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With five star rating on Google I am writing about Fastcomet Promo Code 2021 and of course its review, because its my passion and these days writing review about hosting products to help you guys to discover amazing hosting service, before writing review of about Fastcomet Cloud Based Hosting, WordPress Hosting and there are various hosting services provided by this company, actually this is one of my favorite web hosting company.

I have read more than 3000 words already and of course I am going to spend another 10 hours to write about Fastcomet to make it most important source for you as well as others too those are looking for affordable, secure, fast speed, different data centres, great customer service, money back guarantee service, well may be you are thinking am I going to share with all in this paragraph, no dear its just I have started you are going to learn more.

FastComet Table of Contents I am Sharing-

Well, I have just started writing about FastComet and will be writing because it seems great service provider in this field, actually I have just chat with their customer support team, it seems they are confident about their service, even I got some interesting facts for you, which I have already shared with you  that's my bonus remember dear.
  • About FastComet
  • Growth of FastComet
  • Best Thing About FastComet
  • What People are Talking About FastComet
  • Top 15 Things About FastComet
  • Products Offered by FastComet
  • Pricing of FastComet
  • My Personal Experience After Chatting with FastComet Support Team
  • User Experience of FastComet
  • What You Will Get Free from FastComet, Amazing right dear.
  • How to Transfer Hosting and Domain Name to FastComet

About FastComet

They have started their journey in 2013, but they have been working in this field from last seven years, but the thing is that in this very short period of time they have been grab great market and this is the big reason I am writing this article, I mean, giving my more than 10 hours to write this article and effective for you, okay by the way lets back to the company.

Lets talk about its best thing, the growth level and of course there is cutting throat competition everywhere, even then they have been able to attract customers from 70 countries is not that amazing, of course I must share with you technologies they are offering to you.

Here are on few things they are working these days-
  1. Great support
  2. Super fast speed
  3. Security
If you have question how? then keep reading you will come to know, don't worry because I am going to share with you each and everything about FastComet promo code 2021, please look at the beginning or end of the page.

Growth of FastComet

This is best part of this review, because you will be amaze after knowing its growth while having cutting throat competition, lets look at Alexa ranking of its website.

Alexa Ranking of FastComet Cloud Based Hosting Service-
  1. Its worldwide ranking is 30,975 with regional ranking in India is 6,596
  2. Its most of the visitors are from India
  3. Average spent time more than 4 minutes on FastComet website
That's all about growth of FastComet according to Alexa, let me tell you how many customers they have in 70 countries, actually these days they have over 11,500 customers worldwide.

Best Thing About FastComet

This is one of the best section of this article, because in this section I am not going to share with you all important points about FastComet that I have already added and share with you in the next section, but here you are going to learn about FastComet best thing.

Here it is, they are dealing for serving customers, that is the best thing, I have read their whole website found this fact, I am sure they are going to be one of the top notch company in the world in upcoming days, that would be for sure, another experience I got after chatting with their support team, I mean to say they are really confident on their service, which shows class.

What People are Talking About FastComet

In other words, we can say feedback, review, testimonials about its users, already I have shared with you, spent lot of time to write this article and of course still going to invest time because I wanted to make it super informational source for all those wanted to get super fast SSD Cloud Hosting service and these days everybody wanted to host their website on cloud to get faster speed, also FastComet having different locations data centres which shows unique service.

Here are some reviews screen shots of people testimonials about FastComent, first I am going to share with you Google review testimonials-
Testimonials, FastComet
Now, let me share with you FastComet client success stories, which will help you to know about their class service-
success stories,  FastComet
So, this is all about customer user experience, yes. And after looking at their expression and words about FatComet, we must say they are really happy because they choose FastComet.

Top 15 Things About FastComet

In general, I write about top 10 things about any service provider that may be hosting, ad networks or any other service providers, but here I am going to share with you top 15 things about FastComet, the reason is simple I got lot of things or must say points to share with you, so are you ready to know all those points, so lets get started-
  1. FastComet Providing SSD Cloud Hosting with Cloudware
  2. They have worldwide data centres for boosting your site speed
  3. Awesome dear, its 45 days money back guarantee
  4. You can choose your favourite app to use like Joomla, WordPress, Social Engine etc personally I used WordPress CMS.
  5. You will get free Cloudfare CDN
  6. Great support team they have
  7. All tutorials they have to start learning and implementing things if you have never done before
  8. Yeah, most important you are going to get free templates, believe me dear, I have seen its awesome.
  9. Currently they have customers in 70 countries
  10. Already they have handled 47,243+ mails that's the sign of unique support team
  11. Buy hosting from FastComet and get domain free for forever
  12. upto 300% speed of your site
  13. Fixed price no surprise bill will pop up, so complete transparency 
  14. Get backup of your site for free no extra charge
  15. I have read more than 20 people review no negative comments about FastComet.
Well, really I can not stop myself to share with you something amazing about FastComet, actually I must say finally I got something amazing for you guys, I mean this is just amazing, if any hosting company providing, may be you have all points even then let me remind you my dear as long as you will host your site on FastComet, domain name will be free and that will be forever, I think FastComet team will become top very soon and this review will help lot of people, because I am putting all insight information about this hosting company.

So, here is the screen shot of those amazing benefits of FastComet-

Products Offered by FastComet

FastComet is a cloud based hosting and that is the main reason I writing about this hosting service so lengthy because this is the only way to make my words reach to many people and of course I am sure there are many those are going get help, alright lets talk about its features, oh yes I have also shared FastComet Coupon Code, that's why readers of my blog will get help.

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They are offering only three service and of course any type of requirement you can choose from anyone of them, well the reason is simple they have categories service according to market demand.
  • Single website
  • Multiple websites
  • E-commerce
Of course may be you are looking for price tag right, so here I am going to share with you all information about its pricing, because that is also important right dear, so in the next section you are going to learn about its pricing.

Pricing of FastComet

This is one of the most important section of any hosting company, because after all it must allow your pocket, I mean it should be affordable for users, but here dear if you are looking for a hosting company, which is affordable, supportive, good track record, good uptime, cloud hosting, good speed, free domain forever then all these things can be with FastComet only.

Well, after looking at the price everybody can say this is amazing, specially free domain name for forever, at least in last five years I did not see any hosting company providing such service, have you seen?

If yes, please let me know, because it will add another one point to my knowledge, but I am sure 99.9% you will not find out such company.

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Okay, now lets talk about its stater plan that is $2.95 per month and including all basic features like-
  • Free domain name for lifetime as long as you will be hosting your site on FastComet
  • Great support for you, if you will face problem 
  • Yes, you have unlimited mails option
  • Unlimited database, so need to worry about space
  • Of course Cloudfare CDN for free
  • Free website transfer that's awesome, because many charged for this.
  • Great 99.9% uptime, means your site will be live almost all time
  • cPanel and Softaculous
  • Yes, almost I am missing it because they are giving full 45 days money back guarantee
  • Awesome, daily and weekly backup, to be tension free.

My Personal Experience After Chatting with FastComet Support Team

Yeah, this is exciting man, because I have been doing chatting with FastComet support team for knowing various things and I am sure the it was a great conversation, because here I am sharing my own experience with their support team, well here are few unique things I have found about them-
  1. They are confident enough that they are providing great service
  2. They do have knowledge what they are talking?
  3. They are very enthusiastic about helping others and that is just too good for customers of FastComet
  4. They have very good experience in this niche, so problem you will face can be easily handle by them.
During conversation with their support team, I have several questions regarding their hosting, how they stand out from other hosting service and there are many other questions of course answer I got from them was very satisfactory. Here is the article which is having information related to best wordpress web hosting in Ireland.

User Experience of FastComet

After all its all about user experience, as right now you are not a customer of FastComet but if you will become then you can come to know about its user experience, basically I have already share with you many more things about FastComet, as they are providing such feature which shows that they are giving pretty much effective user experience that's why you can easily handle hosting and you can put your concentration for growing your online business.

That means hustle free hosting for you, here are things you need to see, what people are talk about FastComet and of course their website structure it all shows about FastComet user experience, don't worry you will have full 45 days money back guarantee.

What You Will Get Free from FastComet

who does not love things for free, specially when you are getting free any premium things like here you are going to get many premium things for free, can you imagine that dear, yes, what I am going to share with those are amazing and most important thing is that its all FREE with their hosting package, don't worry I have also shared coupon codes for getting some discount.

Okay lets know about it in points-
  1. Free tutorials for implementing things right way
  2. Free domain name for forever as long as you will be hosting your site on FastComet
  3. 24*7 support team will help you for free
  4. Free back up service daily & weekly 
  5. For speeding up your site free CloudFare CDN
All these are premium service, as per my knowledge no company provides such service, what I know? if anything something like service you are getting from any hosting company then let me know. Because that will be very surprising for my readers.

How to Transfer Hosting and Domain Name to FastComet

Already I have shared with you guys that every possibility I am going to share with you in this article about FastComet because after looking at its service, I am sure there are many those wanted to know, how to transfer their domain name and hosting, means complete site to FastComet.

Well, this thing I did not share with you in the free from FastComet section, because I wanted to share with you separately so here it is, the screen shot will make you understand each and everything about it
FastComet, Transfer Hosting
I know you come to know about their service standards and for beginners it is really difficult to transfer even sometimes experts got problem, so FastComet took step to help you out.