As a new blogger may be you don't know how to share photos on blogspot blog, in this article I will share with you how to publish photos on blogspot blog, well this is a simple blog post I am sure this simple blog post will help many those are complete newbie to this blogging world. So lets get started

Follow my steps to Publish Photos on Your BlogSpot-

Go to<Click on Blog on which blog you wanna make a post a photo<Now click on create a post<
The you will see these option as now I can see now, I have also given a screen shot-

Now click on, where the above screen shot tell you to do so.

Now a new window will open as I have given below, the screen shot-
 Insert Photos on Blogspot Blog

Now click on "Choose Files", as mention there the file must be JPG, GIF or PNG, Now select the photo from your photo location and Then click on Open, then the last step.
When your photo will upload completely you will see the option as I have given above high lighted, then do the last step click on "Add selected".

YOU Have Done, now hit the button "Publish".

Top Five Recommended Things to Do for Better in Blogging

Well, if you are reading this tutorial that means you are newbie and most of the time people start blogging after looking at earning report of pro bloggers like Neil Patel, John Chow, these guys are awesome even I have started blogging because of these guys and of course it was 2009 when first I came to know about blogging [Get Your Pro Blog Only for 499 RS]

Why, I am sharing with you these, because just assure you that I am also been long time in this field and what I am going to share with you from my personal experience.
  1. Learn about Writing Articles- Its simple just use rich media, image, videos even audio will be very helpful for getting attention from readers, let me give you an example, a year back I have uploaded a video on Youtube and that video got hit more than 50,000 views that's awesome is not that, that kind of things you need to do.
  2. Learn About the Market- You need to understand the market condition in order to be there that's why you can change yourself according to situation.
  3. Identify Your Need- Everything comes to need, if you don't wanted to earn money, don't wanted to get fans, even don't wanted to learn then this is not for you, so first you need to identify your need.
  4. Learn About Earning Money- This is the thing I recommend all because without knowing how to earn more from blogging you can not earn more and you know dear there are more than 90% bloggers, quit blogging because they unable to earn even $20, I will recommend you to read my article Google Adsense Alternatives for Indian Blog will help you a lot, if you are from outside India then I will suggest you to read Monetize Your Blog Smart Way
  5. Use E-mail Marketing- This is really BIG, once you will come to know about it properly, I mean think about it, if you will have a list of 100,000 people, then what will a single e-mail even can make you over $5000 without putting lot of effort, that is the real power of e-mail marketing.