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Blogging is the good way to make money online, but the question how man?

Because there are many ways to make money online, why blogging only! May be many people thinks that blogging is quite hard, even then, why blogging?

I found some useful answers for this, because it's tension free, you don't need to listen to your boss any more, because blogging can help you to do what you want to?I mean many new talented person want to do their job according to their own way, because they think that is the best way, even then their boss tell them to do the work according to his or her way.

Here blogging is come, well let me tell you what is blogging is exactly is, I think blogging is the way to help people for free and make money from advertisements, affiliate marketing, selling your own products.

Let me give you an example of a website, probably you know if you are addicted to internet too much or may be little bit, the name of the website is, as I know about this website they provide tips to do small things like creating email account, basic computer tips, many other thing also, but they also making money by showing advertisements on their website, also selling products, those products are created by them only, you can do the same but you have to give time for this, because from very single day you are not going to make money from blogging.

Because blogging is real business and real business need time to grow, I will suggest you to keep blogging, one day you will definitely be there, where want to be, some times people get bored from blogging, to overcome from this problem I will suggest you to read other blogs, to improve your knowledge as well as inspirations too.

Finally I am going to tell you, how I got inspired for keep blogging, actually I have been blogging from 2010.

I have created this blog to help other Engineers, because I am itself a Mechanical Engineer, as a Mechanical Engineer it is quite difficult to create a blog, do all technical settings and many other things, I have struggled to know about these things, but now I know, that's why I have created this blog to help other bloggers to grow faster and make money faster.

But, few important things you need to take care before going to start blogging-

Give Time to It-

If you want to make any thing valuable, useful, helpful, beneficial for others then you need to put two important things of your life those are time as well as effort.

If you can give these two things to blogging, then I am pretty sure you will one of the next popular blogger.

I remember when I have started blogging in 2010 in that time I don't even invest 5 minutes in a single blog post.

That's why people also don't read the article for even minutes.

There I did big mistakes, so here I have started giving time to each and every blog post to make it valuable, unique, beneficial, useful, helpful for readers.

And just I got my blog Alexa Rank under 100,000.

One more thing I would like to share with you, just create a blog on any platform,  but if you are thinking about creating a WordPress blog then you can try Hostwinds hosting, they are good here is the coupon for this hosting: HostWinds Coupon.

Create But Should be Helpful for Thousands-

Creating is the best possible way to earn almost everything, but the creation must be helpful for many.

I mean, suppose you are creating something which already created by someone and which is almost perfect then creating the same thing by you is just a sick joke for others.

But, yes if you will add some value in that, which may be innovative then it would be just great.

I hope you are getting my point.

Learn, Experiments and Share-

Learning is the best part of blogging, if you are lazy to learn then don't try blogging, because blogging is not for lazy people.

But, one thing is clear about blogging, that is money is there.

If you are really curious about getting fans, money, dignity then you need to keep doing experiments best way to earn money is solving people problems, it know it take lot of time but useful, helpful, beneficial as always

As well as INTERNET is the Fastest possible way to make money in the world.

Currently, I am working on affiliate marketing, I am testing many products, many strategies to make more and more money, then I will share with you those tips also, again absolutely free of cost.

I think, you are interested to know, why blogging is the best money making source, the answer is it's risk free (freedom to do work).

Freedom is important in life, to do things Better, Smarter, this is blogging, you don't have any barriers, you just need to help people, what you already know or may be you can make a strategy to do blog, keep learning and sharing, I called this is blogging!

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Once upon a time I was getting about 10K page views per day, but in that time I did not know much about making money from blog, I mean converting traffic into money, but later I realized how much money I lost, so I will suggest you to learn about all ad networks, those are good, I mean paid very good their publishers, learn about affiliate marketing and of course focus on your goal to make it big.

See, internet is huge and opportunities are too many, but you need to grab only one and work on it from all around to make it unique, popular and huge.

Most important!

Don't do time pass in blogging, because this is a real business you don't need to be more wise(internet people are already wise), you just need to be innocent and keep helping, then one day will come that day you will earn money few times more than even your day job no matter what is position right now!