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Here is the real tips for you, may be many times you have applied for Google Adsense rejected right, may be you are going to apply for Google Adsense. Actually, I wanted to know the hidden things about their Google Adsense approval process, so here are those things I got.

First for Indian Bloggers to Apply for Google Adsense-

Those have started blogging they have to wait at least for six months and more thing many expert says that at least you must have 50 daily unique visitors.

Yes you need this much visitors.

I think it's good for you because you will have time to attract visitors to your blog, that's why you can make more dollars from advertisement programs, here I have written few articles for beginner bloggers.

But I would recommend you to read at least one article- Things You Must Do After Creating a Blogspot Blog

Yes there are few things you have to keep in your mind to become a good blogger and more important money making blogger.

I think you want to become a good money making blogger right, then now don't think about money just think about what you can do for people that's why people will come to your blog.

Just keep this thing in your mind!!

USA Bloggers to Apply for Google Adsense-

Here is the main thing for you according to Google Adsense team that you can send an application to Google adsense for Approval from the very first day of blogging.

Yes from very first day of blogging but you must not send an application for approval in the time incomplete of your blog.

First Complete the blog and write at least three to four articles and submit those articles to Stumbleupon and now you can send an application to Google for Google Adsense Approval.

Hope so you will get approval very Soon!!!

Five More Tips for You to Get Approval and Earn Money from Blog

I am from India and its been five years I have been blogging, I am sure these tips are going to help you a lot, see if you are beginners and still struggle to earn money then I will suggest you to go for self hosting blog and the best service provider is FastComet, here is FastComet Coupon 2016 of course the benefits of getting hosting from this company, you will get a domain name free for forever as long as you will host your blog on their server.

Yes, when its come to earning money then newbies always thinking about Google Adsense, see I must agree with you that you can earn money from Google Adsense, but the best way to earn money is affiliate marketing and there are many companies out there from those companies you can earn money, even I got checks from couple of companies including ClickBank Check in India, Flipkart and so on.

But, as a newbie you need to choose only one niche, in which you are interested suppose you are interested in books then write only about books, because it will be easier for you to write good articles.

Okay lets get started with five most important tips for you-
  1. Niche selection- Always select only one niche for your first blog.
  2. Domain Name Selection- Domain name must have words related to your niche, should not have more than 15 letters, avoid dash in domain name.
  3. Learn About Monetization- Yes, when it comes to monetization of your blog then I will suggest you to read my two articles (1) Google Adsense Alternatives for Indian Bloggers and (2) Learn to Monetize Your Blog
  4. Write for Long Term- See its all about writing and representing the same things in better way, it is really difficult to find out low competition and high demand niche, but luckily I found one, see that is the main reason to provide great content.
  5. Scaling- I am sure if you will follow all above tips and tricks then you can easily able to find out the way to earn money then after do research and scale to increase your earning, just like I am doing these days.