Are you looking for quality hosting from Coast to Coast or even multiple cloud solutions hosting for your site then this is the perfect hosting service provider for you, well after doing lot of research and reading review, asking my friends I am writing review as well as sharing some great plans for you that's why you will get the things you are looking for.

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First of all, when first I come to know about this hosting then I was not putting that much interest to write article but after asking one of my internet friend as well as checking their website properly I have decided to write article about this company, because they are providing great services in very affordable price.

If you are looking for shared hosting as well as VPS Services and all, for very affordable price then this is just amazing, of course its about long time they have been in this business, that's really awesome for us, so lets go for the things.
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Things I Am Going To Share Here About ChicagoVPS

Yeah, in this section I am going to share with you all table of content about ChicagoVPS , which is really a good company, well I am really happy because I have been sharing with you.

I am really happy to recommend this hosting service to one of my friend, because he is handling number of websites and one day he called me for knowing any good hosting service provider which company dealing with re-seller hosting, affordable, good service as well as having identity, that's why today I am writing such awesome review about ChicagoVPS Black Friday Deal 2021. This is really good to uplift the business of the people who are really looking for the hosting.

Here are the list of the things that will be discussed in this article.
  • About ChicagoVPS
  • 13 Things to Know About ChicagoVPS
  • Best Thing About ChicagoVPS
  • What People Are Talking About ChicagoVPS
  • My Personal Experience With Their Customer Support
  • Products and Prices of ChicagoVPS

About ChicagoVPS

ChicagoVPS started offering OpenVZ based on VPS services in Chicago, IL back in 2009. Today as I am writing this article they have been expanding and offering to include KVM based VPS servers and Dedicated servers in multiple different markets in USA and that is the main reason people are asking about this service provider, I am sure this service provider is going to rock in upcoming days even these days..

This is because they are providing wide range of products and plans and of course with key features, already shared with you guys in the next section about its service and all important aspects about this company. I have also written coupon for hosting here is it SmarterAsp Discount Code

In 2015 ChicagoVPS was acquired by it's primary supplier, VSNX. Since then, they have been working to make ChicagoVPS the leader in quality VPS services.

One of the main thing is that they value each client and work hard to make sure everyone has to best experience possible wwith their virtual private server.

Here are Services ChicagoVPS is Offering- 

Alright here in this section you will come to know about all services offered by ChicagoVPS.
  • Windows VPS
  • Cloud VPS 
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Linux VPS
  • DDoS Protected VPS
  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting

13 Things To Know About ChicagoVPS

While writing this section, I was thinking as I am able to find out 13 eye catching points for you, but later when I have started writing, let me tell you guys I got more points than I was thinking about this company, because this is really an amazing company, one more thing, if you wanted to know more about this company in very short period of time then this is one of the amazing section, because here you will find out only key points about ChicagoVPS promo code 2021, so are you ready to go for it, I am sure you are?
  1. One of the affordable and quality services provider, they are having their own datacenter. This is really great.
  2. One of the best service provider if you are looking for windows VPS as well as Cloud VPS.
  3. Also they have awesome customer support service, you can get your matter resolved. 
  4. ChicagoVPS is unique in the virtual private server market given the resources of it's parent company.
  5. They haave been in business for years, and have real employees based in the United States and are incorporated in the state of New York.
  6. They are having ton of network connectivity in each datacenter. All their datacenters have minimum N+1 redundancy, your servers stay online and cooled even in the event of a power outage.
  7. ChicagoVPS is having the best technical support team for their customers. They are just aweosme in their own way as they are dedicatd foor the quality of their services. 
  8. ChicagoVPS have 4 layers of security at each data center. This include security staff, visitor screening, two factor authentication scanners and recorded CCTV video surveillance.
  9. They are providing qquality hosting from Coast to Coast.
  10. One of the feature includes providing highest data security along with that of the performance in mind concept.
  11. You will get the services of Multiple Cloud Solutions.
  12. Their staffs are providing excellent level of service.
  13.  The real symbol of excellent service is that they are passionate about what they are doing, that is the main reason they are growing and that is why I am also spending my hours to write this article.

Best Thing About ChicagoVPS

Just couple of minutes, I was thinking what to share with you, I mean what is the best thing about ChicagoVPS, so finally I am decided to write about their two things because they are doing both just great, yeah in this section you are going to know two best thing about ChicagoVPS, in general I shared only one reason but here for this hosting service, I have to share with you two reasons because both of them are tied according to me, here are both of them. Recently I have shared about BanaHosting Promo Code 2018 & of course one of the premium hosting review that is Kinsta WordPress Hosting Review.
  1. Quality Service of this hosting company.
  2. Great customer support

What Clients are Talking About ChicagoVPS

Yeah, this is what people usually looking for, because when you will see multiple users are talking about the product and they are happy to use it, it shows that they are really doing well in this field, like here the same ChicagoVPS done awesome. There is a good image of the service provider in the market. Clients are really very happy by this ChicagoVPS promo code 2021 as they are really providing the quality service to the people.

Let me here provide the screenshot of the Client's thinking about the ChicagoVPS.
Clients, Opinion, ChicagoVPS

 Here are the another one -

Clients, Opinion, ChicagoVPS, Services

My Personal Experience With Their Customer Support

JixHost support team is doing awesome job, let me tell you one of the case study by me, I wanted to test their support team knowledge as well as interest to help others, actually there are three ways to get help from them-
Live Chat [I have experience it]
Ticket Support [Very good response telling you from my own experience]
And of course phone support
These three ways you can get help from them, when you wanted to get help, well for the study I had a long conversation with their support team and I found they are doing awesome job, if you are thinking about rating, then I would give 4.8/5 and that's pretty awesome.

Products And Prices Of ChicagoVPS Hosting services

Now here in this section I am going to talk about the products as well as plans and prices of the ChiacagoVPS. 

Windows VPS

Here are some of the things about the Windows VPs.
  • You will get the fast as well as simple Windows VPS to use. This is really great and one of the thing people are looking for.
  • Also there is easy control panel. Therefore the point is that your windows VPS will come with a control panel.
  • Apart from the control panel there you will get the availability of Windows Remote Desktop and thus dear you can log in there. 
  • One of the main thing is that you will get the facility of 24/7/365 support service. This is reallyy awesome. 


Now here is KVM VPS. A KVM VPS is nothing but a Virtual Private Server which sits on top of a physical dedicated server. And there are a lot of things here about the same KVM VPS. Let me share with you all the things. 
  • The first thing is that your KVM VPS will be fast as well as very simple to use. 
  • And another thing is that KVM VPS comes with a contro panel as well.
  • There is quality Hardware. KVM VPS nodes are quality SuperMicro Servers.
  • There is good technical support as well and they are always ready to help you and thus you guys can get your matter resolved.

Cloud VPS

Cloud VPS servers of ChicagoVPS are industry standard in reliable as well as cost effective OpenVZ based VPS servers. Here are some of the features.
  • 24/7 Support service is for you.
  • Control Panel for your Cloud VPS.
  • Quality Hardware

Dedicated Servers

Their Smart Server Lineup combines the benefit of dedicated, non shared resources with the flexibility of cloud like features.

Linux VPS


DDoS Protected VPS

Shared Hosting 

Well you guys are looking for more than just web hosting, so ChicagoVPS promo code 2021 is for you here, the more affordable approach to secure web hosting solutions.
Here are some of the features mentioned below-
  • High Performance, there is high spped web hosting with Enterprise Infrastructure. 
  • is built to please even the most particular customers.
  • Enhanced Security
  • Unbeatable support for the ChicagoVPS customers is available as well.
  • Uptime is 99.9%. 

Reseller Hosting 

Here features include high security, good technical support, also 99.99% uptime guarantee, apart from this there is ChicagoVPS which operates 24 hours a day and having their entire infrastructure which is built for performance only.