Is Writing Lengthy Article Good Enough to Get Good Rank on Search Engines
According to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, your blog post should have about 1000 words even more to get good rank for a query by users, have you ever think about this ? So, here you will get information about best article length for SEO and why article length matter in SEO.


Then think about this, because search engines want that users will reach to the proper place, where the users suppose to reach, if your article is short then how would a user will get complete information?

But, only writing a lengthy article is not good enough to become a popular blogger even getting good rank on search engines.

So, here I am going to share with those things, which will help you to write user friendly articles as well as SEO friendly. There are only two methods I usually used to drive organic traffic as well as satisfying readers through my way of sharing articles.

1) Write Your Articles in Small Paragraphs

See one good tip I am telling you that is, always see your self as a reader of the blog, not owner of the blog, then write your article, if you will enjoy reading the blog post then definitely other people will also enjoy your blog post.

Why in paragraph?

Because, people will give interest to read the article, it looks better, looks like a professional too, for example have you ever seen any article in the magazine end with one paragraph with not having any image.

No, neither I.

Now come to image, if you are talking about image then it will help you from both sides, first from search engines (you will get traffic from image searches, specially for travel bloggers) another one is people like images than text.

That's why Facebook bought Instagram (image sharing platform) for one billion dollars!

And you can see another very good live example of it, i.e. Pinterest the new social media only known for its images, so as blogger we should use image in our blog posts.

2) Use Headings, Subheadings in Your Article

See this is also for both sides help, search engines also read headings and subheadings, because if you will distribute the topic then it becomes easy to understand for readers.

Your first goal is to make readers understand, what you are talking about then think about any other things, I know you want to make money from blogging even I am also making money from blogging, but if you can satisfy your readers then I am sure money will come to you on autopilot.

Wait and keep blogging that time will come for you also!

Subheadings also like search engine crawlers, because while showing results for a query by users, crawlers also check subheadings, if you are not providing then you are loosing that advantage to get your blog post on the top of the results.

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Using heading and sub headings not only improves ranking but also it provides better user experience to your readers, see after all its all about users, SEO can only help you to get readers but it is your articles, how it will help your readers, see helping readers is one of the best way to get good space in blogging, because people shares their emotions towards your hard work, see I have my Youtube Channel too, there are thousands those interact with me because they have hope from my channel and these days I am putting lot of effort to make that channel even more popular, I am sure I will succeed, like in blogging.

Not only headings and sub headings you also put few other things to make it SEO friendly and that is why it will be better for readers to read, see if anything is represented in right manner then we give attention there like the same here.

So, what are other things you need to consider, numbers, bullet points, bold & italic [Only few important keywords]

3) Follow Wikipedia Style in Blogging

Do you have any IDEA?

Why Wikipedia always rank better?

Well, there are many reasons behind of it, but one most important reason you need to know, because its helpful for you, if you are a blogger.

I hope, you are a blogger.

Here, are things to copy from Wikipedia while writing a blog post, they start with beginning, but YOU need to start writing for beginners.

They do use new things about the article, you need to mention new experiments or trends going on about the topic.

And you must follow the proper formats.

I know, it will take lot of time, but later it will give you lot of worth, may be you don't believe me.

I have an awesome example for this-
Actually, couple a days ago, I was listening to my friend music, actually its sung by someone else, I don't know about that.

Here is the thing to notice- he sung, anything or anybody in this world handle more pain become more famous.

If you wanna know live example then is it, diamond and coal, there is another example I can remember right now that is statue of GOD "stone" and stone of your roof.

I hope you got the point, I try to make you understand.

4) Promote Blog Posts Like Pro

Pro means professional.

If you think, you create a awesome content then why not to leverage it.

Just tell people, hey here is something important for you, for this you can use many medias like-
  • Facebook just awesome
  • Twitter it depends
  • Google Plus its okay
  • Reddit
  • StumbleUpon
I will recommend you to just share your awesome article and put effort to reach the article to most targeted people, it will help both.

To you as well as to people.

My Own Ways of Promotion-
This is SECRET, please don't share with anyone, okay lets go for it, I am sure you are little excited about it, right, so here we go.

Actually, just after publishing article I shared on my Facebook page, Pinterest, Twitter and of course on StumbleUpon.

And in the next day I shared on, Blogger directory Indibloger and few other places and after two days again share on Twitter and keep repeating it, means keep promoting my articles.

5) Write What You Got New in the Topic

Blogging, is its all about your writing.

Not at all, but somewhere, because at the last people are going to read your article, if they will satisfied from the article, then it would be much better, I mean effort you put to drive traffic will be successful, otherwise its just wastage of time nothing else.

Got new thing to share that does not mean, you will not share what you already know, you must share both.

It would be just awesome for your blog as well as for readers.

6) Follow Pro Bloggers Foot Prints

See, as a blogger.

I always wanted to be unique.

But, I was little bit wrong about it, because if any body already got success, if we will listen to him or her or I can just say follow their activities and try to do the same, sooner or later we will also become like them.

So, here are few things we can copy from them, those are extremely useful for bloggers, because I got help from them-
  1. Writing a Great Article with Unique Title- I have read blogs, even reading almost every day those are written by pro bloggers as well as famous freelancer writer, that's why I got something different and useful knowledge about writing a killer blog post.
  2. They Always Add Pro Quality Image- Little bit I lack here, but its okay, I am trying much better to add very good quality image, if you can manage to do so, it would be much better for you.
  3. Promotion of Blog Post is Must- If you are looking for great traffic, then you must use promotion sources like Social medias, your e-mail list, contacts etc.
  4. They Do Experiments- Experiments are keys for creating great content and those helps to get higher revenue, find out the best way to make money, readers like your blog the most and many more those you wanted to get from blogging.
  5. They Communicate Better- Usually, pro bloggers use network to create their own networks which will create buzz about their next step in the blog-o-sphere, which really helpful for them.
No one can guarantee you that your blog post will be on the top, if you are seeing top on your place, even it is not sure that for that particular keyword search engine showing everywhere the same result, because search engine result even change place to place, time to time.

There are about 200 factors on which basis search engine "Google" shows result, but you can do one thing probably for that your blog post get on top every time, for every place, i.e. provide great content with proper explanation, this is sufficient to get your blog post on top.

Do you have any other idea to get your blog post on top?