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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a broad term because it's importance is really board in internet industry, as internet users increasing day by day then it is obvious that value of using internet is increasing day by day(blogging is increasing it indeed), after all, the biggest market in the world is internet, so in this tutorial you will come to know about dofollow and nofollow links.

In this article, I will tell you how can you use DoFollow and NoFollow links for better optimizing your blog for search engines like(Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask).

1. Do-Follow Links

Do-Follow links are really dangerous for your blog or website health, but there is a condition, if you are providing Do-Follow links to other blogs or website then only. So, don't ever sale links from your blog, it will decrease reputation of your blog, this is my guarantee to you. Because Dofollow links pass page rank of blog or websites. To get good rank on search engines you need good page rank, don't loose it by providing DoFollow links to other websites or blogs for few dollars.

Don't ever provide any DoFollow links to any one, that's why it will decrease reputation of your blog.

Now questions may be going on your, where you should provide DoFollow links, right? Here is the answer for you, provide DoFollow links to your own blog content, while using anchor text.

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2. NoFollow Links

Actually providing too much links to other websites is not good for your blog, so try to provide links to other blogs as less as possible, that means when it is necessary, of course provide DoFollow links to your own blog post as much you can, that will help you to increase reputation of your blog.

NoFollow links you must used, when you are providing links to other blogs or websites and also used open in new window script to make it more useful for your blog.

If you have provided DoFollow links to any blogs in your previous posts then change those links into NoFollow links as soon as possible and see the difference in ranking of your blog after few days.

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Do-Follow and No-Follow links are great things for bloggers to use, but always remember your first step should be satisfy your readers and keep other things after this, if you want to keep your blogging career for long time, then you have keep this in your mind every time, real business takes time to grow and blogging is a real business, it will take time to grow.

But, believe me dear, it can change your life, you can earn few times more than even from your day job, but you have to do hard work, that's why you will make your own readers, you will have to create trust on your content by providing rich, simple contents in your blog post.

Bonus Tips for Bloggers-

I hope you are a blogger.


I don't know, because I don't know about you.

See, if you want to become famous bloggers, then you must try to get good high quality back link those are good for your blog health.

Most important, those links can drive traffic to your blog, and if your blog getting quite good traffic then you also need to have better hosting service, here I sharing with you more, see I have information about many hosting service providers with their pros and cons so if you are getting very good number of traffic then go for WiredTree, you can get some discount also here- WiredTree Coupon 2016, but if you are getting moderate traffic then you can go with FastComet this is also a very good hosting company, if you are looking for discount then you need to check it here- FastComet Coupon Code

I know it is not easy even to get high quality backlinks to your blog, but not impossible if you will try, see I have written a blog post on this, How to Get High Quality Backlinks to Blog.

But, still I am going to add more meat to it, that's why people will get more benefit from the article.

I will tell you to try guest post, but not too much two to four blog posts in a month and create your profile on top websites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.

May be you are thinking, what's the use of that?

Actually, you need to put your blog or website address their and you will get high quality back link, but most of those back links are no-follow, but does not that much matter.

Even than it is not bad.

Concentrate on getting links after then you can see whether is it do-follow or no-follow?

In blogging almost trust is everything, to make this you have to keep blogging for little bit long time, online is not having any less customers, but of course there is shortage for talented people, if you are little talented then keep blogging.

What do you think? You can share your views by commenting here, if you need any help from me then feel free to ask!