As David Beebe puts it, “Content marketing is like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date.”

So, you have to prepare for it like you would for AKTU Examination. Your story has to be just right, and your narrative interesting enough that the reader decides to come back for a second visit; if you are a blogger, you know exactly what I am talking about! But if they do visit, how do you make them stay?

In a fast-paced world, who is always in a hurry to jump to the next interesting thing and a large sum of our audience being students who are preparing for exam like JEE Main to get admission in Engineering colleges in India, it isn’t easy to catch someone’s attention for long enough to get your message across. So, I have made a list of a few ways that you can write a captivating blog that keeps your viewers interested in long enough for a happy ever after.

8 Tips to Increase Time on Site

Kick-ass Content

As I have quoted Mr Bill Gates before in my post Video Content as a New King of Digital Marketing, Content is King! Even hosting you can check VirMach Hosting which is really good hosting company. Your posts have to be exceptionally interesting to have a good inflow of traffic. Have an archive of engrossing articles, each specific to a particular topic, explaining it in detail! This information based selling point makes your post a good read, and worthy of your readers time.

Internal Linking is a Good Habit

When writing an article make sure that you interlink it with your other relatable posts (Make sure the links open in a new tab).

This gives you free advertising for all the other pages that people might not visit generally. It also increases your site’s SEO, and reduces the Bounce rate, and all for free!

Make your Page User-Friendly

Your reader cannot like your content if he/she cannot read it in the first place! Increase your font size.  Organize your post and categories them into headings, and subheadings, this helps your content to not look boring.

See to it that the article is divided into paragraphs, as smaller chunks are easy for the reader to digest.

Make Your Site Attractive

Design your site to give it a more personal touch. Make it simple and clutter free, so that the reader can be focused and is engaged for a longer duration. Put up your popular posts first, and display your esteemed archive. This makes your site attractive and inviting!

Add Images and Videos for Best Results 

All the good websites use background images as these make their site fetching. Use good quality images and videos in your post, this boosts you up in the search engine, and makes you googles favourite! Your digital content also makes your post engaging, if you don’t believe me, check out YouTube’s daily traffic, it makes my point perfectly!

Offer Content Upgrade to Your Readers

Top marketers use content upgrade as a tool to increase traffic. You basically give offer your readers extra bonus content by signing to a mailing list or filling out their information. And this works perfectly as everybody loves them some bonus! Your readers are engaged and return to your site by this simple technique.

Comments Are Invited!

Invite people to leave comments behind. This is the best way to analyses your contents performance and is also very engaging. Add your personal voice to the narrative of your blog though, only then do the readers feel encouraged to comment.

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Win the Trust!

Win your readers trust by adding testimonials and bios with pictures. This makes your site more related and wins you a ton of credibility. You can also add awards and recognition you have received, this is always for business.

Try these tips, as they are the steps to your blogs success, and are bound to help you increase the time viewers spend on your site. And have revisits from your old readers! Here is to have your content loved, and Happy Blogging!