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Updated 2020-
It's 2020, strategy what we used in 2018 for getting traffic is not that much useful in 2020. So, I am sharing here, what is working now in 2020.

And it will work for next 2 to 3 years because this is latest and if you have traffic then you can earn money.

There are two sources of traffic I will share with you other than Facebook, YouTube even Search engines like Google, Bing.

Are you ready to know those new traffic sources.

Millions of people active on those platforms-
Here are those-

  1. LinkedIn
  2. TikTok
These are amazing ways for getting traffic.

Blogging as a passion is increasing day by day, even those have stared blogging, most of them want to be a professional blogger, but the only thing can make you professional blogger that is income from your blog.

So, I am writing this article, that's why you can create a blog that makes money, see every blog don't make money, there are many reasons behind of this, but the most important reason behind of this is "traffic", yes traffic, if your blog don't have traffic then you will not make money.
Now I am going to tell you, how could you create a blog, which will make money.

I am sure you are newbie to blogging world, right! or probably you have used many methods to make money from blog, but none of them work for you, that's why you are reading this article, but don't worry I am pretty much sure, you will start making money from blogging, if you will use strategies and tactics, I am going to share with you.

First create your blog on, but don't forget to buy a domain name for your blog, but choose a domain name which contains at least one word on your blog niche, probably you are thinking why domain name?

Because domain name have too much benefits, which is really needed to make your blog as a brand, also it will help you to take your blog to the next level.

Now it's time to choose a topic on which, you will start blogging, see don't be hurry to choose a topic for your blog, because topic is most important to make you money from your blog.

Now it's time to know, how much potential customers out there, for a particular topic, just use Google Adwards Keyword Tool.

Header of Your Blog-

Give name header of your blog, as per your blog niche, but make it interesting and meaningful, if your any blog reader will read then it will definitely clear to the reader, what is your blog about.

Learn some basic SEO tips for blog, like meta keywords, meta descriptions, do follow links, no follow links, SEO in articles.

Read All in One SEO Tips Article

Then go for writing your first ever article in your blog, now many people really think, what would they write, I will suggest you to write what is your blog about, I mean what you are going to provide to people through your blog.

Now it's time to start writing a blog post, which will drive traffic to your blog,

Now I am going to share with you couple of tips, which will make you money for  blogging-

#1) Title of Your Blog Post

Although this is a part of SEO(On Page Optimization), I am sharing with you this tip, because whenever you are going to create a blog post, in that time you will first write title name of the blog post right.

Here is the fact, which is matter, if you are writing title, which people are not searching on search engines, then no matter how much worth full content you are providing, probably no one is going to read your blog post.

So, the question is that, how would you write a blog post title, which will drive more traffic?

The answer is, just think yourself as a internet user, now think what would you search on search engines to find out what you are writing in your blog post.

If you don't think so and it is difficult for you, then use a free tool provided by Google, which is Google Adwards Keyword Tool.

#2) URL Structure of a Blog Post

URL(Universal Resource Locator) structure is also important for better SEO of your blog post, if you are using as your blogging platform then it is called permalink, although blogger have function of automatic permalink generator, that is good, but custom permalink is better.

You don't need to do any thing special, you just need to do is to customize your blog post URL.

#3) Keywords in the Blog Content

Keywords are important in blogging for getting better rank on search engines result pages, I am going to share with you, how would you use keywords in your blog post, see main keywords of your blog post, you have written on title name of the blog post, just use those words in your blog post and then see how your blog post ranking will improve in search engine ranking pages.

At least use title keywords in the beginning of the blog post and end of the blog post?

#4) Labels

Labels identified blog readers as well as search engine crawlers about your blog post, it is also called category of the blog post.

It will also improve your blog user experience as well as it will get good rank on search engine results pages.

Here is something for you-

Above all SEO tips are good to get your blog post good rank on search engines, but there are about 200 factors on those basis search engine giant Google shows results, but out of 200 factors I have figure out 40 SEO factors, those are most important to get your blog on the top of the search engine result pages.

By the way lets go to know about blog post promotion-

#5) Promotion of the Blog Post

I know many bloggers do write very good articles, but only because of lacking promotion of their blog post they do not get good traffic to their blog and not having good traffic means not good money.

So, as I have given you some tips, those really work for any one, even working for me from last three years.

But don't forget to promote your blog post on social medias like Facebook, Google Plus, StumpleUpon, Twitter

Another one is email marketing, as a beginner you can use Feed burner for email marketing which is good to get good traffic consistently, oh one another point, I would like to share with you, i.e. email marketing can change a one time reader to full time reader for your blog.

#6) Create Facebook Page

As I stated earlier, Facebook is the big one to increase traffic to your blog, I am not going to tell you how would create a Facebook page, but if you want then I can write another blog post on this topic, but I am sharing with you, how would you use Facebook page to promote your blog post.

Here are those tips for you, which I have used personally many times in the beginning of blogging to promote my blog post and finally my blog.

Probably you wanted to know those tips, right!

So, here is the old tips for you, share your blog post on your Facebook page, that's true but the next one is most interesting.

First find how many friends are listen to you and then ask them to share about your blog to on Facebook, if you have 20 friends on Facebook those use Facebook daily and if they will little work for you.

 First, lets do little calculation, if you have 20 friends on Facebook of course those will work for you, then an average Facebook user have at least 200 friends right, so if very one will share your blog post then how many people are going to see your Facebook page(about your blog post)

4000 right in a one time share of your blog post. Now think little bit beyond this and increase traffic to your blog.

#7) Use Feedburner for Auto Emails Updates

Feed burner most ancient and useful for bloggers, because it's free as well as effective, how?

Okay then suppose you have created a Feedburner account for your blog, when any reader will subscribe your news letter, whenever you will create a new blog post the subscriber will get notify about your blog post to his or her email address, which will make the blog reader one time reader to life time reader.

But do take care of all your blog readers, don't forget about them, there is also a option "unsubscribe"! Remember that!

#8) Use Twitter Widget on Blog

Twitter is a world top micro blogging social network, even most of the popular people in the world use Twitter, so why not to use Twitter to drive traffic to your blog, those want to know topic, on which topic you are blogging.

And use the Facebook tips in case of twitter to increase visitors to your blog.

#9) Write for Beginners

Beginners always want a mentor to follow and every one forget about beginner, this fact is not about only in blogging, it's in the society too, I will suggest you one good thing about blogging, always write for beginner, which is the most effective way to make your blog popular.

#10) Solve People Problems

There billions of people search on search engines for finding solution of any problem, I know every one is not having the same problem, but many people have same problem, now find out those problems by using free Google Adwards Keyword Tool and start writing articles.

#11) Write a Blog Post Which At Least Have 1200 words with an Image

This is a part of SEO tips, but important, because there are many people blogging, it may be also possible that some other blogger blogging on the same topic, in which topic you are going to start blogging.

These two are most important to manage your blog post on the top of the search engine result pages.

Why Image?

Because every one do not search content, people do search images too!

#12) Write 50 Blog Posts in Two Months

All come to the blog post, means content in your blog, if your blog don't have good amount of content with quality then most probably you are not going to get traffic to your blog.

Planning for writing blog post for next two months is a great idea to take your blog to the next level.

Then start writing blog post daily one, but not more than one blog post daily, remember this, because this activity will decrease quality of your blog post.

#13) Do More Experiments

People want unique and useful contents, I know to provide unique contents you need to do hard work, but your hard work will pay you that is sure.

Experiments will always let you know some thing new, unique information, which information people always want, Just like I did with my StartUp Top Test Series for various exams conducted in India, I have lot of followers so I can easily help others.

Like We have launched our Best GATE 2021 Mechanical Engineering Test Series , it is going superb and even students are happy with it.

That's why we are happy.

My concept is to help customers, here our customers are students here are three elements we have followed-

  • Focus
  • Maximum Possible Benefits than Market
  • And of course Affordable price because students are our customers.
This is working for us you can implement it and definitely you will see amazing result.

#14) Share Results

After all, experiments give you results, may be successful or fail but result is result, don't forget to share result with your readers, probably you are thinking it's okay with good results, then people will get some experience and finally get value of reading the article.

Why Fail Results?

My dear fail results will also help your blog readers, not to do such type of things, which will not work for them.

#15) Monetize Your Blog

As a blogger, you have lot of option to make money from your blog but as a beginner blogger Google adsense, is the best to make money online

There is a barrier for Indian and Chinese bloggers, they will have to be active for six months to apply and finally to get Google adsense approval for blog.

But those are belonging from USA, UK, Canada those have very good opportunity to add Google adsense to blog to make money.

After this time to time, learn online marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing to make even more money.

#16) Read Other Blogs on Your Niche Blog

If any one ask me, my best habit to keep my knowledge updated that is reading other blogs and then implement tips and knowledge I got, then I share all those facts in my blog post to take my blog to the next level.

Make a list of top blogs on your niche and start reading those blogs to increase your knowledge.

#17) Comments on Other Blogs on Your Niche

When I have stared blogging, I have not comment on any blog till six months of blogging, one day I was reading a blog post on a blog, I got many important facts, which is helpful for any newbie blogger.

Then I comment on that blog, certainly I have turn on my Laptop, I got few visitors from that blog alone.

After few days I make a list of blogs on my niche then comments on those blogs after reading articles, which help me to drive 200 visitors in a day.

You can do the same!

#18) Focus on Topics

First I have started blogging with many topics, but later I have focus on few topics, which help me more to increase visitors to my blog.

See, internet was always looking for talented people, now even, it will be even.

It is up to you, how you will take this opportunity, blogging is a real business take seriously it can change your life.

Focus on few topics only and become master in those topics, which will make you top blogger in that particular niche.

Writing articles of multiple niche as a solo blogger becomes really difficult to get huge success, so I will suggest you to target your audience, but in a single niche and see the result soon.

I have seen most of time bloggers, even I have earned very good money from sponsored article about $100 per article and that is the one of the key factor you need to have that is focus of single niche, that would be depend on your interest.

#19) Stickiness

Many bloggers start blogging and then quit after two or three months, yes that's true you can not make good money from your blog after blogging few months, if you want to make money from blogging then you have to be keep blogging at least for 1 year then only you are going to earn good money from your blog.

Which tells stick to the topic, on which topic you are blogging, success will definitely come.

#20) Make Relationship With Other Bloggers

Relationship with other bloggers will help you to build great community of your blog, which I have started few months ago and I getting good response from this.

You must do the same from beginning to make it happen for you earlier.

#21) Reply to All Comments on Your Blog

This is a habit you must keep, because this is important to make a good relationship with your blog readers.

This shows your social presence even and also readers understand that how much serious are you about blogging.

#22) Read Other Success Stories

Success stories always give ideas and also inspirations

Which is really need in blogging!

If you want to succeed in blogging then don't jealous on other success rather respect it and create another success story of yours, that's why your success story will inspire others.

To make a next successful blogger! I know that time you will feel proud and even people will talk about you, online as well as offline.

#23) Keep Blogging

Consistency is the great secret to get success no matter, in which field you are working right now.

Keep blogging and don't loose interest to blogging, success is waiting for you, if you are demotivated then read payment proof of few successful blogger, you will feel much better, most of time I did analysis bloggers feel much better.

#24) Guest Blogging

This is the fact, which I am going to do more experiments, to increase value of my blog in the internet.

Try it, it will also help you to make relationship with other bloggers.

Later, I will write about my guest blogging experience, when I will write at least 20 blog posts on other blogs.

#25) Let People Write for Your Blog

If you are interest to unable guest post on your blog then you just need to create a page, which must have good content to convince others to write for your blog like about your blog and what people are going to get for contributing guest post on your blog etc.

I got these tips from my experience, that's why I am sharing with you, to make your blog a better blog quickly. Because I know, every one is not having this much patience like me.

First concentrate on traffic, I mean to say increase your blog traffic then I am sure money will automatically come to you from blogging.

Is there any other ways, which make you money from blogging?