Hi, I know there are many questions right now going on in your mind regarding choosing web hosting even within budget, so today in this article you will get information related to it, well I got two companies for you, if you are an Indian then I will suggest you different company that is MilesWeb (affordable, good support, well experienced, amazing features and so on)and for other countries readers I will suggest another one.

There are many hosting companies out there but here I will tell you one of the best hosting which is using by many of clients and I almost got ZERO complaints about the hosting company, because they have following features-
  1. Free Domain Forever: How awesome is that.
  2. Free Cloudflare CDN
  3. cPanel Powered Hosting
  4. Daily Backups
  5. Free 24/7 Amazing Support which is really required in this field.
  6. 45 Days Money Back guarantee
  7. Awesome templates free to use
  8. Easy to use interface: it would be great for beginners even
I am sure you wanted to know the name of the hosting company, right so here you go the name of the hosting company is FastComet, here I will share with you pricing of FastComet for different products.

Parameters Used to Choose Web Hosting for Small Business-
  • Cost
  • Server Locations
  • Experience
  • Customer Support
  • Upgrade
  • Reviews
  • Your requirement
All these points matter a lot when it comes to choose web hosting for your business, most of the time when we are new to this field we always wanted to get things for cheap rate, but here you need to invest money smart way.

Why I am saying this because most of time people invest money after looking at others don't do that rather look at yourself, your strength, requirement, goal then invest money in hosting.

Let me share with you an example, suppose you need to host just few pages about your business then what's the use of getting VPS server not required, unless you have lot of traffic.

Yeah, I will definitely suggest you to get SSL certificate for your website, what services I am going to recommend you which is going to give you SSL certificate for free but little bit condition is there means not free with all hosting services so before going to choose hosting look at features you will find out.

For your ease I am going to share with you which hosting package is the best, yeah I am going to do that, yeah here is the NO. 1 Hosting company.

Yeah, its a best hosting company out there for there amazing features, why I am saying this because there are more than 150 of my clients they are using their service and till now no body has complaint about there service.

Its just amazing.

Here are few key features they are giving with hosting that's why people just love their service-
  1. Free Domain Forever as long as you will keep hosting with FastComet
  2. Free Cloudflare CDN
  3. cPanel Powered Hosting
  4. Daily Backups
  5. Free 24/7 Priority Support
  6. 45 Days Money - Back
  7. Awesome templates
  8. Easy to use interface
  9. WebSite Builder and many more.
fastcomet hosting, free ssl certificate, free domain name
The second number as I am have circle, which is ScaleRight with this plan they are providing such service for free which is free SSL certificate.

Here Top 10 Tips to Succeed in Online Business-
Patience- Succeeding in online business is not a one day job, its like starting from beginning, so have patience one day you will succeed, to be on track attend events and read other success and failure stories, which will help you to think different.

Learning Attitude- This is one of the key factor to get success in any new thing, because being an online marketer you need to learn lot of things and if you belong to non technical field then I am sure you have to have patience to learn lot of things on daily basis because there are so many things to learn and then implement, but remember your success story will be role model for many so for this you need to do hard work.

Take Action- Acting towards your learning which is going to help you a lot for getting what you wanted to get.

Keep Moving- Yeah, this is one of the best thing I ever tell you to follow, see if you wanted to keep your self on the top.

Don't do All Things by Yourself- Yeah, this is one of the key factor yes, you wanted to get succeed then get things done by other nicely.

Don't Waste Time- Time is everything, yes even our body will exist for sometime, yeah I know years, but time is moving, so is is upto you whether you are moving or not.

Be Creative- Creative nature always help you to be above the competition, so here I have put this point.

Understand Your Customer Requirement- Yeah, understanding your customer need is one of the best way to let them be happy, and if you have happy customers you will get success in business field.

Make It As Simple As Possible-  There is no alternative to simple solution, yeah if you find out solution for any problem of human beings then make it super simpler that's why people will not face any problem to use it.

And Its you Yes this is true and I mean it.

I know this is one of the common questions among all those just wanted to getting started with internet world, so here I have provided full detail information regarding hosting company and how it will be beneficial for you.

Is this price is affordable for you?