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Hey, what's up guys before going to share with you all 21 tips and tricks those going to help you to have better future, see most of the time first year of engineering spend by making assignments even writing practicals those did not have any physical significance (my personal view), so here you are going to get all those 21 things those really going to improve your skills for better tomorrow.

Before going further just do one thing take a note book and write down things those are pretty useful for you, because only knowing things and reading headings not going to help you that much I want you to implement what you are going to learn here, see till now I have written lot of lengthy articles based on my own experience so like this one, it will be lengthy even I have invested my seven days to write this article that's why it will be very helpful for you.

So, lets get started-

1. Set a Target for Next Day

Yeah, as I was reading interview one of the famous cricketer MS Dhoni, one of the journalist asked him about his target he said he always look at for the next run, like the same you must look at always for the next day that's why living of that day will be meaningful hope you got the point, beside this you need to follow following things for better target-
  • Always write about your next day target on a notebook
  • Get a diary for writing about your plan
  • Always note down about your creative thinking
  • Think positive and be positive

2. Read Books Other Than Study Books for Personal Growth

Most of the time we feel burden while doing our course work but in actual it is so simple and study engineering is really simple and this is really easy.

May be you are thinking come here and then you will understand dear I was in the same condition but with time I make it easier by using tips and tricks, I mean the method of study matters a lot for making your study easier for you.

Oh yeah I wanted to tell you one thing when you got bored from studying your course books look at other books those really going to help you to have bright future, few books really I will like to recommend you few books those are-

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Think Big
  • The Laws of Success
  • Think and Grow Rich will update an image here with lot of books those I read and am reading.

Here are steps to read these books effectively-
  • Read only few pages every day and then write on a note book what you got from it
  • After reading each chapter always think how you can implement tips and tricks even lesson you have learnt from the chapter.
  • After reading the book pass to someone, who can read the book and utilize things written, this is from my side.

3. Attend Seminars All Held at Your College

At this stage I will not recommend you to attend paid seminars well if your pocket allowed then you may go outside for attending seminars but for a purpose, that would be much better.

Especially those seminars will held at your college you must attend all of them, don't just seat there but always try to get something from there that's why it would be fruitful for you and what you are understanding, write on your note book with mentioning everything like-
  • Date of the seminars
  • Person behind the seminars
  • Agenda and what you have got there write in points that's why later you can recall those things easily.

4. Don't Waste Time on Social Media

See, social media is a cool thing which helps us to get connected with all at a time without spending much money.

That's why people are using it, but using social media unnecessarily is really bad for your health, future, even for your family.

So, use it but effectively, do you know there are almost all business people used social media to get connected with their fans even there are thousands those are making healthy income from online.

How you can earn money from social media-
  • Create a page 
  • Share interesting facts 
  • Ask people
  • Engage and grow then later you can think for big business and make huge profit like RVJC may be you have seen their updates on FB.

5. Attend All Lectures Including Practicals

I have seen there are about 80% students don't put interest in class rooms and even in labs! don't do it, even if you are reading this article till now then I have to tell you that you have long way to go because I have put lot of information for you just keep reading.

See, for studying in college you have invested lot of money so always try to get benefits from it, what attracting you right now don't think about it other than study, I mean here is the simple steps for you-
  • Put study on the top priority 
  • And rest others are secondary 
Remember these two steps these will help you a lot for your bright future.

6. Sleep at Night at Least for 6 to 7 Hours

Most of the time engineering students sleep late night sometimes even 2 AM, 3 AM even few 4 AM don't do this, it will leads you to have serious health problem in future so try to maintain healthy routine I mean what you are doing at night those things you can do in the day time right.

So, my advice is to do following things-
  • Take dinner before 9 PM 
  • Go to bed before 11 PM
  • Get up about 5 AM
  • Do exercise for half an hour
  • Have heavy break fast for healthy life style

7. Exercise Daily at Least for 30 Minutes

Well, I am writing this section in the morning after doing exercise which helps me to keep healthy and fresh for entire day that's why I can work smoothly may be you have seen there are many those are facing pro long health problems right because they did not practice exercise daily.

I am not saying run for 10 Kms every day in the morning time, I will tell you to do few steps-
  • Get up early in the morning about 5:30 AM in the winter and 4:30 AM in the summer time or before sun rises and drink a glass of water if little warm that would be just too good.
  • Go for walk at least 15 minutes
  • Do at least three yogas for 15 minutes daily and that's it

8. Start Preparation for GATE, SSC CGL and UPSC Examination

This is real information, most of the time first year students come know about social media, chatting even all those about non productive which have no significance for bright future, but these examinations can change your life, because dreams will become a reality because all these examinations are having class for this required many things but after cracking you will lot of options what may be you don't have today so go for it and have options later on.

Decision is yours after all its your life.

Here are things you can do for better preparation-
  • Start doing preparation specially General knowledge and aptitude these are really important to crack any competitive examination and one thing is really pretty clear especially for having good knowledge in GK you need to study for year.
  • What ever you are studying make a short note of each and every technical subjects including maths which will help you to crack GATE, well if you are a Mechanical Engineer then you can watch this youtube channel well you will surprised after looking at the channel yeah don't forget to subscribe.
How to do preparation (Self Study)
  • Find out a BIG reason to crack these examination
  • Make a proper time table for study
  • When you are studying only study nothing else.
  • Solve numerical as much you can, which is the only way to get rid of cracking these competitive examination.

9. Learn to Speak in Front of People with Confidence

One skill is required everywhere even as a student, teacher, principal, CEO, manager even for a shop keeper.

Better communication skills you have while talking with your known, even with strangers better situation you can create.

Now how you  can able to have good communication skills to be frank there is no shortcut way for it so here are steps you need to flow-
  • Start thinking before speak
  • Talk less but talk quality things with logic
  • Whenever you are getting opportunity prepare well and speak well, I mean at least from your side give your best and learn from others as well as from your mistakes that's why you will not repeat your mistakes.

10. Participate in Inter College Competitions (GD, PPT, Extempore, Debate)

From here I have started my new journey I mean other than study, it was 2009 I have participated in GD and I got first position in that GD and then I came to know there are many things about GD and of course later I have learnt a lot from professional trainer about communication skills, GD and all about personal development.

So, I advice is to you, don't waste time in college festival rather participate in events win or loss does not matter at least you will learn something there which will help you a lot in future, I really mean it.

11. Learn Blogging but Follow Your Passion

This is my favorite, because of this you are reading this article, so create your blog for free or if you are serious about earning money online then you can get my service for having a professional blog for you only for RS1499 check all details.

Here is my latest latest income proof from single niche blog-

Here are few amazing steps to start your blog to build an online business to earn money online-
  • Find out your interest, choose topic related to your study that's why it will help you from both sides.
  • Choose the platform either blogger (Almost zero investment) or wordpress (about $100 you need to invest)
  • Don't look at others even compare with others, always compare with yourself for growth

12. Drink Plenty of Water Daily at Least 6 Litres

Drinking plenty of water always helpful to be healthy, you and me both know your health is the greatest wealth so to be healthy you need to drink plenty of water.

One more thing try to drink little warm water which will help you to have better digestion as well as it is better to drink cold water, specially after getting up in morning drink at least a glass of water.

13. Avoid Bad Habits and Stay Away from Aimless People

There is huge difference between mistake and bad habits, let me tell you in simple language when you are making any mistake again and again then it becomes bad habit for you.

Which is not good at all and one more thing to overcome from any bad habit it will take time yes it will take time.

And those are aim less people they must have any bad habit so stay away from such people if you wanted to have any aim in your life, I am sure you wanted to have an aim in your life, that's why still you are reading this article.

14. Improve Your Hand Writing

It was 2002 when I was studying in class 8th at that time my hand writing was poor and when I have written something and someone very special come to my home when that person seen my hand writing that person did not impressed.

That is why I have start thinking about improving my hand writing, after long time of thinking and experimenting I have found few steps to solve this problem and let me tell you for getting good marks in the examination there are three most important factors-
  • Answer
  • Representation and
  • Hand writing
These three things are really important I mean after writing more than 300 times examinations I have learn this.

Okay there are golden tips for you to improve hand writing, are you excited I am sure you are so lets go for it.
  • Mind set is required that you can improve your hand writing
  • Try to write little slow and put effort while writing
  • Buy different pens and write for a week with one pen and then you will see the result that with one pen your hand writing is the best than others and then stick it.
  • Repeat above all steps for getting the best one.

15. Travel and Explore Different Places

This is the best part of my life, till now I have lived in more than 8 states in India since childhood and my planning to live in more different places. Recently visited Katra (Mata Vaishno Devi), Amazing Peace you can feel there.
mata vaishno devi, karta near helipad, blogger
Here are few places I have already visited-
  1. New Delhi (Indian Gate, Lal Kila, Lotus Temple, Akshardham, Qutum Minar and so on)
  2. Bhubaneswar (Good place to visit temples, parks and so on)
  3. Kolkata (Lots of places to visit including museum, science city and parks)
  4. Puri (Temple and amazing beach)
  5. Cuttack (So many good doctors are there)
  6. Mukutmanipur, West Bengal (Bride by soil its amazing)
  7. Kurukshetra (Good university, temples)
  8. Jaipur (Amber fort, Jal Mahal, Jantar Mantar, City Palance, Birla temple and so on)
  9. Jaishalmer (Golden fort and amazing market)
  10. Pushkar (Amazing crowd, small market and temple)
  11. Ajmer (Great lake, Dargah)
  12. Ponta Sahib (small hills, don't forget to take langar there)
  13. Dehradun (Maggie point, Temples, beautiful city)
  14. Haridwar (Amazing to take bath in Ganga, Temples)
  15. Kullu (Amazing city, Temples, view)
  16. Manali (View, Temples, hill)
  17. Shimla (Temples, Toy Train, View, Ridge)
  18. Kasauli (View, Monkey Point)
  19. Jammu (View, Katra Mata Vaishno Devi)
  20. Bangalore (Amazing city, awesome weather)
  21. Dharamshala (Bhagsunag fall, Amazing view, Naddi, Temples, Awesome market)
  22. Una (Good market, beautiful city, temples)
  23. Naina Devi
  24. Chamba (View, Temples, Minjar International Fair)
  25. Khajiar (Mini Switzerland)
  26. Dalhousie (View)
  27. Ranchi (Beautiful city, Temples, Malls)
  28. Dhanbad (Temples, Good for street food)
  29. Agra (Temples, Taj Mahal)
  30. Mathura (Good city, Temples)
  31. Brindaban (Good city, Temples)
  32. Bhopal (Lakes, Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, Park)
  33. Indore (Temples, Rajwada, Sheesh Mahal, Food Poha)
  34. Rishikesh (Awesome desi oil food, for bath, temples, view )
  35. Ujjain (Awesome city, temple) and so on

16. Do One Job at a Time

Yeah, this is an important thing, many students I have seen, they sit in the class room and they prepare assignments for any other subjects in this way they are killing their precious time and leaving something important behind it and which is really crucial to understand.

How to get it-
  • Don't delay any work for short time pleasure which will hurt you for long time
  • Don't sacrifice your study time to just make happy anyone else every time
  • Read above two sentence again to understand about it in depth.

17. Solve Numerical from Different Books


It matters a lot.

Especially buy two books for getting good knowledge about solving numerical problems and another thing never ever see the solution to solve it rather if you stuck somewhere, which is sure you will be.

Then study your reference book and then start solving in this way you will learn a lot of more things and don't stop keep solving yeah I will definitely tell you to buy few books-

18. Have a Vision for Your Life

I have many students those are just ideal in study but I am sure if they will be like this they are going to live average life and I don't want that do you know why I am saying so because they don't have vision for their life.

This is one of the most common problem of students especially those are in UG (Like B.Tech) course because they did not see the real life, when you need to think for eating single time from arranging to taste of the food.

Yeah, if you have taken coaching or lived away from home then may be you are understanding my point, how to find out vision for your life:

Do SWOT analysis, let me share with you what you need, take a piece of paper and then then put plus sign and then write four different words-
S- Strength
W- Weakness
O- Opportunity
T- Threats

and now write all points there and don't do this in a day take your time and then write because you need to make it effective and then choose which one is best for you, you can ask any body for knowledge but final decision must be yours.

19. Help Others When You Got Chance for Good of the Society

Yeah, being helping nature is good but never give anything to anybody for free because in this way you are making that person habituate of getting things for free.

Rather make that person to work for getting something, which will help a lot for making a stronger society because people will be there for working and this is really needed.

20. Love Your Mom and Dad

Yeah, this is the opportunity to give back something to your real GOD because they made it happen to see this world so always remember them and even at their old age you must provide them all necessary things they required, because they have provided you all necessary things you required that's why even you are reading this article.

That's why they will feel proud of you and remember if you can be a good son/daughter then this is pretty sure that you will be a good DAD/Mother too.

21. Listen More Than You Speak

Hey hold.

If I am saying this then I mean it, think about it what you speak?

What you know right?

Now what you listen may be you know or don't know that means if you will listen then you will learn more, right.

That's why I have putted this heading here because most of us always ready to speak but you need to listen to others also, which is also helpful for your self development.