HawkHost is one of the great hosting service provider in the world so in this article you are going to get HawkHost Promo codes for getting discount, okay just keep going you are going to get it with step by step guide, actually this hosting service become famous because of its affordable price and amazing service, that is the main reason I am writing here about HawkHost and providing you also discount as a reader of my blog, I have also written another article for coupon code as I have shared below.

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Things You Will Come to Know About HawkHost

Okay, here I am going to share with you all table of content about HawkHost, hope you are going to read all table of content, so lets go for all table of content, see this is one of the oldest company and of course I have shared 13 most important points about HawkHost, in one of my most readable section must read, if you wanted to know about this hosting service at glance.
  1. About HawkHost
  2. What Users are Talking About HawkHost
  3. Customer Support of HawkHost
  4. 13 Things to Know About HawkHost
  5. Best Thing About HawkHost
  6. Products and Pricing of HawkHost

About HawkHost

See, HawkHost is one of the BIG name in hosting and of course why not they have gone through a long journey and they are providing such high quality service since 2004, that is the real achievement of this hosting service provider.

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With having five data centers and the company based in Canada and of course they have customers all around the world, now a days I am sitting in India and writing this article, that means you can understand reach of the company.

What Users are Talking About HawkHost

Yeah, this is the section, I always motivate myself to put, because this is the section everybody always looking for after all its users, if you wanted to know about any service provider, in any field then ask their existing customers, here is the screen shot of it to know what people are talking about HawkHost?
HawkHost, review, testimonials

Customer Support of HawkHost

Yeah, they got awesome customer support team, actually this is my own personal experience before writing this article, that's why I can provide you right information about their customer support, so here is what you are going to get, you will get e-mail support, which is pretty good and effective.

13 Things to Know About HawkHost

I don't know have you ever visited my blog or not but yes if you are really interested to know better about Hawkhost then you must read this section, because in this section I have putted all important information, those points you need to know before going to use their service, actually HawkHost is one of the oldest hosting service providing company, so I have listed 13 important points here to know.
  1. Wide range of hosting products, you can select according to your own requirement
  2. 99.9 Up-time, which means your website will be live for long time
  3. The company started in 2004
  4. You will get all the time great support team
  5. Money back guarantee full 30 days
  6. Free for you, if you want to migrate from one hosting to HawkHost
  7. Its a CloudFlare optimized
  8. They already have lot of customers all around the world
  9. They have five data centers all around the world for boosting loading speed of your website
  10. The company based in Canada
  11. You can easily installed third party software like WordPress and its a matter of just one click
  12. Its really easier to work on their interface
  13. Your website will be safe and secure

Best Thing About HawkHost

Well, in this section I am going to share with you, one of the best thing about HawkHost, I know there are many love to know about it, because after all I am not going to share with many, I am going to share with you only one.

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So, here is it, they are providing service consistently from long time, since 2004.

Products and Pricing of HawkHost

In this section you are going to learn and know more about product and pricing of HawkHost, actually there are many landed on this page only to know more about this hosting company, so I have started sharing product information of HawkHost, one of the best thing which attracts me about this hosting company to write more about, that is their service and they have been doing it consistently since 2004.

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Okay, lets go for its products, I am providing information about only hosting service but they also provide service other than hosting, that is also matter, here you are going to have all information about this hosting company, so lets go for its hosting product-
  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Re-seller Hosting
  3. Semi- Dedicated Hosting
  4. VPS Hosting
Well, all these are hosting products those required for all of us, but only one, I will suggest you to choose according to your own requirement,  I know all can not use rest three hosting service like re-seller, semi-dedicated not even VPS Hosting.

So, first of all lets go for the shared one, I hope you will like that one.

Shared Hosting by HawkHost

shared hosting, hawkhost, pricing
Actually, I am testing little bit with my all readers, I know may be you are seeing this format first time in my review articles, so here I have added the screen shot first and adding content later on, because you can easily come to know all about shared hosting offered by HawkHost.

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Okay, I want you to know about its sharing hosting plan with pricing I am sure till now you got all information here, okay lets go for it.

Here, are few other features of HawkHost for shared hosting, I am sure you will love to have all those features.
hawkhost, shared hosting, pricing

Three Other Hosting Services by HawkHost

reseller, dedicated, vps, hosting, pricing features
Well, these three hosting service are just premium and you know most of the beginners avoid getting this type of hosting because they don't have idea about all these type of hosting as well as they don't want to invest much money in it.

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Let's talk about this type of hosting one by one, so I am going to share with you from one, that is.

Re-seller Hosting by HawkHost

I know providing such service is the real good thing, because there are many those wanted to get their own business on hosting, I mean I have a friend he is a designer and he got re-seller account because he is providing hosting service to many, so if you are also one of them I will suggest to go with it and after looking at their features you will think they are providing such great service in very cheap rate, I am sure you will love to have it. 
hawkhost, reseller hosting, pricing
So, they are providing three packages, as till now probably you have figure out all their packages, here are all of those packages.
  1. Bronze
  2. Silver and 
  3. Platinum
Well, you can get anyone, again that will be depend on your own requirement, so lets for all the other hosting services.

Semi- Dedicated Service by HawkHost

dedicated hosting, hawkhost, pricing
What? is it expensive, actually it is not because you know they are providing such service, see in case of dedicated server.

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You will get all things for you only that is why you need to pay little extra amount for this and of course before choosing hosting plan you need to look at your future growth as well as traffic will be on your website, most of the time this type of hosting is required by good amount of traffic website, because users will not face loading problem that is the benefits of having this type of hosting service.