money back guarantee
  3. Amazing support team to help you 24*7, cool is not it
  4. Their plan is affordable
  5. They provide free website transfer service
  6. With one year hosting plan, one domain name is free
  7. Free 100 Gb for backups on exterior server
  8. Unlimited SSD space
  9. Dedicated IP and SSL-certificate for free but this is only with plan U-Fly
  10. Daily Backup and comfortable interface to use 

Pricing of Unihost-

There are many information I did not share with you in details because it is associated with Unihost pricing like getting dedicated IP, SSL certificate for free is fully associate with their pricing, suppose that you wanted to get WordPress hosting from Unihost and you want both of them for free then you need to choose U-Fly plan, here is the screen shot with all details, if you are thinking why screen shots then let me tell you its because of your ease-
Unihost Pricing, WordPress Hosting Fee
Yeah, as you can see on the U Fly plan you can get dedicated IP as well as SSL certificate this is the major differences with other plan.

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Okay, lets move to the another plan that is about Dedicated hosting plan, this is amazing yeah you will be amaze, actually here I am going to share with with enterprise plan and you have flexible option to choose according to your own requirement.
Enterprise dedicated server, Pricing of dedicated server unihost
This is not it, you also can select dedicated hosting according to server location, suppose that I wanted to host my blog dedicated server which is located in Germany then you need to click on Servers in Germany under Dedicated navigation, then you will have multiple option to choose according to your own requirement, here is the screen shot of basic information.
Dedicated Server, Server in Germany

Customer Support Rating Based on My Own Experience

As I am writing this article I am chatting with one of their customer support team, that's why I can write much better way about them, so what I found they have cool customer support team, I must say.

Okay, let me share with you one of the question, which I have asked to their support team, that is how they stand out from others?

Answer- They provide 24*7 support to their customers through mail, chat even phone and of course another sentence was amazing they always glad to help.

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One the another question I asked anything else, then here is what I got replied from them- they got amazing technical team and they are ready to perform wide range of task, after reading this conversion you can easily understand level of support team they have in Unihost, even this is the big reason I am writing this review.

Severs Location of Unihost-

This is also matter for loading your website super fast, actually what happen it is human psychology and people have lot of option online, so if your website will not load fast then people click on back button and they browser another website, here you need a good hosting service provider and Unihost is doing such thing.

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Alright, lets come to know server location of Unihost-
  1. France
  2. Germany 
  3. Canada and 
  4. Ukraine and most important thing is that you can choose server location according to your own desire

Advantages of Unihost Hosting Service-

There are many advantages of joining Unihost but of course here I am going to tell you few amazing advantages-
  1. Amazing support team 24*7
  2. You will get 99.9% up time otherwise they will pay you
  3. Its all started a decade back so they have very good experience in it
  4. Almost all facilities you can get here for up gradation of your website
  5. Several payment methods you have 
  6. Yeah absolutely this is also one of the biggest advantage, 30 days money back guarantee

What People are talking about Unihost Service-

This is one of the most important part of this article because after all you will come to know about the service provider from their customers, so here I am going to add a screen shot of it that's why you can come to know the level of service they are providing.
Unihost testimonials, Customers views about unihost
Amazing is not it, I think you are looking for such type of hosting right, so here you need to take action for getting started with it.