Best Cloud hosting in Europe- Cloud is one of the trending hosting in all over the world not only in Europe, in this article I am going to share with you list of all hosting companies, I mean those are good in providing cloud hosting in India.

So, keep reading to learn about it, if you will ask me personally which one you should use then definitely I will recommend you to go with Cloudways because are just superb, even I am giving free 14 days trial hosting for you  click here to get it now.

So, here is the list of hosting companies those are providing cloud hosting service in Europe-

Hosting Name
Starting Price
Go for it
$7 per month
$2.95 per month
$19.95 per month

I am sure you are little aware about these above hosting companies, I have listed here only about those companies, those are really good, I mean those are using by my clients or by myself, that is the main reason of writing this article and invested so much time.

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So, let's go for it, I mean how I have choose these hosting company, actually I have already connected and tracking about these hosting company, so I know they are good in their field, so here is the whole of things I have checked.
  1. How much they have experience
  2. What people are talking about, including my own client
  3. How is their customer support, that's why non techie guys can also using their hosting comfortably, this is one of the basic problem of many hosting companies, but these companies are really good in this.
  4. How is their price range
  5. How is their uptime
  6. How many servers they are having.
  7. Type of service they are providing other than cloud hosting

Why I Have Choose These Cloud Hosting Companies:

There are many companies out there those are providing cloud hosting, even those did not deal with such hosting they even entered in this to grab the market.

Especially, I will talk about Cloudways they are just simply damn awesome in this business because they are doing some wonderful job, they are providing a wide hosting platform, you can choose anyone from them, even they are providing service connected with Google.

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I am sure you have see my link to get discount right, yeah that's FLAT 14 days free trial, don't forget to take trial.

Okay, no lets do talk about FastComet, well its been long time I have been blogging tested lot of hosting companies that's why I can share with you insight information about hosting companies.

See, FastComet having different servers in different locations that's why they can provide cutting edge load speed of your website, so if you want to get such cutting edge loading speed of your website then I will definitely recommend you to go with it without any doubt, even they are offering money back guarantee.

How to Choose Best Cloud Hosting in Europe

Yeah, if you are thinking about such type of question in your head then I must say you need to look at the beginning of this page.

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There I have already shared with you the best cloud hosting in Europe, yeah you must choose according to your budget and requirement of course, in generally what people want cheap hosting, but definitely I will suggest you to buy anyone of them as I have listed above if you are looking for-
  1. Good customer support
  2. Amazing server facility
  3. Great Up-time of your website
  4. Easy switch or upgradation of your service
  5. Having good experience and reputation in this field
  6. Great pricing that's why it would be very affordable for you
Let's discuss more about these hosting companies, one by one.

Cloudways- Best Cloud Hosting Provider in Europe

About Cloudways

Well, Cloudways is located in Mosta, Malta including new feature of switching to different service providers on click, I mean this is something new which I have not seen that any other service providers are doing, I mean think about it, if you want to migrate or transfer your domain name then it takes time and of course for many it is like rocket science those are not familiar with these technical things but with Cloudways switching is simple.

Cloudways Promo Code 2019 & Cloudways Free 14 Days Trial

They are providing four different infrastructure, I will share with you in details about it, okay now lets do talk about this company, it has all started in 2011, yes you are right this is not a decade old company, but what they are offering that is I must say cutting edge service for webmasters.

If you are looking for getting cutting edge service then you need go for it, here is the whole screenshot for you, it will make you understand much better about the company from foundation and of course inspire you, because they are moving pretty fast, it even inspired me to write more about this company.
About Cloudays, Inspiring Cloudways

Top Things to Know About Cloudways

Yeah, this is my favourite section of any review articles, I have been writing review about many products since long time now like here is the Bluehost ReviewHostgator ReviewPopcash ads networks review and there are many, so I know which part of the article is important and which part is not, as this is one of the most important part of this article, because you can come to know about the product at a glance, so here you are going learn about those most important things about Cloudways.
  1. This is the first product in the market which offers to switch into different infrastructure on click {As per my knowledge}
  2. You can choose anyone service from most amazing cloud services (DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Hosting) and next one will come soon
  3. They have awesome customer support team, I must appreciate their effort
  4. Affordable hosting 
  5. Cloudways alexa ranking is 22,581 wordwide
  6. There are about 800 websites links to Cloudways
  7. You will get free SSL certificates
  8. More than 100,000 websites are hosting on Cloudways
  9. Over 31,284 servers are running and managed by this service providers.
  10. CloudWays comparison which is super, you need to look at the screen shot
Cloudways Cloud Hosting

Support Team of Cloudways

I know may be you are thinking every hosting or online service providers having great support team, you are right of course they have good team for supporting you (customers), but if you wanted to know about Cloduways support team then I must appreciate their support team, because they are passionate about their work, they love their company and as per my experience I need to tell you that they are not working they are helping others just like family members, I am sure this is one of big reason they are moving pretty fast.

List of things I like about their support team-
  • They are very friendly
  • They are humble
  • They got good knowledge
  • They are passionate about helping people through chatting
What else you want from support team, they got all, according to my own experience.

Popularity of Cloudways

As the company started its journey in 2011 and till now they are providing cloud hosting service to over 10,0000 websites then I must say they are moving very fast, now its yours time to move fast and get a new edge hosting plan.

So, already I have shared with its alexa ranking that is about 23000 world wide, okay one of the most important thing I did not share with you, its popularity on Google, if you will search the term cloudways then you will get about 87,000 search results that means this is a popular term in the internet, what you say?

Pricing of Cloudways products 

I know when pricing section come then few people said what we need to pay for this?

what do you think about pricing?

But, hosting plan always better, it is proven, because you are going to get lot of premium things with it, which is not possible with free one.

Okay, lets see the pricing of Cloudways products-
Cloudways pricing
If you need large server then they have solution for you-
Large server, Cloudways

After looking at the price plan, what you can say?

FastComet- Best Cloud Hosting in Europe

About FastComet

They have started their journey in 2013, but they have been working in this field from last seven years, but the thing is that in this very short period of time they have been grab great market and this is the big reason I am writing this article, I mean, giving my more than 10 hours to write this article and effective for you, okay by the way lets back to the company.

Lets talk about its best thing, the growth level and of course there is cutting throat competition everywhere, even then they have been able to attract customers from 70 countries is not that amazing, of course I must share with you technologies they are offering to you.

Here are on few things they are working these days-
  1. Great support
  2. Super fast speed
  3. Security
If you have question how? then keep reading you will come to know, don't worry because I am going to share with you each and everything about FastComet promo code 2021, please look at the beginning or end of the page.

Growth of FastComet

This is best part of this review, because you will be amaze after knowing its growth while having cutting throat competition, lets look at Alexa ranking of its website.

Alexa Ranking of FastComet Cloud Based Hosting Service-
  1. Its worldwide ranking is 30,975 with regional ranking in India is 6,596
  2. Its most of the visitors are from India
  3. Average spent time more than 4 minutes on FastComet website
That's all about growth of FastComet according to Alexa, let me tell you how many customers they have in 70 countries, actually these days they have over 11,500 customers worldwide.

Best Thing About FastComet

This is one of the best section of this article, because in this section I am not going to share with you all important points about FastComet that I have already added and share with you in the next section, but here you are going to learn about FastComet best thing.

Here it is, they are dealing for serving customers, that is the best thing, I have read their whole website found this fact, I am sure they are going to be one of the top notch company in the world in upcoming days, that would be for sure, another experience I got after chatting with their support team, I mean to say they are really confident on their service, which shows class.

What People are Talking About FastComet

In other words, we can say feedback, review, testimonials about its users, already I have shared with you, spent lot of time to write this article and of course still going to invest time because I wanted to make it super informational source for all those wanted to get super fast SSD Cloud Hosting service and these days everybody wanted to host their website on cloud to get faster speed, also FastComet having different locations data centres which shows unique service.

Here are some reviews screen shots of people testimonials about FastComent, first I am going to share with you Google review testimonials-
Testimonials, FastComet
Now, let me share with you FastComet client success stories, which will help you to know about their class service-
success stories,  FastComet
So, this is all about customer user experience, yes. And after looking at their expression and words about FatComet, we must say they are really happy because they choose FastComet.

Top 15 Things About FastComet

In general, I write about top 10 things about any service provider that may be hosting, ad networks or any other service providers, but here I am going to share with you top 15 things about FastComet, the reason is simple I got lot of things or must say points to share with you, so are you ready to know all those points, so lets get started-
  1. FastComet Providing SSD Cloud Hosting with Cloudware
  2. They have worldwide data centres for boosting your site speed
  3. Awesome dear, its 45 days money back guarantee
  4. You can choose your favourite app to use like Joomla, WordPress, Social Engine etc personally I used WordPress CMS.
  5. You will get free Cloudfare CDN
  6. Great support team they have
  7. All tutorials they have to start learning and implementing things if you have never done before
  8. Yeah, most important you are going to get free templates, believe me dear, I have seen its awesome.
  9. Currently they have customers in 70 countries
  10. Already they have handled 47,243+ mails that's the sign of unique support team
  11. Buy hosting from FastComet and get domain free for forever
  12. upto 300% speed of your site
  13. Fixed price no surprise bill will pop up, so complete transparency 
  14. Get backup of your site for free no extra charge
  15. I have read more than 20 people review no negative comments about FastComet.
Well, really I can not stop myself to share with you something amazing about FastComet, actually I must say finally I got something amazing for you guys, I mean this is just amazing, if any hosting company providing, may be you have all points even then let me remind you my dear as long as you will host your site on FastComet, domain name will be free and that will be forever, I think FastComet team will become top very soon and this review will help lot of people, because I am putting all insight information about this hosting company.

So, here is the screen shot of those amazing benefits of FastComet-

Products Offered by FastComet

FastComet is a cloud based hosting and that is the main reason I writing about this hosting service so lengthy because this is the only way to make my words reach to many people and of course I am sure there are many those are going get help, alright lets talk about its features, oh yes I have also shared FastComet Coupon Code, that's why readers of my blog will get help.

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They are offering only three service and of course any type of requirement you can choose from anyone of them, well the reason is simple they have categories service according to market demand.
  • Single website
  • Multiple websites
  • E-commerce
Of course may be you are looking for price tag right, so here I am going to share with you all information about its pricing, because that is also important right dear, so in the next section you are going to learn about its pricing.

Pricing of FastComet

This is one of the most important section of any hosting company, because after all it must allow your pocket, I mean it should be affordable for users, but here dear if you are looking for a hosting company, which is affordable, supportive, good track record, good uptime, cloud hosting, good speed, free domain forever then all these things can be with FastComet only.

Well, after looking at the price everybody can say this is amazing, specially free domain name for forever, at least in last five years I did not see any hosting company providing such service, have you seen?
If yes, please let me know, because it will add another one point to my knowledge, but I am sure 99.9% you will not find out such company.

RoseHosting- Top Cloud Hosting in Europe-

About RoseHosting

Well in this topic I am going to share with you dear about RoseHosting. Actually RoseHosting is a leading VPS Service provider serving many of clients in the entire world. They have been providing wide range of products and services since many years,and the noticeable thing is that they are passionate about what they are doing for their customers.

Best E-Learning Platform- Podia Discount Code

The most amazing and important one is that It was the only and first web hosting Company to offer commercial Linux Virtual Servers back in 2001. All servers are located at their data center which is in St. Louis,Missouri. They have following specifications-
  • Enterprise grade SSD storage
  • 128 GB of DDR3 system RAM or more
  • Quad Xeon CPUs or better

Here are the Services provided by RoseHosting

As I have earlier mentioned in the previous section that as per my promise you will get few coupon code from my side that will help you to get discount and thus you will be able to enjoy their products at an affordable price. Alright let me here share you all those services that are being provided by RoseHosting-
  1. Linux Shared Hosting
  2. Linux VPS Hosting
  3. VPS Hosting stacks 
  4. Custom SSD VPS
  5. One Click Install Cloud
  6. Dedicated Servers
  7. Affiliate Program
  8. Domain Registration
  9. Domain Transfer
  10. Server Monitoring
  11. Merchant account 
  12. SSL certificates

13 Things to Know About RoseHosting

In this section I am going to share about the main or in other words you can say that key feature about this hosting service provider. This section is very important for you because here you will get latest as well as useful plans that are very advantageous for hosting customers. There are many of you who have landed on this page to know in detail about features,products,prices,services,so on and so forth, of this RoseHosting.

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If you have no more time then you can go through one sight across this section. For your kind information,if you want to know about this hosting company that is RoseHosting here, in a very short interval of time then this section is very important for you because in this section I am going to share 13 things that are very amazing as well as important.

While writing this section I was of the opinion that I am able to find out 13 eye catching points about RoseHosting,but when I started writing this section,let me tell you dear that I got more points than I was thinking about this company. Here are 13 things you must know about RoseHosting-
  1. RoseHosting is one of the most affordable web hosting service provider,and if you are my blog reader then as per my promise you will get Coupon Code for discount from my side and thus you can enjoy their service at affordable price.
  2. If you are looking for VPS service then you will be pleaded to know that this company is a leading VPS provider in the hosting industry.
  3. They are providing wide range of products,those people always looking for,and these products have a lot of amazing features.
  4. Most important thing is that they are passionate about what they are doing, that is the main reason they are growing and that is why I am also spending my hours to write this article.
  5. Here you can get the best technical support team that will help you a lot and also help you to resolve your issues,or also you can consult with their support team when you need their help. And you will be surprised to know that their average response time is less than 5 minutes. This is rarely find in any other hosting company.
  6. They are providing ultra fast Linux VPS powered by enterprise SSD Drives,that is designed to exceed your hosting needs: here is the best SSD VPS Hosting: IOZOOM Coupon
  7. This hosting company is awesome,as they are providing 100% uptime guarantee unlike others.
  8. They also provide the facility of money back guarantee that is if you don't like their services for any reason by the way then in that condition your payment will be fully refunded immediately. You have to cancel their service within the initial 7 days.
  9. They also offer you the provision of affiliate program that is designed to support you as you can grow your business by earning generous recurring affiliate commissions,month after month.
  10. The fantastic thing about RoseHosting is that they have been serving thousands of Linux VPS customers in the world for over 15 years.
  11. Apart from VPS Hosting,also they have been doing their best in the fields of Shared Hosting as well as dedicated servers. They are passionate about what they are doing.
  12. They also provide the service of Domain registration,domain transfer,SSL certificates,merchant accounts,so on and so forth.
  13. A free weekly back up is also included with all their VPS hosting plans. Also more frequent back ups are available ass an additional option.
The most noticeable is that you can get a demo of all these on their official website.

Best Thing About RoseHosting

Now let me come on the other topic. In the last section you will get to know about 13 eye catching key things about RoseHosting,which is really an awesome one in the entire hosting industry.

If you want to know more about RoseHosting that is you want to know in detail about this hosting service provider in a very short interval of time then you must go through the previous section. In this section I will share about the best thing about RoseHosting,the best ever thing about this hosting service provider,see if you are looking for the best thing about RoseHosting then I have only one thing to see that is mentioned below-
  • The best thing is about RoseHosting is their wide range of products that are being provided at a very affordable price.

What People Are Talking About RoseHosting

Well in this section I will share what people are talking about products and services of RoseHosting. Many of you have landed on this page to know about their reviews as well. Let me remind you that I have earlier mentioned in the above previous section that at first I was not so interested to write this very article for this hosting company because I was not very much aware about this hosting service provider.

But later on when I have gone through many researches and reviews of this host,I was totally surprised and amazed as I came through many wonderful things about this hosting company that are rarely found in others.
Well this section is on of those,many readers are looking for,and many of you are landed on this page. Yeah it is for sure,you also need to know what people are talking about RoseHosting.

RoseHosting Promo Coupon Code with Maximum Discount

Here I am going to share with you  Coupon Code for Discount. Just follow below -
  • First of all,you need to click here and thus after that you will be on the official page of Hosting.
  • After then,there you need to choose the hosting plan and automatically you are going to get Coupon code for getting 50% Discount- ujjwal50

Actually most of the time we get motivated from others in buying any products. So similar is the concept here. Actually it happens that we get influenced from others as when multi users are saying in favor of a particular product and in real they are happy to use it,and this very aspect symbolizes any company awesome. For this very reason I am sharing this section so that you can know what people are talking about RoseHosting.
I am very much sure that you will be satisfied after going through the above review,as many customers are saying positive and are happy to go for It. Now lets move to the other important section.

Support Service By RoseHosting

Hey dear,I hope now you very much come to know about this RoseHosting,their features,their services that are very amazing in their own,their products and so on and so forth. Well in this section I will going to share about support service provided by RoseHosting. If I have any one word to say about their support team then I have only one thing to say that is they are very passionate and dedicated in their work.

Actually RoseHosting Support Team is doing awesome job. There are many ways you can get help from them. They know very well that an excellent technical support team is a guarantee for your satisfaction. That is why they provide you a wide means of communication with their highly experienced Linux admins.
  • Their EPIC support is here to provide you with excellent help every time you need. They are available every time following the basis 24/7.
  • You can contact their technical team through live chat.
  • Through email also
  • Through their Ticket System
The main thing is that their normal response time is less than 5 minutes unlike others. Guys if you are thinking about rating,then as far as the opinion of mine is concern I would like to give 4.8/5  and that's really awesome. It should be noted that these rating has been done on the basis of people reaction with them but also on the basis of my trial with their technical team. 

Products And Prices Of RoseHosting 

Well in this section I am going to share with you products and prices of this hosting service provider that is RoseHosting here. This is the most wanted section and also one of them,you are eagerly waiting for. Many readers have landed on this page to get coupon codes especially,this section would not be so important for them as in this section I am going to share about only products and prices of RoseHosting,which is providing wide range of products and services to their hosting customers.

People who are looking for hosting then this section is really essential for them. Well if you are looking for knowing all type of products that are being offered by this hosting service provider then this section is for you dear,just keep going you will learn a lot about their product as well as pricing.

As I have earlier mentioned they are dealing with wide range of hosting products,so let me list here all those hosting products that are being offered by RoseHosting, you can also check Netmoly for getting discount on hosting, Here is the page- Netmoly Coupon Code
  1. Shared hosting by RoseHosting
  2. Linux VPS Hosting by RoseHosting
  3. Custom SSD VPS
  4. One Click Install Cloud
  5. Dedicated Servers by RoseHosting
  6. Affiliate Program
  7. SSL Certificates

Shared Hosting by RoseHosting

Well here comes one of the most amazing product offered by RoseHosting. If you are looking for Shared Hosting then this section will be very important for you guys. So just keep going deeply if you are sincere about an affordable product by amazing hosting company.

Actually Shared hosting is one of the popular hosting service,see hosting is mandatory now a days but choosing right one is the smart choice. That is why I am writing this article to help you in choosing a good one,even these days I have started sharing about best companies in the world so that more and more people are going to get good hosting service. As you know very well that I am offering you few coupon codes from my side so that you can afford their product easily.
Dude,Shared Hosting is suitable not only for small businesses but also for personal websites,blogs or any website with low to medium traffic volume. Here are I am providing you some features of shared hosting. I hope you will be ready? Just keep going.
  1. They provide advanced functionality. It is extremely easy to manage a shared hosting account. All shared hosting plans come with graphical user interface,a control panel,accessible through a web browser.
  2. 24/7 EPIC support team is offered for you guys to help you,if you want any consultation. They are available every time or in other words you can say that they never sleep,or even they don't take vacations. They are always available for you to resolve your issues.
  3. Here you will enjoy the service of 100% uptime guarantee. They only reboot the physical host servers when absolutely necessary.
  4. There is also a provision of DNS Management. Unlimited DNS records can be hosted on their managed DNS Servers.
  5. Also they provide you the service of free weekly back up that means all hosting accounts are backed up weekly providing for a fast and efficient disaster recovery.
Thank you for reading.