SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is allow you to get visible your blog for search engine crawlers that's why your blog post will get index on search engines and finally you can drive organic traffic(that means traffic from search engines), usually SEO is not a one day job to do it, you have to look at this continuously, so it is always better not to hire any SEO company, learn it, at least some basic tips, that's why you will become familiar with SEO.
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In this article I am going to share with you, 6 SEO basic tips those really important to become a professional blogger, here is the reason why I am telling this, because to make a blog popular search engine optimization play important role, because search engines always refer targeted traffic to your blog.

So, let's learn those basic SEO tips-

#1) Title Is Every Thing

Title is every thing is blogging, before going to tell you the reason behind this, I have to admit it that I have shared about this before, because I don't know about you that's why I am sharing with you.

Yes the main thing about this is, search engine shows results on basis of title also, see if I will give title of this blog post "SEO Tips for God", then probably search engines will not give me even a single visitors, because probably no one will search on this title on search engines, right?

So, concept is clear here, you should give title name of your blog post, what people are search on the web?

#2) URL Structure

URL(Uniform Resource Locator) structure also play important role to get good rank on search results, now to get good rank on search engine you have to write better URL structure for your blog right.

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#3) Do Follow Links

This is the mistake I did, when I have started blogging in 2010, is my first blog.

But now I know about this, let me tell you too, that's why you will not repeat this mistake, actually as a beginner blogger, you wanted to create a blog post very often, that is the biggest mistake in blogging.

See if you want to succeed in blogging then you must have to develop too much patience and hard work, then only you will become a decent money making blogger, don't afraid to learn any thing.

Learning and then sharing that thing in simple way is called blogging, ok, now come to the main point, that is Do Follow Links, actually when we give link to any other blog or website to other blog that is called Do Follow Links, if you will give this link that means you are passing your page rank to that blog.

So, what is the solution for this, always provide No Follow Links to other blogs but always give Do Follow links to your own blog post.

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#4) Article Length

This is biggest problem with newbie bloggers because they always concentrate on number of posts on their blog, they are not concentrating on number of quality posts, means lengthy and informational.

Now how much your blog post length should be, the answer is at least 800 words with an image, actually article length is also one of the key factor these days, because thin content articles always got penalized and that is the key factor you also need to put concentration on article.

Here are simple steps I have break down for you-

  • Start writing article from introduction
  • And add some amazing data about the article
  • Use heading, sub headings 
  • Use number, bullet points

#5) Article Content

Article Content first should be useful for readers, now let's optimize your blog content to get good rank on search engines, here is the tips for you, do use keywords you have used on title of your blog post, that's why search engine crawlers will show your blog post on the top of the results for the query.

Here are few things to do, to make your content amazing-

  1. Share experimented data
  2. Write from your own experience
  3. Be humble and positive towards your content
  4. Have patience to make it user friendly.

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#6) No Follow Links

No follow tag always use for linking to other blogs or websites from your blog, but don't use this tag to link with your own blog post, other wise again your blog reputation gets down.

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Important Notes About SEO Tips:-
As a blogger you must not concentrate on earning, at least for first half year, first build traffic, build trust  from readers, then concentrate on earning, I think this is the best thing in blogging.

Rest SEO is really important, I don't know you are believing on this article or not, but I will suggest you to use these tactics for a week and see the results!

Do you have any other way to optimize your blog?