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ClickBank send cheque to their affiliates in India when their affiliates reach $100 as well as at least 5 transaction through credit card, this is the part of ClickBank terms and condition.

Well, there is nothing to do it.

Actually for bloggers it is easy to earn money from ClickBank because they can easily promote products on their blog, well later I will talk more on this, but in this article I will share only with how I got paid from ClickBank in India through Cheque, getting paid is all about selection of the product and method to promote the product.

See, there are many in this world those are blogging few are not even earning $100 but few making lot of money, the difference is only mind set with proper way to execute the plan, everybody started blogging after looking at the income report of big bloggers like Pat Flynn, Neil Patel even John Chow.

But, we don't see other sides, how much time they have invested already, how many times they failed, no body wanted to know about it, actually that is the main reason most of the bloggers don't make much money.

I know there are many bloggers quit blogging but after quitting blogging they unable to maintain it and finally they quit, so that is the main reason they failed because they quit easy, so I will suggest you to keep searching and working you will definitely find out the right path to get success in blogging.

Actually, I did not do anything special, I just follow a system, which is recommended by one of my friend, the whole story is in the below video, you must watch it.

Now, I am going to show you the image of the ClickBank cheque may be, here is the image-

I hope you are sure about it that ClickBank really paid in India, but the time period of getting paid through cheque is little more may be some times 25 days if you are living in rural areas.

If you will see my cheque (Well the photo is not properly taken that’s why little bit difficulty may be you need to face to see the cheque properly but it is visible I have checked it) then you can see my name as well as India is also there

How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

Okay, long time ago I got this check, from that time I have been doing experiments to get more sales, well I have tried many method to get sales through affiliate marketing, many means all method those are possible for me to get sales, and let me tell you dear in all methods I got success, somewhere little and somewhere awesome, I mean never even imagined. but for this you need right hosting plan for VPS hosting I recommend IOZoom Coupon code but if you are willing to get WordPress hosting then go for SmarterAsp Coupon 2018

So, here I am going to share with you the method is working like anything, probably that will help you a lot to get your own check from any affiliate marketing programs, may be from ClickBank, I will be really happy, if you will share about your story here for getting your first check.

Sounds good, let me share with you method I have tried to find out the best one for newbie-
  1. E-mail marketing, was not that much effective for me, but still got few sales.
  2. Putting ads on side bar, people said media banner, not that much effective
  3. Writing article about the product on my blog, not that much effective
For doing all these I have invested lot of time, then I have tried the amazing method, actually I gone through few steps for it, I did it because I wanted to write another e-book on Amazon kindle in internet marketing niche only [Amazon Kindle Success Story by Indian Blogger], so experiments was required to write more about it.

So, finally I have gone through the process-
  • Find out the problem
  • Find out the product solving the problem
  • Find out the keywords people are searching to get solution for the problem [Use Google Keyword Planner for Keyword Research]
  • Choose a domain name around those keywords and then hosting for the blog
The real challenge start, writing articles, I have started writing articles from 700 words to 2500 words including the modern concept of white hat SEO and guess what? job done, got great conversion rate and what I am seeing I am really happy because I have gone through such process and finally find out the real way to build a commission based blog.

I have a simple plan for next 10 months to create a simple few pages blog which is about only solving problem of people and achieve that target.

I know, there are many those don't have idea about hosting and may be they are looking for a good hosting, then for Indian I will suggest you to go with BlueHost, I have been using it for my directory blog and its been great I am really happy because of it, get it here with discount- BlueHost India Discount Coupon.

If you are newbie and don't know how to use WordPress then contact me after buying hosting, I will set up your account free of cost.

Update Regarding ClickBank Check in India-

Actually, I have received an e-mail from one of reader, who is belonging from West Bengal and he is having couple of question- here is his mail

Hello Mr. Ujjwal Kumar Sen,

I am Satya Sankar Low, live in Burdwan district, West bengal. I heard About the Clickbank marketing place and I am interested to join the Clickbank affiliate programme. I read many article about it on net ( I also read your's).

But I want to ask you that How can I get the payment from them if I will able to sell something? If I have a SBI bank account, then they will give me the payment in my account in dollars, right?. But it is India, I want the money into rupees.

So, will the dollars automatically change into rupees in my bank account or not?

This is my main question. Yet I don't have any bank account( I am 16 years old). I'm so worried about this question. I know that you have earned money from them. Did you get the money in dollars? Or you did something else to change it into Indian currency?

After this I searched on net about the Indian e-commerce site. There are many site that are providing affiliate programme like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeals etc. But their commision are very low upto 20% comparing with clickbank, they provide minimum 65% !!!!

So please help me, give me a answer of my question. I really want to join Clickbank. I have read many thing about my question but did not get any suitable answer. I hope you will help me.

Please give me reply soon. I am waiting.

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Answer- They do pay in India but through check, as I got payment from them too but it takes about 20 days to received check from them and of course it is depend on place to place.

Again, if you will go to bank it will take about 2 to 3 weeks to convert it into rupee.

Recommended: start building list with professional e-mail marketing software, I will tell you to join Get Response they are even offering 30 days free trial account.

Thank you very much for your quick reply. Sir, you gave me the perfect answer of my question. I am now going to join Clickbank. Thanks again for your help

Over to You-
Probably you are having many question, good news for you I can give about all answer of your question regarding ClickBank.

I am happy after getting cheque from ClickBank in my home.

Is there anything you would like to ask or add?