Hostinger is a hosting company, that may be not as big as HostGator, GoDaddy or some others. However, with its 8 worldwide data centers, 24/7 support and a big variety of services, Hostinger has just about enough tools to compete even with the biggest players in the business.

As you may be know or don't know Hostinger is being rated as one of the fastest-growing web hosting providers

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As stated in the company’s website, it currently has over 29 million users in 178 countries and gets 15,000  new sign-ups every day - that’s one every 5 seconds! With these numbers, it is clear that Hostinger is company on the rise, and it is very difficult to ignore it. This is precisely why I’ve decided to check Hostinger web hosting services.

What is Hostinger?
Hostinger is a web hosting company that provides hosting services such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting. They also offer domain registration and website building tools. Hostinger is known for providing affordable hosting services for individuals and small businesses.

Features and Prices

Looking at the plans in Hostinger website, it becomes rather clear what is its main mission.
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 This company offers cheap web hosting, That is why Hostinger Review 2023 I am writing.  Hostinger tries to be competitive by combining superior services quality and low prices. As far as the prices go, Hostinger looks great, with $2.15 a month being one of the best deals you can find. How do the other plans fare up? In the picture below there is a list of all Hostinger web hosting plans and their starting prices.
review, analysis, hostinger, pricing

The three plans have varying price points and different features. ‘Single’ plan has limited disk space and bandwidth. In addition to that, you can only have one website and email account. ‘Premium Web Hosting’ has all of those things - unlimited. And finally, the ‘Business’ package has all the perks of the ‘Premium’ package but also includes processing power, daily backups and a free SSL certificate.

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Between the three, ‘Premium’ is the most popular plan. It comes as no surprise, as it offers unlimited websites and email accounts as well as unmetered disk space and bandwidth for a good price. Also, you will get a free domain name, which is a great plus. This is the plan I decided to test.

First Impressions

As you can see, the low $3.49 price is only available if you purchase a 48-month plan. However, the prices won’t increase too much even if you choose a shorter package.
review, analysis, hostinger, performance, pricing

I’ve decided to contact the customer support to find out more about the features and the prices of Hostinger hosting services.
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I’ve had a couple pleasant surprises here. First of all, the chat wait times were practically nonexistent, it took me only a few seconds to get connected. Secondly, it turns out that after your plan runs out, the renewal prices don’t increase. You will pay the same amount of money for the same period of services as you did in the first invoice. This is quite rare and very encouraging.

With all that in mind, it was time to check the Hostinger web hosting performance.

Panel and Performance

review, analysis, hostinger, performance, pricing

review, analysis, hostinger, performance, pricing

Hostinger panel is very easy to use and pleasing to the eye. Everything is easy to locate. At the bottom, there is always a menu that can answer many of your questions - or direct you to the chat instead. It’s simple but very efficient.

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As far as the performance goes, Hostinger put on a great show. In the few days of testing, Hostinger servers haven’t been down once and their response time have been really good.
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Same with page load times. I put on a Wordpress website and tried to test it with Pingdom’s tools. The results were very pleasing.
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In case you'd like to know more details about Hostinger's user interface, performance, and customer support, be sure to look at this review by Satori. Apart from the above, you will also find a detailed list of advantages and disadvantages of Hostinger as a hosting provider, as well as an exclusive coupon code for a 15% discount on your first purchase at Hostinger.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting-

Hostinger offers WordPress hosting, which is a specialized hosting service that is optimized for running the WordPress content management system. This type of hosting typically includes features such as automatic updates for WordPress and its plugins, as well as specialized security and performance optimizations. Hostinger's WordPress hosting plans include:
  • Single WordPress Hosting: The cheapest option, which is suitable for one website.
  • Premium WordPress Hosting: A more powerful option that can handle multiple websites and has more resources.
  • Business WordPress Hosting: The most powerful option, which is suitable for large businesses and e-commerce websites and has more resources and features.
All of them come with a user-friendly control panel, one-click WordPress installation, and 24/7 technical support.

Pricing of WordPress Hosting-
You can choose based on your need, as a beginner I will recommend you to go with Most Popular plan that is second one.

Benefits of Specialized WordPress Hosting-
Specialized WordPress hosting offers several benefits over traditional web hosting:

Optimized performance: Specialized WordPress hosting is optimized for the specific needs of the WordPress platform, which can result in faster load times and better overall performance for your website.

Automatic updates: Specialized WordPress hosting typically includes automatic updates for the WordPress core, themes, and plugins, which can save you time and ensure that your website is always running the latest version.

Enhanced security: Specialized WordPress hosting often includes security features such as automatic backups, malware scanning, and firewalls, which can help protect your website from hackers and other security threats.

Easy to use: Specialized WordPress hosting usually comes with a control panel that makes it easy to manage your website, including installing WordPress, creating backups, and updating plugins.

Technical support: Specialized WordPress hosting providers usually offer specialized technical support that can help you with any issues related to your WordPress website.

Better scalability: Specialized WordPress hosting providers offer scalable solutions, that is you can grow your website as your traffic increases and you will not have any issues with the hosting

Overall, specialized WordPress hosting can help make it easier to run and manage your WordPress website, while also providing better performance, security, and scalability.

WordPress Vs Normal Hosting Difference-

WordPress Hosting

Traditional Web Hosting


Optimized for WordPress


Automatic updates


Not Included

Enhanced security


Not Included

Easy to use control panel


Not Included

Specialized technical support


Not Included




In summary, WordPress hosting is more specialized and tailored for the WordPress platform, which can provide better performance, automatic updates, enhanced security, an easy-to-use control panel and technical support, and better scalability. While traditional web hosting is more general-purpose and may not include these specialized features.

Benefits of Self Hosting Blog-
Self-hosting a blog has several benefits over using a free blogging platform:

Full control: When you self-host your blog, you have full control over your website and its content. This means you can customize the design, functionality, and features to suit your needs.

Branding: Self-hosting your blog gives you the ability to create a unique brand and identity for your website. This can help you stand out in a crowded online space and build a loyal following.

Monetization: Self-hosting your blog gives you more options to monetize your website. You can have ads, sponsored post, affiliate marketing and many other options that are not allowed in free platforms.

Ownership: When you self-host your blog, you own your content and your data. This means you can take your blog with you if you ever decide to change platforms or hosting providers.

Scalability: Self-hosting your blog gives you the ability to scale your website as your traffic and audience grows. You can upgrade your hosting plan, add more features and functionality, and handle increased traffic without any limitations.

Analytics: Self-hosting your blog will give you access to more advanced analytics tools, which can help you understand your audience and track your blog's performance.

SEO: Self-hosting your blog gives you more control over the technical aspects of your website, which can help you improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and get more traffic from search engines.

Overall, self-hosting your blog gives you more control, flexibility, and options to grow and monetize your website.


Hostinger web hosting turned out to be inexpensive, easy to use and very powerful. Their advertisements may promise low starting prices but it doesn’t end there. This hosting provider also offers an easy to use panel, friendly renewal costs and superior performance. With 15,000 new signups every day, Hostinger are one of the fastest growing companies in the business. With these services, it is easy to see why.