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see its been long time I have been doing to research about hosting companies, various types from shared to dedicated server but here today I am really happy to introduced to you WiredTree this is a premium hosting company and providing premium service, actually they are just providing cutting edge server, latest hardware, super simple and effective customer support and of course in an affordable price, see if you are thinking about you are going to get such service for $1 per month then you are thinking wrong because its not like but not even $1000 per month, its only $49 per month starting package and of course you will get coupon code just below which will let you save money.

Things You Are Going to Learn About WiredTree-

WiredTree Hydbrid Coupon Code, WiredTree, VPS, Dedicated Server
So, here you go, if you are reading this section that means you wanted to know more about this hosting company, see of course if this company exist and having great reputation in the market that means they are providing cutting edge service and this hosting company is not for all but yes those wanted to get tension free server for them this is one of the best hosting service provider in affordable package, okay let me share with you what you are going to learn about this hosting company?
  • About WiredTree
  • Who is the Person Behind WiredTree
  • Top 13 Things About WiredTree (Must Read All Points)
  • Best Thing About WiredTree
  • Products & Pricing of WiredTree
  • Support Service By WiredTree
  • What Customers Are Talking About WiredTree
So, are you ready to get started and learn more in depth about WiredTree of course there is nothing wrong with it to learn more about this company, you are going to get more information and obviously who knows you will get a great idea from this, well that is a different matter.

About WiredTree Hosting Company

Yes is a hosting service providing company, but in the category of top notch hosting, because they don't offer shared hosting, they are offering premium hosting service, which will help business people to be tension free from hosting part and that's why they can put their whole concentration on their website.

Okay, lets talk about the company, actually this hosting company started its journey in 2006 with strong foundation means the person who is behind the company having lot of experience in this field already worked for a same niche company for five years and then started this company, may be you wanted to know name of the founder right, well I will share with you in details in the next section.

WiredTree is dealing with few unique concepts-

  1. Awesome customer service
  2. Innovative network design for providing great service
  3. Advanced hardware server for meeting your requirements

Who is the Person Behind WiredTree

Well, this is one of the most important section to read, because here I am going to let you know about the founder information, yes his name is Zac Cogswell, currently he is working as a president in the company.

Zac Cogswell itself in this industry for long time over decades and he did his Bachelor degree's in Information and Telecommunication Management from Michigan State University, that is just awesome.

Of course, I must appreciate that person hard work and today WiredTree is one of the well known company in the premium hosting service providers list.

Top 13 Things About WiredTree 

This is one of the most important and most read section of my all review articles, because through this section you can come to know all important points about WiredTree.

So, are you ready to know all those important points about Wiredtree

I know you are-
  1. This company is providing only premium hosting
  2. Hustle free hosting, they said you need to focus on your website server? WiredTree will handle
  3. Company established in 2006
  4. You will get SeverShield security, which is really matter for security of your server
  5. WiredTree having more than 24,000 fans on Facebook, which is the positive sign of a good company.
  6. President of the company having great knowledge about this field.
  7. They got proactive monitoring system
  8. Their service starting price is $49 per month
  9. You can get extra IP's on demand for affordable price
  10. User interface of WiredTree is super awesome
  11. They got a data centre in Chicago
  12. For testing their network speed 
  13. They provides top 4 tier-1 bandwidth in the world

Best Thing About WiredTree

Well, this is one of the most important section of this article because here I am going to share with you best thing about WiredTree, see as I have already shared that this is a premium hosting network, so if you are looking for super affordable hosting like $5 per month then you can go for FastComet Coupon Code September and Unihost Promo Code 2016 because these are super affordable but WiredTree is one of the premium hosting in the world and of course if your pocket allowed you then you must go for it, because I have already shared with you some coupon code that's why you will get some discount on it.

The best thing about WiredTree is they are only dealing with premium hosting that's why they can provide great service to their clients.

Products & Pricing of WiredTree

Wow, this is the moment for all, I mean may be you have been waiting for knowing all type of products offered by WiredTree I am sure you are not that much familiar with their products range because me and my team analyse that most of the readers of this article always looking for best discount code and that is the main reason we have provided all details on the top that's why they can easily find out such information without putting much effort.

Okay, lets talk about its products, basically WiredTree is offering three types of products, as I have given below-
  1. Managed VPS Hosting
  2. Managed Hybrid Servers
  3. Managed Dedicated Servers

Managed VPS Hosting of WiredTree-

This is a basic hosting service by WiredTree starting price is only $49, I know if you are willing to pay this amount per month that means you required top notch hosting service, then I can tell you this is for that service only.

Here, you need to look at the screen shot, here is it-
WiredTree, VPS Hosting, Features
Well, what you can read on the above that is for standard plan and yes it is for sure this is just amazing, but if you want other than these then there is option but you have to spend little money for that.

There are two plans under this category-
  1. Pure SSD VPS
  2. SSD Accelerated VPS
If you wanted to know more about Pure SSD Hosting then you need to look at the below screen shot which is just going to open your eyes, because they are providing such awesome service-
Pure SSD Hosting, WiredTree
SSD accelerated VPS is the another one, under this type of hosting, for this you need to look at the below screen shot, which will have all features about this type of hosting plan, including price, because that is also matter-
Well, know if you are looking for such high facility that means it is also possible that you need something else, then let me tell you dear you have option to get things on demand, here is the screen shot of all on demand service with price-
service on demand, wiredtree service, VPS Hosting

Managed Hybrid Server by WiredTree-

This is an advanced version of the last one, you will see difference in two things first is in features and second in price of the product, you wanted to see about it in details right, then don't worry, here we go, if you wanted to know about its pricing then its started pricing is $100 per month, yes of course they are providing great valuable service we can not ignore that.
Managed Hybrid Server, WiredTree
Yes, under this category WiredTree is providing two types of plan for us, you can choose according to your requirement, here are name of those services with starting price.
Pure SSD Hybrid Servers [Starting price is $109/month]-
Features of Pure SSD Hybrid Servers, you must need to see and one more important thing is that you can configure according to your own requirement.
  1. Maximum Performance
  2. 1 Dedicated Xeon CPU Core
  3. Burstable to 24 Cores
  4. 6GB Guaranteed RAM
  5. 100GB Pure SSD RAID-10 Storage
  6. 12TB Premium Bandwidth
SSD-Accelerated Hybrid [Starting price is $99/month]-
I know for this plan you also wanted to know all features and yeah for this plan you can also able to configure according to your own requirement of server.
  1. Maximum Disk Space
  2. 1 Dedicated Xeon CPU Core
  3. Burstable to 16 Cores
  4. 5GB Guaranteed RAM
  5. 160GB SSD-Accelerated RAID-10
  6. 15TB Premium Bandwidth
Thinking about anything else, like extra IP's or even WHMCS then even you can get from here but for this you need to pay some reasonable price.

Managed Dedicated Servers-

I know there are many those always wanted to start with the best one, you know how they can able to full fill such things, they always spend little more money, like if a builder is building flats then they always try to give some extra benefits to their customers, that's why they can get maximum customers which will helps to make more profit.

Like the best!

If you are looking for best server for hosting your business website then this is it, here are some features of this hosting service I am putting its screen shot.
Managed Dedicated Servers, WiredTree Features
Like the above two, here also WiredTree is not lacking they are providing two types of service, that's why it will be more useful and help you to choose the right one.
  1. Single CPU Intel Xeon E3/E5
  2. Dual CPU Intel Xeon E5
Of course there is difference in features as well as price that is why they are providing both, in order to meet your own requirements, well lets know their features as well as starting price.

Single CPU Intel Xeon E3/E5 [Starting price is $161/month]-
Well, they are providing number of things under this plan now you need to look at all of them to see whether it is required by you or not.
  1. 4 to 10 CPU Cores
  2. DDR3 & DDR4 ECC Memory
  3. 8GB to 128GB RAM
  4. SuperMicro Rackmount Server
  5. Hot-Swappable Chassis Available
  6. 2 IPs
  7. 20TB Route-Optimized Bandwidth
Dual CPU Intel Xeon E5 [Starting price is $212/month]-
Here in the below I am going to share with you all features of this plan, yes you can also configure according to your own requirement but for that you need to pay more so, always look at budget before going to choose plan.
  1. 8 to 20 CPU Cores
  2. DDR4 ECC Registered Memory
  3. 8GB to 256GB RAM
  4. SuperMicro Rackmount Server
  5. Hot-Swappable Chassis Included
  6. 2 IPs
  7. 20TB Route-Optimized Bandwidth
NOTE- If you wanted to get more features like IP's or anything else then even you can get from WiredTree only.

Support Service By WiredTree

One of the biggest advantage of using WiredTree is its support, because I know there are many those don't have technical team they are handling all these by itself and of course why not because there is a huge team already have by service providers like WiredTree.

Here at WiredTree you will get all support from them if you required but till now means its been more than 10 years they have been in this business and they are doing pretty well that's why today even in the age of cutting throat competition they are still exist.

So, may be you are wonder to know how you are going to get support right, then let me tell you dear there are three ways but most preferred way is through chatting.
  • Chatting
  • Mail and 
  • Through phone calls

What Customers Are Talking About WiredTree

Yes, you got to see this, because this is amazing there are ton of people write about awesome service by WiredTree is the reason simple and easy to understand that they are providing cutting edge technology service which helps them to get UGR (Users Generated Reviews).

Yes, testimonials I would like to share with you through screen shots which will be much better for you to understand about its service quality.
WiredTree Review, Customers Talk
I hope all these reviews proof that these users are real and they are talking about WiredTree after using their hosting service.