KnownHost is one of the hosting service which promise you to help you day and night, you also know about it may be, but yes you will definitely know about it, well in this article you will get KnownHost Coupon Codes and of course some discount.

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What I am Going to Share With you About KnownHost

  • About KnownHost
  • 9 Things to Know About KnownHost Before Go for It
  • Best Thing About KnownHost
  • Products and Pricing of KnownHost
  • What Users Thought About KnownHost Service
  • Support Team of KnownHost

About KnownHost

KnownHost is one of the oldest hosting company in the world, it is having more than 11 years of experience in this field that means they know what they are doing here are few important points to notice about KnownHost, basically they are focusing on most important things those really needed in hosting-
  1. Great customer support
  2. Good server uptime
  3. Numbers of data centres
  4. High performance hosting
That's why today KnownHost having customers from more than 150 countries, that means the whole world is using their product, this is the symbol of excellence.

9 Things to Know About KnownHost Before Go for It

Okay, lets talk more on this, actually its been long time I have been writing review articles and many of my review article ranking on the top for which search, even more than 2 lakh search results, so what is the SECRET I do?

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I try to help my readers to find out something new, unique as well as important things about the product, company, you know this section is one of the most popular section of my all review articles, here are those important points to know about KnownHost
  1. Company started its journey in 2005
  2. You can chat live with their support team
  3. KnownHost team will help you day and night
  4. Affordable VPS hosting starting with $25
  5. KnownHost provides you 30 days money back guarantee
  6. Proven more than 99.99% uptime of server
  7. Multiple locations of server
  8. You will get DDOS protection
  9. Three of types of products from VPS to dedicated server that's awesome for handling high volume traffic

Best Thing About KnownHost

This is a single one, which you need to know, I mean who does not wanted to know the best thing about the company, see here I am going to share with two most important things about the company, here are those- 
  1. They are dealing with only premium hosting, yes you consider this hosting as premium hosting
  2. They are providing pro features like DDOS protection for free, which is pretty good for webmasters, I am sure you are also going to be one of the webmaster, are you?

Why You Must Choose KnownHost for Hosting

Well, I know it is always better to read from image and it is always better to watch video than reading from image, so here I am going to put all reasons for choosing KnownHost as your hosting partner, I am sure you are going to be awesome after knowing all features offered by this hosting company.
KnownHost features, Hosting

Products and Pricing of KnownHost

Well, this is one of the most important section of this review article see, after all its all about products and price of it, so here in this section you will learn about its products including price, that's why you can choose according to your own requirement.

Basically, KnownHost is providing three type of services its starting price range is $25 yes, that is so cheap if you will look at its service, actually I have couple of friends those have been using premiumm hosting because there blogs are receiving over million visits per month that's why they don't go for shared hosting they always look for users friendly hosting, that is why KnownHost play important role for them.

Of course they are paying money for this, even more than couple times than shared hosting, because shared hosting pricing starting range from $2 to $7, its my personal experience.

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But, yes in case of shared hosting we face downtime problem and even sometimes if we will get massive traffic then even our server gets down, that is one of the biggest problem of using shared hosting service, well that is the different matter here I am talking about KnownHost services.

Types of Hosting Offered by KnownHost

Here are those type of services offered by this company-
  • Managed VPS
  • Managed SSD VPS
  • Managed Dedicated Servers
VPS- It stands for Virtual Private Server
SSD- Solid State Drive

Lets talk more about these products in details with price range, see price is also one of the key factor, because you also have to look at your budget, because its not for one, its for little long time, so before choosing a plan think and then choose.

Managed VPS by KnownHost

Okay, lets talk more about this hosting product and I am sure you will be happy to read, because here I will share more about its features, price, of course its starting price is only $25, but that's not all you can choose plan according to your own requirement.

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So, lets get started, with all features of this product-
  1. 24/7 Fully Managed Support
  2. Best Uptime in the Industry! (proof)
  3. 99.9% Service Level Agreement
  4. Complementary DDOS Protection
  5. Free Backups & Free Migrations
  6. Instant Provisioning

Here are different packages under this hosting product

VPS, KnownHost, Features, Price range

Some Other Features of KnownHost

VPS Hosting, Knownhost

Some Upgraded Features of VPS Hosting

upgrade, VPS Hosting

Managed SSD VPS by KnownHost

Yes, this is one of the biggest hosting service provided by KnownHost, yes in terms of providing premium hosting, okay lets get started with its all pro features.
  1. 24/7 Fully Managed Support
  2. Best Uptime in the Industry! (proof)
  3. 99.9% Service Level Agreement
  4. Complementary DDOS Protection
  5. Free Backups & Free Migrations
  6. Instant Setup
Of course there are some other combination in terms of range, price as well as product features, so lets get started with all.

Different Packages under SSD VPS Hosting

Visualization is much better right, so lets go for it.

Some Upgraded Features of SSD VPS Hosting

Upgraded, SSD VPS Hosting, KnownHost

Managed Dedicated Servers by KnownHost

One of the most premium product offered by KnownHost, can you imagine it dear you can get such type of product, I mean after looking at the products feature, I am really happy because one of my client having many blogs those having over million visitors per month, that's why I have suggested them to use this service. 
  1. 24/7 Fully Managed Support
  2. Best Uptime in the Industry! 
  3. 99.9% Service Level Agreement
  4. Free Backups & Free Migrations
What else? you want, I know may be you wanted to see some other features offered by KnownHost, so lets get started.

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Different Packages under Managed Dedicated Server

Managed Dedicated Server, KnownHost

Some Upgraded Features of Managed Dedicated Server

Upgraded Features, Managed Dedicated Server, KnownHost

What Users Thought About KnownHost Service

Yes, known host is one of the amazing premium hosting company, but here I am talking about what people are thinking about this hosting company, see it is really necessary to know people views before going to start using any service, that's why we are in the internet, because here anybody can talk about anyone. 

what people are talking about Knownhost-

I know if you have been reading then you are feeling stress because there are lot of words you have read till now and have putted lot of information in your brain so, here its time to take break from reading letters, its time for little better visualisation, so here I am putting all information about what people thought about Knownhost.
Knownhost users review, testimonials, premium hosting

Support Team of KnownHost-

Awesome, why? Yes I must say they got nice support team, actually I got, there are many ways they are helping people but my own choice through phone calls or chatting, because these two ways are instant that is why you can solve your problem quite easily.

Here are ways to get support from KnownHost-

  1. Live chatting'
  2. Phone calls and
  3. E-mail