SendPulse Review, Automate Your Online Business
Well, I have been in this automation business from little long time now about five years, yes that much time, so here I am going to share with you one of the cool automation tool, that's why it will help you to run your online business smoothly.

So, the name of the product is SendPulse, of course they have couple of features and they are providing awesome service that is the main thing about this service provider, so lets get started.

About SendPulse

This is just an amazing service provider for all online business people because at one place you are going to get all automation tool, yes I am going to share with you all step by step and provide you detail knowledge about services they are providing.

Basically, they are providing various tools-
  1. E-mail marketing
  2. SMTP Service
  3. Web Push and
  4. SMS marketing
These all four products are very hot in the market, because now a day every internet marketers are moving towards automation to save time.

E-mail Marketing by SendPulse

SendPulse is a bulk email platform - one of the most important tools as well as one of the oldest, these days e-commerce websites are using very widely to promote products and get sales.

Like the same manner you can use this tool for promoting your business online, here I am going to share with you what you are going to get and how you can get started with it?

Actually, if you wanted to get started with SendPulse, its free but up to limit, yes let me share with you how is it exactly.

1. Up to 2500 subscribers its free
2. You can send up to 15000 mails for free 

and paid plan starting from $9.85

Note- I have checked its interface and of course must say this if you are new to e-mail marketing then even you can easily learn about it and implement.

SMTP by SendPulse

Well, this is one of the cool and very good feature if you wanted to use integrate with your system and send mail to your customers, you can use it, there are multiple language coding they are providing, that's why it will be compatible with different language like PHP, Ruby, Python etc.

You can also get started with it for free and you can send up to 12000 mails with bandwidth 1000 MB, of course you have option to upgrade when you want.

Web Push by SendPulse

This is one of the tool, which can change the game, means if you want to increase conversion rate then this is the tool for you, actually recently one of my partner ask me such type of tool, when I have introduced him web push tool.

He just smiled at me and said this is truly amazing to increase conversion rate, probably you are new to this tool, so here are few screen shots of this tool are given below.
web push, engagement button
This web push notification button is device friendly, here is the screen shot of it for your better understanding.
send pulse, web push, device friendly
Benefits of Web Push
  • Easy way to attract more subscribers in short time
  • Visibility is more
  • Conversion rate is more
  • Visitors will definitely increased in short period of time
  • Its free to use and even you can get paid for using it

SMS Marketing

Well, no doubt SMS marketing is very useful, even I have used for few campaigns in education niche it was good, but for this you need to have existing customers, I mean this is one of the best tool if you are re-targeting customers.

Benefits of SMS Marketing-

  • Easy to reach more customers in very short period of time
  • Open rate is very good 
  • Awesome way to re-target your customers

Top 10 Points About SendPulse

Okay, dear this is one of the important section of this article, do you know why I am saying this because here you are going to learn all important points about this automation tool service provider.
  1. You can get started with free
  2. Four major automation tools you can get at one place
  3. You can add up to 2500 subscribers for free
  4. You can send up to 15000 mails for free
  5. You can do A/B test for checking the conversion rate and improve it with time
  6. You can create custom subscription form for collecting subscribers
  7. Web Push is a new age tool, you can try this tool for free
  8. They have knowledge tutorial: very helpful for newbies
  9. Starting package is $9.85
  10. SendPulse is having awesome easy to use interface

Here are few key features of SendPulse

I love features, I hope you too.

So, in the below screen shot you will get information about all features provided by SendPulse.
sendpulse features, marketing tool
Automation tools are just great to automate your business, now a day most of the company using web push because its new, effective and of course conversion rate is quite good and device friendly most important factor is that and all you are getting in SendPulse and here service provider is playing important role for providing all important tools at a place.

Give a try.

Is there any other tool you found about SendPulse?