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Getting good revenue from blogging always bloggers dream, so here I am going to share with you some insight information about getting good earning from blogging see there are many those are making good money.

But, percentage is very less because they are only thinking about driving lot of traffic and generating cash from it, but in reality this is not possible if possible then again it is very less probable.

So, how can you get yourself into it, I mean getting into 3% top earning blogger, see I still believe there is nothing wrong to try something new, because who knows your new idea will work and you will get all those things what even you did not imagine.

Look at companies like-
  1. Google
  2. Yahoo
  3. Facebook
  4. WhatsApp and there are many, almost 1000's 
Can you imagine how they are getting started just from an idea, if you wanted to know more then you must watch the movie which name is The Social Network, this movie really inspired me to earn money online.

I mean first time I thought that I can do something other than doing Orkut because at that time I only had one account on social media that was on Orkut, yeah I am talking about 2008.

When I just put my legs outside world and travelling thousands of Kms to study and stay away from home, oh I am sorry its far away right.

Well, that is a different story, I will share all stories later on through video tutorials, well here are things I did to increase my revenue.

Trying Affiliate Marketing in Different Way
See, if you are only depend on ad networks then you need to think about affiliate marketing, I am not saying to complete remove ad networks code no don't do that otherwise you will see drastic decrease in revenue.

Rather try to learn, implement, definitely you will fail sometimes but it is for sure you will earn some money too, see these days I am doing massive experiment surely I will share all those with you guys but I am thinking about creating another Youtube Channel as I have started my Youtube channel earlier, which has been attracted over 17,000 subscribers and that's good is not it: Check it here Ujjwal Kumar Sen Tutorial

But, I have very BIG target, I will share here those lessons too, yeah what I mean to say is try something different and if you want to earn good money then you should try affiliate marketing and stick to it.

Using E-mail Marketing

It is also one of my favourite, see if you are newbie and don't have money to invest then you can get started with free one that is Feedburner, you can read my step by step guide for it: Feedburner Step by Step Guide for Bloggers.

And if you are really looking for starting professionally then I will definitely recommend you to go with Get Response and you can even read my review about Get Response, the important thing is that creating landing page with Get Response is really super easy.

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Launched a Question Answer Website

Actually, I have launched Q&A website name as, got SSL certificate too, but any how I am still trying to find out creative idea to promote this website, yeah I have BIG plan and doing something important that's why I am not focusing on it.

But, definitely one day it will be BIG, at least I will give my 100% to make it big, yeah need suggestions, if you have any idea regarding marketing you can comment below, it will be very helpful for this.

Started My Consultation Service
Yeah, this is really cool, I mean real money comes through this process, that's why you will see many bloggers started providing service through a small firm then later on they registered a PVT LTD company or even LLC, here like one of the blogger did his name is Kulwant Negi.

This is not all about one blogger, there are many I know more than 20 bloggers those already done this so I have started providing such service here is the output of it, its not that much still it one of the way through Instamojo sales which excludes direct bank deposit, face to face consultation and more.

Here is the screen shot and remember this is from my one product-
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I am sure you got some idea, at last I would like to share with one most important thing that is about WINNING habit, see if you will build a habit of winning then I am sure you will become a great blogger, yeah if you want to earn lot of money then definitely try affiliate marketing and sure don't forget to comment.

Thanks for reading.