When it comes to WordPress hosting especially in Europe then you must think about only few hosting companies that's why you will be happy for it, see there are many hosting companies those are doing awesome in this field but only those really take care about their customers.

That is one of the important reason, I am sharing with you this article, see here you will get all list of hosting companies those will help you to get awesome experience.

List of Best WordPress Hosting  in Europe 2021-

Name of the Hosting Provider
Price of Hosting Products
Overall Rating
Get the Hosting
£1 per month starting price
$2.95 per month starting price
$3.95per month starting price
$0.01 Starting price per hour
$7.95 per month starting price

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Now, I am planning for big, I mean I wanted to help lot of more people in coming years so, here in this article I will share with you what I have experienced through this journey, today I am not going to share with you about ad networks, not even about SEO tricks even not about affiliate marketing.

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Here are few important tips for your for starting WordPress blog right way-
  1. First step to choose right domain name based on your passion for getting traffic from search engine, if you don't have knowledge about then ask me I will help you- contact me
  2. Now choose hosting and cms, which wordpress is the best now a day but hosting I have listed above, well if you are thinking about best premium wordpress hosting then go for Kinsta.
  3. Important plugins like Yoast  and others too
  4. Installing right template, I will write more about it
  5. Start writing good content that's why people will love your content, one more thing I would like to suggest you that is create pillar contents for helping more and more people because to get people on your blog you need to write awesome content.
Top 15 Tips for You to be King on Your Niche as a WordPress blogger-
  1. Choose blog topic based on your passion
  2. Analyse top bloggers related to your passion
  3. Analyse potential readers
  4. Now start writing great content (Use headings, sub-headings, bullets, image), article length must be more than 2500 words each.
  5. Promote on social media
  6. Help others to start blog and do cross promotion
  7. Review products related to your niche, but only after using it
  8. Create YouTube channel for better promotion as well as for getting more out of it & for cross promotion
  9. Interlink your content and learn about basic SEO tips.
  10. Read other blogs and learn from them
  11. Look at the potential affiliate programs on your niche
  12. Provider the best one or recommend the best one for your readers and earn money
  13. If possible get SSL certificate for your blog
  14. Get good premium theme for your WordPress blog
  15. Be yourself

How I Have Selected These Hosting Companies for WordPress CMS-

I am sure you are looking for hosting companies right, well I have already shared with you all hosting companies those are really cool, based on my experience as well as what my client think about these hosting.

So, here are couple of things I have seen to select hosting companies-
Prince of the Product

Experience with WordPress CMS & hosting plan
If you are little aware about me then may be you know that I have been blogging from last few years so till now I have tested lot of hosting companies.

So, here I have listed those hosting companies also those I have good experience, then definitely you are going to get lot of good hosting company.

Server Locations of these hosting companies
Of course it does matters, see server locations definitely going to help to boost the loading speed of the website, that will definitely going to help users to experience better web sometimes for getting local server for hosting.

Sometimes it will leads you to pay lot of money but among the above list you will get almost all server locations according to your own desire you can choose.

My own and client experience with these hosting services and wordpress cms
Well, its been long time I have been providing consulting service to many those are getting such awesome customer experience of course I am learning and earning too from them.

So, here I have also consider my clients experience after using hosting service provider service.

Customer Support for handling wordpress cms-
This is one of the key point for hosting companies because there days even very small business wanted to get online presence because of this you need to have sound team to help non techie guys and that's why they can solve their issues through chat or even through phone calls, also I have written an article Top Web Hosting Service Providers in Ireland

Software they are using
There are many hosting companies those are doing good by getting latest software that's why they can meet the expectation and that is really play important role for especially hosting companies, because in this niche there is cut throat competition and there are only few companies able to do grow, because this is not only about getting software it is also about having great team to help clients.

SSL Certificate and Other Features-
All of these hosting allow you to buy or they are providing SSL certificate for free like Fastcomet, read FastComet Review 2021, having two most important features those are free domain name forever as long as you will be keep hosting on their server and of course you will get free SSL certificate, these two things really make me happy and of course my all clients are happy from it.

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Overall Rating-
Based on above all things, I have selected all these hosting companies, see overall rating definitely more than 4 and that is awesome is not it.

What you think about these companies list let me know and if you have experienced any of these companies then also share with me by giving comments below.