ClickADu Review, Pop Under Ad Network, high CPM
Okay, dear friends today I am going to share with you one of the best ad network in this space that is ClickAdu I will review this ad network today, actually after looking at their stats I am really impressed and I am really happy to share with you about this ad network, today you are going to learn lot of things, I am sure you will get very good information and here are few things I am going to put concentration.

About ClickAdu Ad Network

Well, ClickAdu is one of the leading famous network in the world, basically if you will look at their graph of reach then you can understand about them, see they are providing such a great service for advertisers as well as publishers, they are maintaining balance, that is why they are doing great in this space, I mean think about it a company delivering ad impression in over 240 countries.

I am sure that is one of the biggest achievement of this ad network other than these this network is delivering 100+ million impressions and of course over 180K conversions that is the sweet part for advertisers, so if you are an advertiser or even publisher then you must try this network at least once, well don't get panic, I will share with you step by step guide to join this ad network.

Few Important Things to Know About ClickAdu

This is a secial section for all my review article, that is the reason there are many of readers spend lot of time in this section, basically in this section you are going to learn about ClickAdu at a glance.
  1. You will get on time payment
  2. Having great alexa rank world wide is 391
  3. ClickAdu is most popular in Thailand 
  4. You will see detailed statistics
  5. There are several ways to get paid like Paypal [I am using it India and received hundred of payments- Get Paypal India Verified Account]
  6. High ECPM rate
  7. Operating over 240 countries in the world.
  8. They have more than 5K active campaigns, that means if you have heavy traffic then you can make more money as simple as that.
  9. Well, they also have about 4000 publishers in all around the world, well you must appreciate this, because having 4000 publishers itself a great achievement for the company.
  10. There are several ways you can target your audience like geo targeting, frequency, capping and there are many options out there for you, to make it convenient and very useful for you.

How to Get Paid from ClickAdu

After writing years about ad networks and implementing too, that is why I have earned thousands of dollars from ad networks alone and my readers also earned that much, one of my blog reader earning about $40 every day from single ad network, I don't know may be you will become next one, but here traffic matter, if you will get good traffic to your blog, then you can earn any money, so have patience keep blogging with different angles to get the best one and keep searching for the best, that is why I always said people to keep doing experiment.

So, here I found this ad network, only because of this and I am writing few important points here, here are few ways you can get payment.
  1. ePayments 
  2. Webmoney
  3. Crypto-wallets: BTC, BTG, BCH, ETH, LTC
  4. PayPal 
  5. Epese
  6. Wire (bank transfer)
And of course those are enough ways to get paid, well as I have already shared with you, see I am from India and I am using Paypal to get all my outside country payment and of course I am really happy from their service.

How to Join ClickAdu

In this tutorial, I am going to share with you, step by step guide to join ClickAdu network, that's why it will be like spoon feeding for you, that is the main reason I am writing this article, so here is the step by step guide for joining this ad network.
  • First of all click here to get yourself on the official page of ClickAdu
  • Now you need to fill the form, which you can see, if you are having little slower internet connection then probably it will take little time, here is the screen shot I have putted for your better understanding.
clickadu, sign up form, ad networks, join ad network
  • Now, what you need to do that is to click on "Register", that's it.
Now you will get mails from ClickAdu team, that's why their team will review your application form and of course within 72 hours you will get notification about it but you need to click on conformation letter link because that is required, that means you will receive two mails from them, now after clicking on the conformation link you will be ask to filled about your blog or website, mean while you may get mail from their team about activation of your account.

After then you will get a code for providing domain ownership, you can easily do it, just need to do the next step for starting earning money from them, that is by inserting code, if you are completely beginner in this field then I will suggest you to read this article for adding Java Script/HTML Code to Blogger.

Minimum Earning Required for Payment

Again, I must say this is one of the most common question asked me, when I shared with them an ad networks, just like any other network here, I know you also have question about this ad network minimum payment threshold that is $100.

I am sure you have got the answer for your question.

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User Experience of ClickAdu Dashboard

Well, I am really happy to share with you guys, they have awesome user experience support team, that is the main reason I am sharing here with putting little effort, I know there are many bloggers driving lot of traffic but they unable to earn lot of money because they unable to monetize their blog right way, so here I am sharing with you about it.

If you are not happy with your earning then you can contact me, I will share with you all details about earning money from your blog

Okay, here I am talking about user experience of this ad network, that is I will give 9.5/10 and that's pretty awesome.

Lets See ClickAdu Advertisers Point of View

Well, I know there are many those wanted to know more about ClickAdu as an advertiser, see there are many those wanted to put their campaign in different ad networks to find out the best one, so I will suggest you to put a campaign and then see the ROI, well most of the time I you can get most benefits from health niche product, but yes you can try and find out what you have then you can move to the next level.

Here are some interesting things you need to know as an advertiser-
  1. Optimization is smart for getting more conversion rate
  2. Surity of quality traffic, means real people will visit your product page
  3. You can get dedicated manager for your campaign to get best out of it.
  4. You have both channels desktop as well as mobile
  5. Other few features you also have like geo, frequency, OS, dayparting (This is something unique)

5 Tips to Earn More Money from ClickAds

Well, till now I have experimented with more than 20 ad networks and of course written many awesome reviews and there are thousands those are getting help from those reviews and I am really happy because of that, well today I am going to share with you, what you required to earn more money from this ad network, that's why you will earn more money, see earning money from ad networks depend on different factors, here are all those factors-
  1. Always try to get targeted traffic
  2. High quality traffic always come from quality content, so always put effort in your content, make it effective, descriptive and of course let users engage with content.
  3. Always try to get traffic from English speaking countries to get high CPM rate, its my personal experience.
  4. Treat your blog as a brand
  5. Invest money in domain, design which is mandatory for getting best out of it, actually I am working on it, soon you will see new avatar of my blog, which will be completely mind blowing for many.
It is possible that you have used any other network and you are reading this article then I must say you are not happy with earning of your blog, most of the cases it is seen, so here what I am sharing with you, actually I am going to tell you a tip, which is going to work for you.

I will tell you to use this ad network for a week and see the difference and then decide with which one you wanted to be.

Is there anything you would like to know about ClickAdu