Tuesday, September 6, 2016

About Ujjwal Kumar Sen

Hello, blogging lover,

I hope you wanted to do something in your life through blogging that's why you have landed on this page.

Okay, lets get started.

Bloggerhowtoseotips.com is a blog, I have launched this blog to help people to solve their real problem that is money problem, somebody says in better way "financial problem".

In this blog, I am sharing only about money making online tips through blogging and beyond blogging like freelancing (Writing, Consultancy, SEO, Link building etc)

Who Am I?

I am Ujjwal Kumar Sen from India, now a days I am living in Gurgaon (Haryana) basically I am belonging from a  small village of Jharkhand, India.

I graduated from Kurukshetra University in Mechanical Engineering.

Why I Am Doing This?

Of course to make money online, I wanna become famous blogger in the world for helping people only.
And I am 1000% sure I will become.

What You Can Get From This Blog?

You will get very latest updated and old tips regarding make money online from blogging, freelancing, part time jobs etc.

Do I Have Any Experience?

When you go for an interview every interviewer is asking for experience because organisation can get better efficient work from experience people.

Yes, I am an experienced blogger.

I have created my first blog www.rehut.blogspot.com in 2010 now it is known as https://www.commonquery.com [A question and answer website]

I know how to drive traffic to blog very well and traffic equals money & I drove traffic to my blog from 0 to 11564 page views per day.

Why You Must Read This Blog?

This question is really important for you because there are many bloggers like me but what is special in me that you will read this blog daily.

Yes, I have the answer for this question, I am the one who's technically Mechanical Engineer but having interest in online business.

And I am doing since last more than 3 years.

I will provide you basic to high level concept to become one of the best blogger in the world.

This is my mission as well as passion for creating this blog.

What is Special in Me?

I am the man who is highly self motivated, who believe in simplicity and also "any man can change their own future if he or she want's to".

But for this you have to give only and only two things and what are those?

Those are "Time and Effort".

In my graduation; I become to college topper after getting five supplies in First Year of Engineering also I got position in the University (Kurukshetra University) out of about 10000 engineers.

I also got silver medal in my 10th class.

Now, I am looking for like you, who will give Gold Medal for helping like you people.

Few Screen Shots of Youtube Events Held at Delhi

Thanks to Youtube for invited me at Creator Day and YotubeHappyHour-
youtube event, creator day
Youtube Creator Day, New Delhi 
youtuber, top blogger,
YoutubeHappyHour, New Delhi

E-Books Written By Ujjwal Kumar Sen-

Well, there are couple of E-books written by Ujjwal Kumar Sen and one e-book become one of the top selling e-book on Amazon Kindle.

Here is the list of all e-books-

Contact Ujjwal Kumar Sen on Social Media-

Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/ujjwalkumarsen
Twitter- https://twitter.com/ujjwalkumarsen


  1. good i cam to to know sir please help me out i am bit least in english techinical language just like seo smo perma links inbound links ect i wont able to under stant from 2002 i am in blogging i have only earn hardly 250$ for adsense in 2004 after that i cant able to do get the approval nor any earnings, see we are indians but v are good in our local languages out in english and technical terms we cant able to understand still now i had i think so i had wasted 2lakhs rupees and wasted efferts gained zero. please help me out step by step http://job4works.blogspot.in/

    1. You can learn these things but you have to give time@P.S. Nehru

  2. I too want to make money online and I tried about 4 ways given by you but I can't totally understand all that....i need your help to do so....so please if you have any anything for me then please contact me at vikaspandey1754@gmail.com.....i really need help..

  3. Thanks for contacting me @Vikas Pandey, I will suggest you to create a blog and start writing articles, keep reading my blog, you will definitely make money online, but remember it will take time to make decent income online, but once you will come to know the concept, you can make any money, yes any money may be 10,000$ per month, possible

  4. Nice to see your profile. Could you tell us how much you are making from different sources? If you dont mind. It will help us to visualize the things more clearly and get motivated.

  5. No ! I am not making that much but of course one day I will make that much@ Criss Brown and @Ashish


  6. This is great work! I am a Legal Assistant from the U.S., and I have observed the material that you have and find it to be very engaging, as well as informative. You and I have the same ambitions to provide great customer service, as well as precise information through blogs. Even though we are not near each other I believe that we could help each other in developing blogs. I am a guru with Microsoft Office software, and more importantly, I have a wide range of skills in document formatting and Legal Services that are necessary when creating web sites. In addition to these things, I would do all of this for free but I smell the money from blogging. Honestly, this is my expertise--this is why I am even commenting on your blog because you would be great to work with. Fell free to email me.

    1. That's great, But I could not find your email address! Here, Thanks!

  7. Dear Ujjawal,

    Gr8 site gr8 info and above all the simplicity with which you connect your content with readers of your blog is amazing. I have couple of blogs too and as you had mentioned in your profile, I am here to make some serious money. I want to connect with you further and look for guidance to improve my page views & SEO. Please let me know how can we connect. Thanks n Regards Appoorv

    1. Yes I am always ready to help others, thanks for reading my blog @Appoorv

  8. Also, Please tell me how can i send you my website link

    Thanks and regards,

    1. Thanks for contacting me @Myil

      Dear to earn money online from your website or blog, you have to give time and you should have to learn many things like SEO, content writing and few others things, then you can earn lot of money.

      But it is not impossible at all, any body can do it.

      Well, you can connect with me through Facebook or Google Plus, just go to bottom of the page you will find link.

  9. Hey Ujjwal,the blogs are really helpful@Rajiv Chadha

    1. Thanks for reading!

      is there anything else I could help you?

  10. You are just simply doing great job.

  11. hello Ujjwal..i am blogging from last one year and writing technical articles for CSE,and electronics. i am not getting approval from adsense..but have approvals of chitika,infolinks,qadabra,popads.net,edomz but have not earned even a single dollar....and i am very much inspired that if a Mechanical Engineer can do it than why can't a CSE engineer....thanks for such a good article....your profile is also very inspiring....

    1. Really feeling SAD after reading your story.

      If you want any help from me then you can ask? I'm always ready to help you?

    2. ur profile is really motivating,it would be very helpful if you could give me suggestions how to give title{SEO} to my post,how to choose keywords

    3. Hello @Vijaya

      Thanks for reading my blog, here is the blog post for you to read-

      SEO Tips and Tricks

  12. haha :) same here mechanical engineer from KUK university in final year right now :v
    Now making enough around 500-1000$ via online marketing !!

  13. sir ,please help me that from what i get started .

  14. Hey Ujjwal,

    Looking forward to connect with you here and on other social medias.

  15. Sir, Your story was inspiring.
    I am also pursuing Mech Engineering, ;)
    I like writing and want to start up blogging and earn through it.But I have no idea how and where to start.Please help me to start up.

    1. Just do one thing go through this blog post- http://www.bloggerhowtoseotips.com/p/blogger-beginner-guide.html

  16. I also want to make money online and I tried about 4 ways given by you but I can't totally understand all that....i need your help to do....so please if you have any anything for me then please I am available at onlinevk@gmail.com.....i really need your help.. Please....... Thanx.

    1. Okay, dear start blogging and keep doing it, just go through this link hopefully it will help you- http://www.bloggerhowtoseotips.com/p/blogger-beginner-guide.html

  17. sir,can u contact with me at m gmail. (vishalgoyal625@gmail.com)


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