I am Ujjwal Kumar Sen, well if you are new to this blog that's why I am sharing my name here, okay lets come to the point straight forward, because I wanted to give exact 15 tips which you need to earn next $10,000 I know there are many those are looking for such money even there are many those are looking for more.

So, here I will share with you my own experience about it for you, which will help you to get success in internet marketing world from blogging (affiliate marketing).
#1. Start Searching for Opportunities
Opportunities are always there it is upto you, how, when and where you can find about it, because time always matter, there are thousands looking for such thing in order to get success like you, few get success few failed.

So, the big difference between successful and unsuccessful person is itself, please read the sentence again & again, it is really helpful.

Here are few best ways for searching opportunities-
  1. Read other blogs
  2. Watch interviews of success people
  3. Observe other bloggers
  4. Read books
  5. Understand the market need
  6. Analyse problem of people
#2. Networking with Others
Networking with others will help you to get sponsored post, new opportunities, guide even secret to get success in the internet marketing world.

See, in the internet marketing world finding out the way to get success in almost everything then scaling which is super easy, even top affiliate marketers learn from mistakes and they find out the way from hit and trial method.

One of the best way to network with others is social media as well as attending events related to blogging, affiliate marketing.

#3. Make a Local Groups
If you are living around people those think like becoming something in life then you will get positive energy from them, which will push yourself like you have seen in Gym, because of environment everybody do their best but alone it is like impossible.

I know even you will spit impossible it will become I'm Possible, but still there are something those are impossible.

By the way, make a group of people those wanted to succeed and then stat chatting with them to know what is working and what is not?

#4. Start Niche Blog to Know More About Blogging

One of the best way to learn about ranking and getting traffic quickly is niche blog, I know you will not get success from it so quickly, but yes you will learn a lot and even investment is quite less just get a domain name and set a blog on blogger, which will provide you world class hosting and of course easy to use platform even for newbies.

Here are few things you need to take care-
  1. Target an event 3 months earlier.
  2. Learn basic SEO (Keyword research, title, keywords in domain name, heading, meta tags, meta description, back links (no follow & do follow) Complete Guide for SEO
  3. Make partnership with anyone for writing content, backlinks and other staff because alone it will be difficult to do things on time.
  4. Use social media to promote content on daily basis before event
  5. Write all steps you are doing that's why you can review later, which will be helpful for your next event blog.
Note: Don't except success on your first event blog, because it is the way to learn about it in better way quickly.

#5. Start Attending Conferences

Especially in India there are many workshops, conferences held every year now a day even every month, I do attend few of them every year in order to understand the trend.

Here are few conferences I have attended recently-
BLOGX Delhi 2018-

Earning Lab Gurugram 2018-

#6. Listen to Music
Sometimes we feel bored at that time to get energy you can listen to music of your choice which will provide you mental peace, which I have personally feel, that's why I am sharing here.

Now, the question! what type of music is best for you?

Then the answer is depend on the situation, what type of situation near by you, based on it you can listen to music, okay sources you know better than me.

#7. Set a Target: An Unique Approach to Get Success

It's like goal setting, oh yeah what I am going to share with you, I am sure no body is talking about right now in the internet according my knowledge.

See, I know everybody is talking about goal setting, but how to do it nobody is talking about in the right way, I mean which is possible for all of us, like for you as well as for me, which process I follow that can be followed by anybody.

So, here we go, set target for daily, I mean what you wanted to do today till you are not getting what you wanted to get from blogging, then you can go for long term goal (Implement it for few days you will come to know power of this practice.)
#8. Be Yourself
Read all top blogs but don't copy them otherwise you will not get that much result as you are expecting, always read their blogs to find out the path to get success, I mean you will find out-
  1. How they are making money?
  2. What they are doing?
  3. Their writing styles.
  4. How they are promoting their content?
  5. Platform they are using.
  6. Tools they are using and so on.
And one more important thing, choose topic from your passion to write on your blog, otherwise after few days you will loose interest in blogging because you will not earn money in a week it takes time to earn decent money.

Yeah, one short cut is there if possible then get trained by someone who already done pretty well in blogging that's why you will get ready made path for yourself to get success easily.

NOTE: You can get my 1499 RS course which is super easy and valuable product for all newbie those wanted to earn money online.

What you will get?

  • A ready made blog including 
    • My support
    • a .com domain name
    • SEO friendly template
    • One do-follow backlink (Just for new customers not for existing customers)
    • Get access to promote product to earn about 40% commission.
    • An e-book to get basic knowledge about blogging.
#9. Take Care of Your Health
Many when they have started they forgot everything like
  1. Study
  2. Home
  3. Health
  4. Relationship and almost everything
But, at the end do you know they fail and they even never tried of course they shared with others that don't try to earn money online.

See, in actually this is not true right, because there are many those are making lot of money if you will attend conferences or any kind of workshop then you will come to know many of us making lot of money and which is never been possible with physical world, even there are many they got fail in college they are doing super awesome in digital marketing then why can not you.

So, I will suggest you give time and learn from every day but don't sacrifice your personal life which is also important after all you are doing all these to live better life.

#10. Start Your Own YouTube Channel
Yes, I do have a YouTube channel which is having about 40,000 subscribers and one of the preferred channels for mechanical engineers for gate preparation, I have created this channel because teaching is my passion.

I will definitely recommend you to start your own channel in which you are passionate about, here are few things you need to take for proper YouTube channel and to get success quickly-
  1. Make a list of all popular channels around your passion
  2. Watch their videos, figure out their strength, their weak point
  3. Now take all together provide better version to people
  4. Never forget to share on your social media profile about your work
  5. Collaborate with other YouTubers for getting success quickly, you can reach them through mail even through social media.
Note: YouTube is one of the best place to test your passion and earn money see there are many ways like affiliate marketing (Almost all YouTubers does by giving affiliate on the description about tools they used and they earn pretty good money), own services related to the channel, of course from Google Adsense, which is really pretty good, even I love it.

Most important FANS!
#11. Follow Your Passion
Why I am saying this? Because when you will starting out may be you will make more money so at point you will be upset because in business you will definitely face up and down so always try to make proper mind set, because you have to control your self all situation.

Here, is one of the most interesting part you will see money will come to you, even you don't required that much at that time help others to get success in life.

But, figuring out your passion is one of the most important part, because most of the time we got confused with interest and passion, let me give you an example who does not want to get success, I am sure everybody (Hard work = success, in reality only few go for it just think about right from school time only one student top in every class)

But, what is the fact there are only few percent, even in the blogging world this is the same, only few percent bloggers are making decent money, because they find out the way to earn money.
  1. Figure your passion
  2. Create a website around it
  3. Help others don't even thinking about money
  4. One day you will get everything what you want from it?
Remember: Big Problem you will solve more money, fans, status, opportunity you will get.
#12. Find Out Simplest Solution for Problems
See, all business around you from food shop to medical shop, what they are doing they are solving problem of people and because of that they are charging, big problem they are solving in simplest way more money they are making.

Here, recently solved problems in the market-
  1. Hiring Car on rent for short route even long route for affordable price.
  2. Medical Facility at your door step
  3. E-commerce for shopping online and getting product at your door step even cash on delivery.
  4. High speed internet in affordable price
  5. Online Payment gateway to collect payment
  6. Buying food online from your favorite restaurant and get it on time at your door step
#13. Don't Try to Do Everything By Your Self
Yeah, in this process I have learnt a lot but wasted lot of time, it could be much better if I had hired someone to do it, but I am not repeating the same mistake, here are few things you will try to do from your self, I have tried because I wanted to learn it, but I was wrong so I will not suggest you to do the same, as a blogger or even affiliate marketer you will try all these-
  1. Writing Article (Write only on your personal blog and based on your experience in order to provide best and unique content to your readers, like this article I have written myself and invested about 8 hours to complete it).
  2. Designing (Don't do it, hire designer: If you are facing budget problem then you can contact me, I know few designers they are good even they are pretty affordable).
#14. Don't Live Alone if You Are Living Away from Home
Yeah, this is my personal experience, because in life you will definitely face problem it may be anything may be
  1. health problem
  2. shifting problem
  3. money problem
  4. need help or anything 
So, if you are living with someone known then definitely you will get instant help.

Which will be pretty good, what do you think let me know, because I have put this option based on my personal experience.
#15. Read Other Blogs on Daily Basis & Watch Interview of Successful Bloggers
Do you know this is the section which I have started writing first but putted at the end because this is one of the most important section of this blog post.

See, if I have earned this much money then definitely there is maximum chances of getting idea from watching interviews, because if you will read other blogs those already making money then I am sure you will find out the way as they are doing.

See, I agree that you need to do hard work, there is no shortcut to get success, but yes even it will take years, you can do it in very short period of time if you have right guidance, if possible hire someone who can help you for step by step guide to get success.

Invest in learning for getting best out of it, see internet is huge once you will find out one way to earn money online then there are many ways will be open in front of you, but till that time you need to hustle and of course keep trying.

So, I have shared with you my own experience about affiliate marketing, actually I have used different affiliate offers to reach this goal but these days I am experimenting more and more I know most of the cases I will fail but definitely I will learn from each and every case, even single of my experiment will get success then it will be pretty fruitful.

What do you think about my affiliate marketing journey?