Hello dear, how are you? I am sure you are looking for business growth or it is also possible that you wanted to start your business or even blog online, see it is also possible that you are not happy from your web hosting service providers in Japan or you have customers outside Japan right. It is also possible you are looking for shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting even dedicated server all you will get below.

So, in this blog tutorial you will learn about list of best web hosting service provider in Japan that's why you can choose the best one.

List of Best Web Hosting Service Providers in Japan

Name of the Hosting Provider
Price of Hosting Products
Overall Rating
Get the Hosting
 $2.95 per month starting price
$3.95per month starting price
$0.01 Starting price per hour
$7.95 per month starting price
I am sure you are looking for hosting companies right, well I have already shared with you all hosting companies those are really cool, based on my experience as well as what my client think about these hosting.How These Web Hosting Providers Selected

So, here are couple of things I have seen to select hosting companies-

Price of the Product-
Price plays very important role, yes you are right I am talking about budget, always choose web hosting plan according to your budget as well as budget.

I remember when I was not good in business at that I choose very expensive hosting plan, after one year I realized that which hosting plan I am using according to my requirement I am using expensive one and then I decided to use the affordable one and from that year onward I have provided same type of user experience to my users with less stress in my pocket.

That is why pricing is very important to get success in business world so always choose service according to requirement.

If you are little aware about me then may be you know that I have been blogging from last few years almost six years now and earn lot of money from ads networks but after then I realise there are many other things to do to earn good money online and exactly I am doing it. So till now I have tested lot of hosting companies, I have also shared Best Web Hosting Service Providers in Ireland

So, here I have listed those hosting companies & those I have very good experience, then definitely you are going to get lot of good hosting company.

I know it is also possible that you have gone through many hosting companies but here I am listed only best web hosting companies even these hosting companies are global leader in this vertical I am sure after choosing one of these hosting company you will be happy and you can focus more on your business than asking lot of questions to hosting support team even taking care of their servers, just choose one if you will ask me personally then I will ask you to go with fastcomet because they are really cool.

I did not get any complaint from any of my client there are many of my clients using their server and they are happy that's why they did not say anything bad thing about this hosting company even they are providing great key features with their product which is really pretty awesome.

Server Locations-
Of course it is necessary, see server locations definitely going to help to boost the loading speed of the website, which will definitely going to help users to experience sometimes for getting local server for hosting.

Sometimes it will leads you to pay lot of money but among the above list you will get almost all server locations according to your own desire location you can choose, because they have multiple server locations.

My own and client experience-
Well, its been long time I have been providing consulting service to many people those are getting such awesome customer experience of course I am learning and earning too from them [my clients are including experienced as well as newbies]

So, here I am taking my clients experience after using hosting service provider service.

Customer Support-
This is one of the important factor for hosting companies because there days even very small business people wanted to get it online presence because of this they need to have good team to help non techie guys and then they can easily solve their problems through chat or even through phone calls.

Software they are using-
There are lot of hosting companies those are providing good service by adopting latest software that's why they can meet the expectation of customers and that is really play important role especially hosting companies, because in this niche there is just too much competition and there are only few companies able to do good, because this is not only about getting software it is also about having great team to help their customers.

SSL Certificates and Other Features-
All of these hosting allow you to buy or they are providing SSL certificate for free like Fastcomet, cloudways [Superb hosting service providers because they help you to choose cloud hosting from top notch service providers under one site], but FastComet having two most important features those are free domain name forever as long as you will be keep getting their hosting service and of course you will get free SSL certificate, these two things really make me happy and of course my all customers are happy from their service.

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I am sure, it is obvious you wanted to know more about each of the hosting companies right, so here I am going to share with you all important points about each of the web hosting company those I have listed above.

They are providing multiple products, which can full fill your need with long term vision so there will not be any problem with upgradation of your hosting plan.

Here are few advantages of this hosting plan-
  • 11 Sever locations 
  • Free migration service with free domain name
  • Awesome 24X7 support service
  • C Panel interface
  • Free daily or weekly backup
  • Affordable pricing
  • Full 45 days money back guarantee
That is why this hosting is on the top of the list, so I recommend you to go ahead with this web hosting plan.

How to Choose Hosting for Your Online Business

See, there are many factors you need to see before choosing hosting company, here are the following factors everybody must followed for getting best result out of it.

So, today in this section of this blog post, I will share with you the reasons for choosing the perfect hosting for your business that's why later on you will not face any problem regarding it.

Your Users-
It is really play important role to have an idea that how much traffic you are going to drive on your website, because based on this you can choose type of hosting service. See there are many types of hosting services like shared hosting, dedicated server, cloud hosting, VPS hosting. Of course another thing I just about to forget that is SSL certificate.

Type of Online Business-
See, it is also depend on the type of business you are doing, because if you are willing to run any forum like business, even e-commerce website then I will definitely recommend you to go for dedicated IP and of course SSL certificate which will boost confidence of your users as well as it will be helpful for better ranking on search engines.

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Budget play most important role, because you must choose your hosting plan according to your own budget at least for next one year.

I have seen many bought hosting services without looking at their own budget so always check your requirement and budget then choose hosting yes if you will see that you can have better budget then you can switch to better hosting.

Location of Your Business-
See if you are providing e-commerce business in the local area then you can see the local service provider but they must have their own server at that place only then what will happen your users can browse the website faster then the web hosting company having server in any other place. Get asp.net with discount SmarterAsp Coupon Code 2021

Naked Vs WWW Domain Name-
Many times you have seen that many websites shows domain name in the search engine results with and without www.

See, there are many web hosting for Japan even for all over the world but here I have suggested only best those I have been using as well as my 1000's of readers are using these hosting company, that's why I have putted this list here, I am sure after using their service you will be pretty happy to have it.

So, I will definitely suggest you to use without naked domain name, even I will suggest you to have SSL certificate, so that is the main reason I recommend to have hosting service which will provide such thing for free.

If you are really willing to get best out of it then you need to have following things in this throat competition world those are-
  • Good content- Your content should be unique, amazing as well as crisp that's why people will love to read and of course people will love to share with others, which will be a good signal to get success in this field.
  • Good Web Template- It's like decoration of any offline shop, better decoration of your shop will be, people will love to spend more time in your shop, means more shopping they are going to do, so this will help you to get more revenue. The same way you need to make your blog template really beautiful, light and load faster, of course for loading faster you need a good web hosting, which I have already shared on the above.
  • Web Hosting- This is the key points you need to cover, when comes to blogging, we always look at cheap but you need to understand, you must not search cheap but must search affordable web hosting, because only affordable is a good keyword for this term, your budget does not allow to get VPS or dedicated web hosting then buy shared web hosting but with that buy SSL and dedicated IP, which will again boost your ranking on Google, even Google said this, then why to loose opportunity.
Can I Choose Server Outside Japan?
Well, let me tell you I am from India, but for few of my blog I choose server at Singapore because for that website traffic means users located near by that location.

What is the meaning of this?

Always choose location based on the user location, I hope you got my point. So if you are from Japan it is not necessary to choose server location Japan only.

Which Web Hosting is Best in Japan for Creating WordPress Blog?
Well, I have already listed top web hosting for you, generally if you are looking for creating Wordpress blog and if you want to start your blog and you are beginner then you can use anyone of them those I have listed on the above but you are looking for premium hosting then.

I will recommend you to choose Kinsta, which is really best web hosting for WordPress for any type of traffic with amazing uptime and loading speed.

Well, as a blogger you must take care about SEO and loading speed of the blog is also one of the factor for ranking of your blog.

So, you need to take care of it as well.

For more information you can read Kinsta hosting review 

Support Team of the web hosting-
Well, personally currently I am using 6 web hosting companies 2 local web hosting companies and four international because I have user base their so I will recommend you to use a web hosting which provides amazing support that must be 24X7.

Because in this business, you can not tell when you will face problem.

So, to resolve problem you need support from your web hosting company, so if they will provide such support then it is good. 

If they are not providing such support then I will not recommend you to go with them,

Web Security-
This is the biggest problem with this business, so I will suggest you to choose a web hosting company is having good track record from web threats.

I have face such problem with one of the web hosting company then immediately I stop using their service.

Maintenance and Take Care-
Don't just write to get traffic, understand users need and provide them time to time, I mean deliver what they are accepting to get from the article.

Any how, someone able to GIVE some free gifts then it is just superb, user love to revisit the blog again because they got something which was not expecting by that person.