Let me today tell you about one of the most affordable VPS Hosting, PhotonVPS. Listen dear,if you want one of the most affordable and the most reasonable kind of VPS Hosting then everyone must prefer PhotonVPS. 

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You will be surprised to know that quite a few before writing this article, i also was in dilemma regarding these issues like what kind of VPS Hosting will be best and the efficient in term of its service. But now there is not such as a matter concern. If one want to prefer,then he or she must choose PhotonVPS as this is one of the most affordable and also the best VPS Hosting for not only the Windows but also for Linux OS.

PhotonVPS is a US based hosting company. This web hosting company is located in Los Angeles,California. Actually PhotonVPS started contributing their services in 2002. It is quite amazing that this web hosting Company started specializing in dedicated VPS solutions in the year 2009. In the year 2014 PhotonVPS became a well known Fortune 1000 Company. Hence it is named as one of the most fastest growing web company in America. PhotonVPS has teamed up with MB trading in order to provide low cost VPS Hosting solutions near the MB trading order server, you can check out IO Zoom Discount page for getting discount also.

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.There are a lot of reasons why everyone should take account of this VPS Hosting. Before mentioning about its features,its advantages,its service and about products and prices, I would like to tell you about its coupon promo code for discount.

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Things I am going to share here about PhotonVPS

Here I am going to share about all that points of PhotonVPS that will lure you to recommend oneself to prefer this VPS Hosting. In this blog I am mentioning that true and genuine features of this VPS Hosting and that will prove you that It is the best. Here I am going to mention some of the important topic about PhotonVPS. From this you can easily conclude why it is perfect for all of you.

So guys .......attention! Here I will share topics that are mentioned below-
1) About PhotonVPS
2) 13 things you must know about PhotonVPS
3) Best thing about PhotonVPS
4) What people are talking about this VPS Hosting
5) Support Service by PhotonVPS
6) Products and Prices of PhotonVPS 

About PhotonVPS

PhotonVPS Hosting is one of the best VPS Hosting for Windows and Linux OS. Apart from It has many beautiful characteristics. There is better service of hosting quality in PhotonVPS. This has been providing its service since many years and I am sure from its current plan and program that in future This will do a lot in its arena. I am confident about its current pace (at the time of writing this blog) .To be honest, I don't think PhotonVPS is a cost effective.

Here I am giving you the screenshot of hosting plan of PhotonVPS.
Hosting plan.PhotonVPS

Here I am sharing services that are offered by PhotonVPS

1)  Linux cloud VPS Hosting
2) Windows cloud VPS Hosting
3) SSD Storage
4) DDoS Protected (Anti-DDoS) up to 10 Gbps attack
5) Managed VPS with cPanel
6) KVM Virtualization

Linux Cloud VPS Hosting

In Linux Cloud VPS Hosting there are a lot of features. I am sharing some of them as under-
  • Better as well as high performance
  • Up to 4 GB RAM
  • Up to 130 GB SSD Storage
  • There is a provision of full root access
  • having high bandwidth up to 64 TB
  • There is also instant activation
  • Full Security Audit for cPanel
  • Support option availability;unmanaged,semi-managed and fully managed
  • Linux OS (Ubuntu,Centos,Debian,Fedora,Slackware,ClearOS,OpenSUSE).
Actually Linux Cloud Server adds Lightening Fast Raid-10 Storage that is backed by SSD,DDoS Mitigation and Proactive Server Monitoring. Have a look below to be addressed about its features.
Linux Cloud Server Plan.PhotonVPS

Windows Cloud VPS Hosting

  • Better and High Performance
  • Up to 16 GB RAM
  • Up to 130 GB SSD Storage
  • Plesk Control Panel
  • 100 Mbit
  • 1 Gbps Port
  • Windows OS (2003,2008,2012)
Here I am providing you a glance of Windows Cloud Server Plan.
Windows plan.PhotonVPS

13 Things About PhotonVPS

In this section I am going to tell you about the best thirteen things about PhotonVPS. In course of writing this blog article I came across many amazing points about this very Hosting Company. My happiness knew no bounds when I got this chance to express my views and experiences to all of you about PhotonVPS. Actually when I started writing this article,you all will be amazed to know that I got more points than I was thinking about this company, I have written article for coupon codes for one of the best e learning platform provider along with hosting I am also providing 2 months free link Podia Discount Code 2021.

This is one of the just amazing company i have ever come through. Guys,if you want to know about this company in very short interval of time without any complexion then go through the following 13 important points i have mentioned.
  1. This is one of the most affordable VPS Hosting and if you are my blog reader you can easily get  promo coupon code  for maximum discount as well and in this very way it will be very reasonable for you dude.
  2. There are many features about this service provider. Some of the key features of this company are PHP,ASP.NET,ASP, and so on and so forth.
  3. PhotonVPS provide you with cPanel based web-hosting that at first worked out well.
  4. They also provide SSH accessibility so that one can easily rsync data from his/her primary site.
  5. PhotonVPS is one of the top web hosting company that make it easy working for their customers so that they can get their best they want.
  6. There is easy to use for customers along with its simple service and reliable products as well.
  7. There is also fully managed option. In other words I want to tell you that with the purpose of cPanel/Plesk your service becomes fully managed.
  8. This hosting company is providing variety of products that are liked and are one most desire of people
  9. There is a provision of handling all type of server related task and configuration requests like that of load and security.
  10. You will be happy to know that there is also free 10 Gbps DDoS Mitigation. And that very all packages come with free 10 Gbps DDoS Mitigation.
  11. You can also get demo of all these on its official website.
  12. It is really awesome that this hosting company is giving their up-time fully and this indicates that It is excellent in real.
  13. There are many key features of this company but I am gonna tell you only 13 so this will be last but not the least that there is proactive response for you all guys to reduce your complexions in course of enjoying products.

Best Thing About PhotonVPS

In this section I am sharing about the best thing about PhotonVPS. Actually when I was of the opinion to tell you guys about the best thing about this hosting company there were many characters that will prove that It is just awesome. But I have to mention only the best thing about PhotonVPS so let me do. As far as my opinion is concern guys,trust me dear this is the best and the best thing about this is given under-
  • This is the most affordable hosting company for You dude and especially for this very cause it is going to rock in near future.
  • This is the best VPS Hosting for Windows and Linux OS.

Products And Pricing of PhotonVPS

This topic is really going to be fruitful for those who have landed on this page and i am just sure that one who is looking for hosting service will get their answer why it is best alternative for his/her. This is not for those who just come to get Coupon Code in this section. Also written an article for discount from SmarterAsp Coupon 2021.

Well if you want to know about the detailed info about the products as well as pricing of this web hosting company then go through all the instances and things that will come over. It will be proved important for those who are looking for knowing all type of products. There are many products that are mentioned below-
  • VPS Hosting by PhotonVPS
  • Dedicated Technical Support
  • Forex Hosting
  • Security and Backups
  • Billing and Cancellation policies
  • Dedicated Ram by PhotonVPS
  • Dedicated Cores also
  • cPanel and Plesk
  • SSD Storage
To know fully you have to look through the basic and important features that PhotonVPS possess. I am providing the screenshot for this.

VPS Hosting by PhotonVPS

In this section i am going to discuss about the VPS Hosting by Photon VPS hosting company. This company is the best VPS Hosting for Windows and Linux OS. There is 10 Gbps DDoS protection in this hosting. Both cloud VPS Hosting have some common features mention below-
  • Up to 4 cores
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Full root access
  • high performance 
  • 100 Mbit 

Technical support

Hey dude it is nice to listen that there is a service of dedicated technical support for you anytime by PhotonVPS. PhotonVPS has done a very better job in the fields of their customers support and service. This company built a special team especially technical to ease the problems of their customers and that very technical team is fully dedicated to their service.

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Therefore you don't have to be in dilemma and if there is any type of problem you can consult with them. The very technical team offer the resolution for people in shortest period of time and if anyone have any type of problems they can contact the team through email or by dialing the hotline number.

Forex Hosting 

Here I am telling about one of the other important product of PhotonVPS. This product is none other than that of Forex Hosting. PhotonVPS provides the Forex VPS hosting that are powered by Intel processors. The Intel Processors actually gives you the processing power you need for your MT4 Chart. This is simple,easy to use as well as reliable.
Well if you are looking for Forex VPS Hosting there are certain plans that I am making you viewed through screenshot.
Forex VPS Hosting.PhotonVPS

Backup Services For Cloud Servers

Here I am going to talk about one of the most amazing product of PhotonVPS that is Backup services for cloud servers. CDP (Continuous Data Protection) Backup Services from PhotonVPS will help you dude to keep your data safe and secure and also to restore data on minute based,hour based,month based or year based.

This is for both Windows and Linux OS. The Backups are synced over the network for remote disk based storage. This permits easy and secure recovery.
Here I am giving you the screenshot of Backup Plan.
Well let me tell you about the features of Backup in PhotonVPS. They are given under-
  • Continuous Data protection technology
  • Quick Restore
  • On-site Backup
  • Off-site Backup
  • Data Retention Policies
  • Disk Safe Verification
  • Encryption
  • Web Based Interface
  • Control Panel Integration

Continuous Data Protection Technology

In this,data is read directly from the disk. There is R1Soft that bypasses the file system and reads data directly.

Quick Restore

Here R1Soft permits you to recover large file systems. This is one of the essential and helpful features for you guys.

On site and Off site Backup

There is both Onsite as well as Offsite Backup provisions in this hosting company. Here tapes are used for Offsite Backup but this may be very expensive. So to prevent such problems,there is another alternative too. R1Soft offers a more efficient method that avoids problems like high cost,time consuming having tedious and so on. The more efficient method is Multi point Replication. This helps to make multiple copies for onsite or offsite with ease.

Data Retention Policies

This is also one of the features involved in backup services for cloud servers.

Similarly features like encryption,data safe verification,Web Based Interface and Control Panel Integration make their features just awesome.

Support And Some Important Service By PhotonVPS

Here you will get about the few services especially the most important one PhotonVPS providing. And I am very much sure that you will be pleased quite a few after going through this topic. PhotonVPS specializes in the arena of business class virtual private servers (VPS). There are quite a few levels of services available. Actually it also depends on that you need to host a simple website or a more complex business solutions.Support is available as following-
  • 24 hours a day
  • 7 days a week
  • all the 12 months a year
It can be done either through web interface or face.

Cloud web Hosting Service

As I have mentioned in detail about the cloud plans as well as features and I know you have been receiving it well in a quite fascinating manner. So let me tell you dear about one of the support service of PhotonVPS,Cloud website.This includes DDoS Protected Cloud Website hosting having following-
  • Site builder and Auto Script Installer
  • Virtualized environment along with a lot of dedicated resources.
  • Top of the Line Router,Firewell,servers
  • free 3 Gbps Mitigation
Well it is to be noted that all the cloud websites hosting packages come with dedicated resources so that it gets easy to offer possible uptime,site builder,auto script installer,dedicated IP address for security and DDoS Protection.
Here i would like to highlight some points so that you would be able to know more about Cloud Web Hosting Service.

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  • Free DDoS Mitigation for your websites
It comes with all web hosting packages.
DDoS Hosting Mitigation.websites
  • Cloud Hosting with dedicated resources
Here Cloud Website hosting Packages offers a virtualized environment for all websites on server.
dedicated resources.cloud hosting
  • 30 day money back guarantee
If you think that this hosting is not working out as much as you think then in that case you can request a full refund before the initial thirty days of service.

As all Web hosting service includes a 30 day money back guarantee,if anyone face any type of problematic situation in the fields of hardware or network or server performances then he/she will get a full refund if he/she cancels account within 30 days of activation of the activation or before the next due date. 

People Opinion About PhotonVPS

In this topic I am going to tell you about the people experiences and happenings with this hosting company. Yeah this is what people are looking for as when anyone come to know that many multi users are happy to get this service at reasonable cost and good service then they get relaxed about the very company. This proves that the company is contributing its best for their customers.

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Here I am mentioning and giving the screenshot of people reviews. Go through it.
reviews, PhotonVPS