Hi, this is Ujjwal Kumar Sen, I know you are interested in digital marketing, yeah that's cool even you wanted to get success and dreaming about quitting job and enjoying tension free life right, then let me tell you.

Next Upcoming Event- India Affiliate Summit Gurugram 2018 (Free Passes & Discount Coupon)

Yes, you can do it!

Got Shocked, yeah you read it right, because I believe if I can do it you can even do it.

High Traffic Summit Delhi 2018 Schedule
schedule of high traffic summit

Here are list of speakers of this event-

1. Deepak Kankakaraju (Did not present there because of some emergency)
2. Sanjay Shenoy
3. Pradeep Goyal
4. Kulwant Nagi
5. Gaurav Gurbaxani
6. Saurabh Choudhary &
7. Avi Arya

My Personal Experience About High Traffic Summit 
I went there earlier, well it is a good hotel (Vivanta by Taj)I must say that, of course they choose great place to reach easily even by metro, Venvanta by Taj is about 800 m far from Dwarka sector 21 metro station.

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Alright, if you are beginner then for pumping up you can attend such event but according to me the best speaker of this event was different in different prospective.

Sanjay Shenoy- He has done great job in the beginning, shared good content related to getting success in content marketing.
Pradeep Goyal- Quite inspiring those just wanted to start
Kulwant Nagi- Not for beginner, because good tools need investment and nobody wanted to invest such amount at beginning, yes if you can implement those steps you could make huge money.
Gaurav Gurbaxani- Good presentation again not for beginner but yes those have agency they can get good help from the presentation
Saurav Choudhary- He shared more theoretical things, overall its average. &
Avi Arya- He was just too good, actually he was sitting with me at the event.

What are the Best Things I Learnt-
Yeah, I knew all those things but after listening to them I am sure that these things does work, here is the list

  1. Take Action
  2. Keep doing
  3. Keep improving
  4. Try for new ways
  5. Always ready to face challenges
  6. its not free, you need to put effort but outcome will be compouding
At the end I must say that its you.
Food At High Traffic Summit Event
I love sweets and at the event sweets was quite amazing, well if you will ask me for rating then I will give about 7.5/10 for food, because it could be much better.

Otherwise for taste & health it is about 8/10.

Now the Question Should You Attend?
For my opinion the overall rating for event is 8/10, you can decide but according the price they offered for this event, they could make it better.

Well now the question, yes you must attend any event related to digital marketing, actually I did  mistake when I have started I did not attend event because of job, study and these that but now a day I am attending lot of events to get inspiration, so make sure you must not repeat the same mistake.

Thanks for reading.