Hello, guys what's up well this is really a simple and short tutorial today in this tutorial I wanted to share with you one of my latest monthly payment which I have shared on my Facebook wall, today I wanted to share here some important tips, see generally I don't share payment proof, because it leads to false inspiration because there are many messages, mails I have received regarding earning money online in short time.

But, reality is that, it is just like impossible at least according to my own view it takes time and required proper planning, strategies and of course hard work, without these its just like impossible, I know there are many bloggers those are doing superb and I like them because they are doing so very well.

So, what one advice I would like to share with you here is that:

Keep blogging consistently: yes this is the key thing to get success in blogging at least for me it happened literally I have started blogging to earn about $20 per month as my pocket money during college days, in India $20 still matters a lot and I was talking 2008 at that time you could buy a branded T shirt for this much money.

So, today here is the proof what I have got from Paypal only, well this was the payment proof of July 2017.
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I hope you got the point, if you will ask what one thing lead me to reach here that is consistent and keep moving nature helps me a lot.

Around Environment When You Started Blogging

I know when you will started out, people around you may be criticize but you don't listen to them just keep going with dedication and you need to improve yourself with time, this is really matters for me from typing speed to thinking beyond ad networks, yeah I have earned about $5000 from ad networks alone, but affiliate marketing is damn good to earn lot of money online.

If you want me to compare then I can do it, ad networks means you are doing day job and if you are doing affiliate marketing means you are doing real business, see all top bloggers those are earning good money they all are doing affiliate marketing, this is the real beauty of affiliate marketing, but of course it takes time learn and understand the system.

Provide Service If You Can Do it

Providing service really helps you to get into the market and you will earn some real cash online I have written couple of e-books of amazon got sales too, you can read here my amazon e-book success story yeah I do provide blogging service too, you can check it out if you are newbie then this is really a cool service for you.

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yeah if you are looking for such service go for it, okay lets come back to the motto of writing this article to share with an idea which will lead you to get success, as I said earlier this blog is all about a short article, so bye for today.

Thanks for reading and sharing.