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Blogging, hope you are little familiar with the term blogging, because it can change any one life but the main important thing is that you must have to choose right path for doing it, I know as a newbie, it is little difficult to choose right path for doing it, I think this is the big reason most of the blogger fail in blogging, in this blog post I will share with you all those tips and tricks, I wish someone told before I started blogging.

But, no one told me.

I learn all those tips and tricks from my experiences, I hope you are going to get great value from it.
See, dear there are thousands of things to know to become a successful blogger, because all of the time, I think you cannot hire someone to do work for your blog, then you have to learn and more important you need to grab and implement all those things properly.

Well, let’s start learning all those points, thoughts, experiences, results, successful facts, reasons behind successful Blogging-

SEO is Matter in Blogging From Day One-

SEO is the blood of a blog, if you are newbie or not well familiar with SEO then you must start learning about SEO, seriously if you are not learning it then you are missing something big in blogging. [White Hat SEO Tips for Bloggers]

Well, let me tell you few SEO tips you must know those are Title of the Blog Post, URL Structure of the Blog Post, Blog Post Length, Image optimisation, video monetization, Link Building, Bounce Rate, Do follow and no follow links, well these are basics but important. There are lot more to learn because search engine giant Google shows results for a query on the basis of 200 factors.

E-mail marketing- Somewhere Better Than SEO-

Search engines can send you traffic even very good targeted traffic, what else about the system that you need to have to capture your each and every new blog reader most probably for forever.
Yes, there is only one most suitable system that is E-mail marketing, as a blogger you must capture readers e-mail address, it will help you to improve relationship between you and your blog readers.
You will be known for them also.

Choosing Niche for Blog is Everything (Do SWOT Analysis)-

Choose your blog niche wisely, you can even start blogging with solving real problems of people but for this you need to dedicated to blogging, you need to be creative, you need to have great patience and be consistent.

Otherwise while choosing only one field that is called niche blogging- write your own four points-
  • Strength
  • Weakness
  • Threads 
  • Opportunities
Write these four points on a piece of paper, see for writing these four points you will need time, you cannot write these four points in a day it will take at least a week or you may say take at least one week to write these four points then decide which field you want to choose for your blog.

See, this process should be slow that’s why you can choose right niche for your blog.

Domain Name & Hosting Matter for Successful Blog-

Successful bloggers always used it, actually it’s a part of SEO, if you have read blog posts about SEO then you must understanding about it, what I am talking about?

Otherwise, if you don't have any idea about it then let me tell you a shortcut idea, just write few words those are closely related to your blog content and then decide your blog domain by using those words but don't use more than three words.

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Writing Style- Anyone Can Become Better Writer-

In blogging you need to improve your writing style, see anybody and everybody can become better writer just you need to keep writing with new ideas.

There are many ways to become a better writer but the main requirement is- you must have knowledge about topic you are writing.

Here, I am telling what you need to do for it?

You need to read magazines then copy their way of writing and presentation of their articles.
If you can copy them then I am sure you can become one of the great blogger, because in blogging you must have very good writing skills, few basic things I can share with you those I did mistakes like we instead of I and you, for best hosting deals see Cloudways Promo Code 2019.
Try to write blog post as you are talking with the readers face to face.

Content is King- You Can Make It-

If you have read many blog posts about content marketing then probably you have read or may be you will read later “content is king” and Work is God- it’s from my side.

But there is not even single article on how can you make your content king as well as people will like it.
So, how?

Do you have any idea- yes or no?

Actually, I don’t know what you are thinking?

Let me tell you how can you make it king, actually you need to discover ideas, services, used it, review it, share results, share reasons for fail, share reasons for success, be transparent.

Means you need to implement ideas then you have to share the result then no one can stop you to become a next superstar blogger.

I know it is not easy, but not even impossible, you can do it because there are many already did it.

I hope you got it.

But, one of the most important thing is that making your content reach to your potential readers for that promotion is also important here are few ways you can promote your products-

  • Facebook Ads [Pro tips used per click based ads]
  • Leverage Video Content [YouTube]
  • Leverage apps, there are lot of social apps to get traffic
  • Rest you will keep getting as you will go through this article.

Type of Content (Evergreen or Instant Hot News)-

Generally there are two types of content bloggers shared those are evergreen or instant hot news, but I like evergreen content because those content can read almost all days, that means all articles will drive traffic to your blog every day, you can make money daily more important consistently.

And in the other way, if your hot news blog post will get index and show results for a query on the top of search engines results pages then maybe you will drive ten thousands visitors to your blog in a day, if not then may be zero.

Because there are many like you, for an instant let’s hope your article will get index and show on the top then you will drive traffic to your blog for instant only not all days.

Now choice is yours, you have both option, but I am with first one “Evergreen Content”

About Me Page is Must for Every Blog

One of the most important thing about blogging is you have to tell your readers about you to build trust between you and your readers, many blog readers first wanted to know about the blog author or authors, that means you can decrease bounce rate of your blog as well as increase visitors time spend on your blog because of this page.

This is my personal experience after writing about me page, I have seen there are many blog readers read about me page.

That’s why that blog post is one of the popular blog posts of my blog, with this try to add good contact me page, here are following things you can add-
1. Your Facebook URL
2. Your e-mail address
3. Your WhatsApp number too

Be, professional

Put a contact form, which is very easy to add available on WordPress as well as on blogger platform.

Advertisement Networks for Bloggers-

There are many advertisement networks, but there are only few ads network those really think about their publishers (Bloggers) , knowing about them is important, more important how they are sharing revenue with you.

Because, if you are going to blog for something i.e. money, some pocket money!

Here, I am going to tell you few ads networks those really make you money like, Google Adsense, Review- I made more than $1100 but not that much recommended specially, if you have other advertising networks, Chitika Review Another Good Alternative to Google Adsense, Infolinks Review very good for technology blog. Here are those networks you must use-
  • Google Adsense- Ultimate One 
  • Chitika- Huge CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Infolinks- No Need to Place Code Many Places
Let’s know few more things about making money online from ads networks, see dear you need to get huge traffic to earn decent income, but keep testing advertisement networks ads place on your blog which can lead you to know the ultimate way to earn more money from blog through ads network.
Affiliate Marketing

Actually affiliate marketing itself is big, because as a newbie it is little difficult to start right way and make money, because it needs patience, ideas, right media, right way to promote.

But, I will recommend you to start learning about affiliate marketing because real money is in affiliate marketing, if you are looking for affiliate networks then CJ, ClickBank, Shareasale are good.

Comments on Other Blogs-

The big mistake I did.

In the beginning of blogging, I was thinking why I should read other blogs rather I can share more content with my blog readers.


Absolutely wrong!

If you will not read other blogs then your way of thinking, knowledge would be up to limit, which is not good at all for your blogging carrier.

You should read other blogs, it will even inspire you to do blogging, it will even open your ideas to make dream in the reality.

I hope you are getting me and don’t forget to comments, It will help you to get referral traffic as well as you will get back links for each comment.

But, don't spam.

Other Ways for Improving Yourself-

Earlier I told you, reading other blogs is also a good way to improve yourself, but there are numerous ways out there for this.

Because it is limitless, I am going to discuss with you only those ways, those ways helped me to improve myself.

Read Books- Reading books can improve your  thinking, you can start thinking smartly and you will come to know many facts also.

Watching Movies in Multiplex- As a blogger, I usually watch movies in multiplex. See, I have to pay for it, I know!

I am sorry, almost everybody knows it, until or unless you are not getting pass.

Well, let me tell you the fact behind this, which will help you to know benefits of watching movies in the multiplex, see if you will go to multiplex then you will see there are thousands like you and all of them are there only to watch movie right! Except staffs, kidding dear!

Then, there is something which is attracting lots of people, that means you can find what can help you to attract more people to your blog.

I hope the point is clear to you.

Learn to Hard Work- It Always Pay-

Hard work!

The term is easy to pronounce, it is really difficult to follow, is not it?

I think so, okay I know everybody wants to become successful blogger, many did it even many making millions of dollar online only because of blogging, the difference is that they did it.
And you need to do it.

So, one thing is pretty clear you need to learn to do hard work, without this you cannot succeed in blogging, because in blogging may be you will fail many times but you have to get back every time with full of confidence and start doing hard work, I know one day you will become one of them, about them you are thinking, may be talking right now.

Don’t Except too Much After Even Hard Work-

Success may not be come after even hard work, but definitely it will come sooner or later, till that time you need to keep doing hard work to be successful, otherwise someone else will get your position.
Expectation is good, but don’t expect too much that’s why if you think, you will get help (financial, relationship etc) according to you, if you will not get then it will hurt you.

Don’t let it happened at least to you.

Write Reviews About Any Service You Have Used-

Reviews are good to drive more targeted traffic, but it is on you- how you are going to write the review, remember reviews always to be written from your real experiences, which will drive more traffic to your blog, because content marketing is increasing tremendously, there are even many content websites come forward so to make a large gap between your content and others, you need to deliver real experiences through your words.

I know it takes time.

But it will worth it, believe me, because I have written many reviews about advertisement networks in my blog and it works, I have driven very good traffic to my blog.

Guest Blogging- To Make It Large-

Guest blogging is the way to attract readers to your new or less traffic or little known blog, it will deliver you quality as well as instant traffic to your blog.

But you must write guest post on popular blogs on your niche, it may down your server, sometimes it happened to many bloggers.

There are thousands those want information the real hidden information, if you are the one who can deliver hidden information then definitely they love to read your blog post.

You can start guest blogging easily even for free, but you need to find out niche blogs, that’s why you can get royal blog readers.

Google Can Make You Millionaire- If You Know How?

Google can make you millionaire, I am telling you less, because it could be more, but you have to know how?

See, dear no one is going to pay you for free, you have to work for it.

Google is known as search engine giant and of course Google Adsense is one of the known programs for almost all publishers in the world.

If you will see positive points of Google Adsense, there are two important points okay let me tell you first advertiser point view- Google Adsense can deliver you right traffic which can give you conversion rate up to even sometimes 10%, which is pretty good.

Now, let me tell you Publishers point of view- I hope you are eager to know about this, personally I have seen there are publishers those even got paid more than 23$ per click but on an average Google Adsense paid .25$ per click.

Not bad at all.

Few Tools for Keyword Research-

There are numerous keyword research tools out there but only few those are reliable others are just useless, what I believe!

I have used many keyword search tools but I liked only two keyword search tools those are Google adward planner and also Bing Keyword search tool.

I will recommend you to use these tools for keyword research, it will help you to drive unbelievable traffic to your blog.

Don’t Trying to Become a Best Blogger in Overnight-

Blogging a word- but it will take long time not short time like one day, one week not even one month don’t think about this. Yes even have best hosting like I am sharing Smarterasp coupon code 2019 with huge discount.

It will take long time to earn consistent traffic for consistent income.

But later it will help you to live better life.

Copy Top Bloggers But Don’t Copy Their Content-

One Great tips about blogging, I have learnt from blogging i.e. you have to put effort, if you want to succeed in blogging, without this it is really difficult to make a blog popular.
See, there is one way to know the secret of successful people just copy what they are doing, I mean their way of doing things, but never copy their content, it will ruin your blogging carrier that is dead sure.

Now may be you are thinking, what you can copy from them- way of writing, communication medias, response to comments, help people on your niche, marketing (e-mail, affiliate, content).

Few things I would like illustrate here, that's why you can understand all these much better way-
  • E-mail Marketing- If you are still not using e-mail marketing then probably you are missing a great opportunity in the internet world, because if a person come to your blog once if you will do something extra to make your blog remember then it really become difficult to be a big player in the internet world, see if you wanna get professional one then try Aweber which is for only $1 trial and if you wanna get for free then try Feedbuerner for Blogger Guide.
  • Social- After three years of blogging, I felt that I must share my blog posts on my social profile that's why my friends come to know about my blog and my work and I did it after then I got 10% more engagement of my blog posts, I hope which is just amazing try this it will work.
  • Responding- May be you will see comments on your blog, message on Facebook, comments on Youtube video, don't ignore all these because it is the great way to get success online.
  • Trying Things- Scientists, Entrepreneur, Pro Bloggers and all successful people in this world, they love trying things and they got success through it, so my suggestion to you is don't stop trying just keep trying you will be successful blogger.
  • Affiliate Marketing- The major source income for pro bloggers, even I made money from affiliate marketing my 30% earning is from affiliate marketing, so don't forget to try affiliate marketing.
  • Own Products- This is just an amazing once you will create a product and you will keep adding income to your bank, literally once your hard can benefit you for long time, so here are few products you can create but I will suggest you to create informational product which cost less and income more but try to give much value in your product that's why it will work for long time.
  • Continuity- Keep going is the key to get success, I mean think about if founder of Google tried to get all people to search on Google in a day then did they never been here, no so don't try to become a popular person over night, try hard, work hard and I know everybody can get success then why not you?
  • Believe and Confidence- If you believe in you then you can do it, if you don't believe in yourself then it is for sure you can not win and confidence drive success, if you are confident and believe then both works great. So be confident and believe in yourself to get success.
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These all points are needed in blogging, maybe there are more points, but you need to concentrate on those points and start creating awesome content, if you want to get notice by people, search engines, other bloggers also.

I hope this blog post help will you lot.

P.S. I will ask for your favor.

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Is there anything you wish to knew about blogging?