Promote Your Blog Post, StumbleUpon
Every bloggers want to get ton of traffic to their blog post, but may be they don't know how to get, since last one month I am using this source name as a "StumbleUpon". This is one of the most famous website in the world, you have chance to promote your blog post via this website.

Basically this website is having links of blogs, websites, forums, now how this website helping people.That's the people are coming to this website, actually this website is providing information according to your need.

But the question is that how could you promote your blog post on this website, may be you are thinking you have to pay some bucks, right!!!

No!! you don't need to pay even single penny, just go to the website and submit your link to the website and you can also give tags to your post.

You will see the difference within few days, even sometimes you will get instant result for submitting your blog post to this website.

Here in the link which you can use to submit your each blog post to this website-

You can even Login with your Facebook account, it is quiet simple to submit and get traffic.

Use This Tactic and Let me Know!!

Actually, I have been using StumbleUpon from couple of years now, so I got really awesome help from this channel not only StumbleUpon you can use other networks too for getting good number of visitors, I mean promotion must be never ending process, you need to promote your article in different media to see best out of it.

Here are few other media I usually promote my articles:
  1. Questions answer websites- like Yahoo Answers, Quora, StackOverFlow, CommonQuery
  2. Link sharing websites-, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter
  3. E-mail Marketing- Yeah you can do much better here, but it will take time
  4. Push Engage Plugins- The latest one to use, this is just awesome and I must say great alternative to anyone to get visitors come back again and again.
You just need to take care of content rest the plugin will do, you can use it, I am using it in my different blogs and getting very good feedback from it.