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Blogging !

Lot of money right! May be you are one of them who had seen income proof of many top bloggers or may be you have seen someone earned $1000 online that means you can also do the same.

Yeah, there is no doubt or even not rocket science required to get yourself there, but most important thing is that you need to have right information that's why you can follow the right path, so in this article you will learn the path to follow, which I have learnt after 6 years of internet marketing, know my earning proof of about $700 from Popads only one ad network in just very small time.

Okay, if you want to see increase in revenue from blog, does not matter how much traffic you are getting on your blog, but definitely your earning will increase join now.

Yes, I am not a beginner, I have started all these in 2010 and this is also true at that time we did not have such information as today we have.

Even, barely I found good article on any topic, but today you will get lot of information on the internet yeah few of them good and may be few of them are useless, but if you are good then definitely you are going to get good information, if you want to start blog then you must use coupon code for getting hosting like Hostwinds Coupon and IOZoom Promo Code

So, today I am going to share with you 5 most important points, if you are beginner even if you are not earning money then this article is for you.

Find Out to Do Something to Make a Difference

Let's talk why you will fail?

Becuase, you will start a blog on how to make money online, affiliate marketing and these that, what you even don't know.

In this way, can you help people in which you are not good then how could be possible people will like, because what you will say even you don't know, even you have not implemented.

That is the reason people fail in blogging.

How can I say this?

Actually, since last one year I have sold over 50 copies of my paid course whose cost 1499 RS per copy, in which course I have create a blog for people provide them an e-book almost all information they required and of course a blogger template.

But, almost 85% people wanted to start blog on make money online topic and I have realized they contact me continuously only for 15 days each person then when they loose interest in it they just almost quit blogging.

But, I believe everybody is having something to get success in blogging and earn money but what is required?
  • Find out what you have [SWOT Analysis Required]
  • See yourself
  • Write what you have found, not just what you read
  • Write your own experience, share proof: would be great to attract readers in short time.

Think About Helping People 

One of my student created an application, which help others to make money from internet yeah some pocket money and he told me that he is making good money from it.

That does not mean I will do the same, if I will tried to do, most probably I will fail, because I don't have much knowledge about android app developement, well let me share with you what I have putted in this title.

Actually, I am saying think about people and what they want?

Provide them value, you will get back in return that is for sure.

Need to Have Product Around Your Blog [$$$$$]

Yeah, if you will see all top bloggers, all of them have their own products, few have many blogs and almost all of them have around their content from Neil Patel to any other Blogger who is living from blogging.

So, how can you have your own product?

What type of product you should have?
1. Informational product is much better
2. If you don't want to involve much in technology then you can try Udemy, that is a good platform to create own video course around your own interest [Earning Proof of $10,000 from Udemy].
3. You can start from an e-book like Pat Flynn did
4. Stickness to originality is the key to success

Yeah, one of the most important line I would like to share which I have learnt from one of my mentor, who is not today anymore.

That line is.

Just keep doing, one day you will be very close to perfection in your field and you know what will happen, even if you are perfect in making Tea, you can make lot of money, just people need to know about your talent, that is on your hand.

I mean there are many media for this, blogging is one of them, yeah almost forgot there are few ad networks those you can try in the beginning from those networks I have earn good money: Top CPM Networks for Publishers

Stick to It = Success

Do you believe?

what are you doing?

I mean, if you are doing in which you are passionate about then stick to it I am sure you will get success soon.

Actually, I wanted to share with you reason and my experience about it, because in this way you will come to know, what I am saying it works in real world.

Let's take an example of any teacher when started teaching, that teacher need to go here and there for an interview. But, when that teacher got awesome experience then institutes people willing to have that teacher in their institute.

That is the power of stickess and dedication, but I will definitely share with you one thing i.e. you must be passionate about it, what you are doing?

If something is not working at all then change the way you do, I am sure you will find out the way to make it happen, let me share with one inspirational story.

Before invention of bulb; Edison tried over 1000 times, what he said you know? He said I have learnt over 1000 ways, those are not working, I was not failed.

So, like the same way, if any idea is not working then change the way you do, but don't change what you wanted to become, yeah always share real experience on your blog, which will be great for people, because people will get experience of it without using it, you can even write any product after using it, may be physical goods or even digital product, I do this like I have written best payment gateway in India for small business.

And that article is just awesome, because I have been using a payment gateway which is really awesome for bloggers even, name of that payment gateway is Instamojo [Instamojo Review], yeah you must join now, because you will get 500 RS bonus just for joining.

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Of course you can become successful blogger, but you need to take action and give your 100% when are writing your content, I mean don't just think about traffic, think about why?


Why? People will come to your blog, no shortcut only hard work but use your common sense = Success?

Is there anything you need?