Full Time Blogger, Blogging Tips
Full time blogger means, you wanna enjoy your career through blogging.It is not easy to make money online like your day job, but of course it is possible to make money online.

I think if you wanna become full time blogger or professional blogger then you must do following-

1. Hard Work

Hard working is must for every successful journey, blogging needs more hard work, may be because of this many people quit blogging, because they do not want to do hard with little bit intelligently. You can not work without a proper plan and don't make plan in your mind, just take a small diary and make your own plan and if possible hire few writers in the beginning invest money and go ahead, one of the best way to get success quickly is choosing right topic.

How you can choose right topic? its really simple, you just find out loop holes in the market and get your own idea to fill the gap, what others are not doing, as simple as that.

Tip- Don't try to fill gap of many topics, just try with one and later you can go with any other one.

2. Good Researcher

No matter which topic about you are blogging, there lots of thing in the world exist, which you have to know from internet, for this you must know how to search engine better way, that's why you will find out the gap and where you need to find out the solution to fill the GAP.

Steps to be a Good Researcher-

  1. Be curious to learn new things
  2. Have patience to find out new things
  3. Enjoy while doing research
  4. Always think and work to do something big
  5. Have good mentor
  6. Follow someone, who already got huge success in it.

3. Motivator

Motivation is the major part of business may be online or offline, you first be a self motivator and one more thing which is my personal experience, use quotations in between the article, which will make your article more interesting, sometimes it works great.

Okay, lets talk about some other motivation factor, see there are most of the blogger motivates after looking at earning report of bloggers, so keep seeing top bloggers earning report with that just read their articles to figure out how much effort they are putting to get in there.

Few Qualities of Good Motivator- Although this is my personal experience, only few people in this world those are motivator and we follow those motivators who did something in this world, or talk things what we believe and like, here are few qualitied you need to have to be a good self motivator, and self motivation is the best way to get huge success in blogging rememeber that.

  1. Be a hard worker
  2. Don't complaints, admit mistakes and work on it 
  3. Always think positive but also need to work on it
  4. Have good mentors circle
  5. Read good books

4. Good Writing Skills

May be you are a student or you were, right!!, every one face thing problem some time we thing, I will get 70 Marks out of 100 but in the reality we got 50 Marks, that's only because of righting skills.

I know it, you are not going to be best in writing skill, but at least you can improve your writing every day which will lead you to one the best writer.

5. Patience

Patience is needed every where, but especially patience needed in blogging much more, because this is online, what you are doing today? You will get value of this tomorrow, have patience in blogging and never never never Give UP!!!

6. Admit Truth

Many bloggers do not want to admit the truth about their weak point that's why they are there only and they will never be on the top, because if you will not admit the truth then how could be possible you will improve your weak points.

Don't get demotivated, if things are not working rather find out reasons behind it, that will be great way to achieve success, always remember bigger success takes long time.

7. Time Management

Time is money...Money is not time Right!!!

This is one of the best thing behind successful blogging, then may be question rising in your mind that how could you manage your time, that I am not going to tell you, when you should do blogging, but of course I will tell you one thing do blogging every day and never stop writing.

8. Be Calm

Many time many bloggers got angry, if they suddenly lost visitors, and as we know, in the angry mind we never do right thing, they did mistake and what is that mistake, that is they stop blogging.

So, when things are not going on your favor then be calm & keep working for getting best out of it, later you will get benefits of it.

9. Evergreen Learner

As we know there are people those are inventing some thing new every day, yes every day, that means there are people those are learning about those inventions, so be learner every day, there are almost of all in this world wanted to see growth, but only few of them wanted to learn new things, that is one of biggest reason they unable to see such growth, I mean is there anything wrong with learning I don't think, so as a blogger you need to learn lot of things, here I am breaking down for your better understanding.
  1. Learn to become a researcher
  2. Learn to have great patience
  3. Learn to do hard work
  4. Learn to be in discipline
  5. Learn to never give up
  6. Learn about writing
  7. Learn about making money from blog [affiliate marketing and self products are recommended]
  8. And keep learning to be on the top

10. Helper

You must help others from your blog, remember if people will not get help for solving their problem, people will not come to your blog again and again, so what you need to do, again the same thing I will repeat here, find out the gap which you can fill and keep improving and repeating it for getting huge success in it.

Always, think about your readers, I mean if you wanted to be a top level blogger then you need to write real content and real content always can be written from experienced, so for getting very good experience in any field you have to work on it, otherwise you can deliver great content, which is must in blogging.

No. 1 Blogging Tips from Five Years of Blogging

Yes. here I am going to share with some insight and SECRET information to become a full time blogger, many bloggers shared with you that just write more and more articles, drive lot of traffic and get there you go, you will make lot of money from ad networks.

But, let me tell you dear, this concept is right, but implementation of this concept is really tough that's why only few percent bloggers make money others just hoping to become top blogger, see only driving traffic to blog is not going to make you lot of money.

You need to drive targeted traffic and you need to monetize your traffic either by affiliate products or sale your own product, would be great way to earn lot money, so how you can do it, you just need to write about only one topic and dominate that topic, that's why people will think about that topic, your blog will be click in their mind.

Steps to Follow-
  1. Set your mind to work hard
  2. Choose a topic in which you have knowledge, passion and loopholes or gap in the market that's why your content can fill the gap
  3. Get hosting from BlueHost India or BlueHost and of course check here for BlueHost Discount Coupon
  4. Now what, make a plan and go through it, if you have someone who is already experience in blogging and be in contact to get best out of it, or simply hire someone to get proper road for success in blogging.
This is really important to make your blog famous?